sanantonioIn response to my October 21 post, “Pro-life activists infiltrate Planned Parenthood mega-abortion center under construction,” Abolish Human Abortion has written a “we told you so”:

We are not bragging about this or simply saying we told you so. But the fact of the matter is this, these big state of the art killing centers that Planned Parenthood is building all over the country are the unintentional (yet iniquitous) fruit of the pro-life movement.

“Planned Parenthood of South Texas CEO Jeffrey Hons bragged to the San Antonio-Express News ’an outcome that backers of HB2 probably didn’t envision’ was Planned Parenthood’s expansion will enable it to commit late-term abortions. Currently, Planned Parenthood only kills babies in the first trimester. Hons also credited the new pro-life law with a bump in the number of abortions his affiliate will now commit, ‘about 2,800… a year – an increase of 1,000 over the number provided two years ago, before HB2.'”

Guess who was RIGHT all along…AHA!!! (AHA DID envision this…they called it and were discounted, disregarded, ridiculed, and mocked by many in the PLM!) The sad thing is, they still won’t admit the incrementalist / regulation strategy is making the abortion giant PP STRONGER and codifying abortion more deeply into law as “healthcare” and a “safe, legal option” for women. We gotta do SOMETHING!?!?! How’s that working out for ya?” –Julia Saxton Schoch

Mark Harrington of Created Equal responded:

Julie .. and you believe PP? Could it be that the comment was aimed at PLers who have the entire state of Texas’ abortion providers on the run. PP is saying this because that is what they want people to think. Of course, I know I was just there … PP has told other abortion providers that they want to be the only provider in the state. I am surprised that you of all people fell for this. This article in the SA paper is all about PP flexing their muscles against others in the industry and trying to spin the disastrous results of the law to their own advantage.

The fact remains there were 41 abortion clinics throughout the state of Texas in 2013, and now there are eight. Planned Parenthood’s graphic nicely demonstrates the 81% decline…

As an aside, Planned Parenthood CEO Jeffrey Hons stated the abortion giant “started to plan for the new building long before the new regulations,” because Planned Parenthood’s other abortion clinic was almost 40 years old. This clinic will replace that one as well as a feeder clinic, more consolidation, in actuality.

But what are your thoughts? Despite Planned Parenthood’s new mega-abortion clinic, do you view the outcome of Texas’s 2013 omnibus abortion law as a positive regarding the saving of lives, or a negative? Also take the poll…


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[Top screen shot via Life News]

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