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Pro-choice feminist rhetoric continually pushes the idea that an abortion is no more serious or life-altering than having a cavity removed. Yet when even pro-choice women tell their abortion stories, it seems a common thread among them is that they can’t forget.

The first woman featured in the featured video (which she posted on YouTube) is Jennifer Leigh. While sharing very little information other than that she had an abortion, she says she “could tell you every single detail of that day.”

Renee Chelian (pictured), founder of the Northland Family Planning abortion conglomerate in Michigan (which offers coupons, special services, and abortions up to 24 weeks), follows with her story. Chelian had an illegal second-trimester abortion in 1966 at age 15.

Far from being an inconsequential experience, Chelian’s abortion was so life-altering that it eventually led her to start her own abortion clinic.

Chelian shares that after her abortion, her mother asked her if she wanted to see her aborted child. She did not. Near tears, she says, “I never asked her what it was. I didn’t care. I had a chance to finish high school and to go on with my life.”

Chelian’s story begins at 3:10:


Chelian is also known for unsuccessfully suing the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform in 2012 after the group published a video juxtaposing Northland’s “Angel of Light” clinic video (which described abortion as “courageous,” “thoughtful,” “normal,” and “sacred”) with actual abortion footage. Chelian reported that she was “sick to [her] stomach” and “crying” because “it was so painful to see such a sincere and good piece of work [the dishonest clinic video] treated so shabbily. It’s really hard to have to confront these things, emotionally big downers.”

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