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  • American Life League’s Judie Brown contrasts the indifference toward the slaughter of 3,000 humans daily by abortion in America to the outcry over the euthanasia of an Ebola patient’s dog in Spain. Brown is a dog lover, but even she was shocked at the huge response to save the life of one animal:

    Here is the first sentence of a news report that came to my attention recently: “With more than 3,400 people dead in west Africa and 7,500 infected in the latest Ebola outbreak, 300,000 people sign a petition demanding action… to save an infected dog.” This was twice as many people as those who signed a petition demanding a cure be found for the deadly virus….

    As it turns out, the dog was “put down” Wednesday by Madrid’s regional government. But the fact of the matter is that the plight of this one pet generated more interest and involvement than a single preborn child threatened and then killed by the act of abortion.

    There is something dramatically wrong with this picture.


  • Big Blue Wave shares another example of valuing animals more than humans: New Zealand’s former Green MP Sue Kedgley has declared dairy cow abortion “inhumane and cruel” while she and the NZ Green Party support the abortion of humans. What makes killing preborn cows “inhumane and cruel” while killing preborn humans is seen as a sacred right?
  • Down on the Pharm posts another story to be filed under, “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” – Jonathan Dach, one of the White House volunteers who assisted with President Obama’s trip to Cartagena, Colombia, and a son of a big Obama donor, kept a prostitute in his hotel room there. While Dach used to work with Michelle Obama on her “Let’s Move” campaign, he now has been assigned a new job at the State Department’s Office on Global Women’s Issues, “which focuses on such things as prostitution and human trafficking….

    The fox guarding the hens.”

  • At Life Training Institute, Clinton Wilcox responds to “the irrationality of the pro-choice mindset” in a woman’s open letter to the child she plans to abort:

    Abortion is often touted as a “religious issue,” but the religious underpinnings of the pro-choice mindset are often ignored. In this letter, she acknowledges that this is a child, yet she seems to believe in a form of reincarnation, that the child she kills now will come around again when she’s ready to be a mother, and this time she’ll keep the child….

    If this letter had been written by a parent wanting to kill her toddler, this would not be seen as “heartbreaking.” This would be seen as appalling, and rightly so. Yet because this is an unborn child, and pro-choice people tend to have a subtle reincarnation mindset, it’s not seen as appalling because she can just try again when she’s ready and this same child will come around again. This does not correspond to reality, but I can see how it would help some people sleep better at night.

    She also claims that she wants her child to be happy. I hear this a lot from pro-choice advocates, and it seems a good way to justify this act of abortion. But this claim seems a little hollow when you understand that the choice is between giving your child life, or killing your child in abortion. How does your fear that you won’t be able to give your child a good life justify killing the child through a gruesome procedure like abortion (or at all)? You can’t claim you love your child and subsequently claim that killing her is the best thing for her.


  • Clinic Quotes shares a statement from Norma McCorvey (“Roe” of Roe vs. Wade; pictured right), once an abortion clinic worker but now a pro-life convert, who says the only way she and her fellow clinic workers coped with their jobs was to use drugs:

    A-Z… [the abortion clinic that Norma McCorvey worked at first, eventually shut down] drugs became a major tool to keep the peace. Drugs got us through the day, and when memories kept us awake, drugs helped us get to sleep. When we couldn’t bear the thought of going back for another day’s worth of work, drugs got us out of bed.

    We even used drugs with patients. Many times a young woman might say, “I’m not so sure I want to do this.”

    If the patient was holding things up, we knew just what to do. “Here, honey,” we’d say, offering some cocaine. “Have a little hit of this. You’ll be fine.”

    Our offer was not always accepted, but when it was, it worked wonders.”

  • Created Equal is accepting applications for the next Justice Ride to Florida from March 7-15. Click here to download an application or email Completed applications are due Friday, December 12, 2014. Watch this video to get an idea of what a difference you can make:


[McCorvey photo via The Blaze]

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