Rand Paul Plan B abortionFrom CNN, September 30:

“If life starts at conception, should medicine that prevents conception like Plan B be legal?,” a woman asked him during a question-and-answer session here.

Paul at first gave a terse answer: “I am not opposed to birth control,” he said.

After a pause, Paul elaborated. “That’s basically what Plan B is,” he said. “Plan B is taking two birth control pills in the morning and two in the evening, and I am not opposed to that.”…

Paul stood by his answer after the event, when asked about the exchange by reporters.

“Plan B is taking birth control,” he said. “I am not against birth control and I don’t know many Republicans who would be indicating that they are against birth control.”

Rand Paul’s representation of Plan B is untrue. As Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins tweeted:

Plan B’s own packaging agrees.

Actually, Plan B is not alone in potentially aborting a 5-to-9-day-old tiny human who hasn’t yet implanted in the wall of his or her mother’s uterus, which the drug blocks. Hormonal birth control – the pill, implants, etc. – and the IUD can do the same.

This is the reason Hobby Lobby owners sued the U.S. government. They opposed being forced to provide certain forms of birth control that can cause abortions.

The “emergency contraceptive” Ella can also kill an embryo, but directly. It contains the same “embryotoxic” chemical compounds as RU-486.

Should pro-lifers disqualify Rand Paul as a presidential contender because he supports forms of contraception that can abort the youngest of humans?

[Graphic via Daily Beast]

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