Mother Teresaby Carder

The leader of Rhode Island’s Catholics is suggesting that voters could write in Mother Teresa’s name or sit out the Nov. 4 election because the candidates aren’t “terribly promising” on the abortion issue.

In a piece posted online Wednesday in The Rhode Island Catholic diocesan newspaper, Bishop Thomas Tobin said that writing in Mother Teresa or Pope Francis in protest would send a signal that voters want anti-abortion candidates.

~ The Associated Press via the Huffington Post, October 15

Clarification: Rhode Island Right to Life has weighed in on this subject, stating that the AP mischaracterized Bishop Tobin’s actual letter. They assert that he instead “recommended three morally acceptable possibilities, the first of which was to vote for the candidate who will do less harm, which is indeed what the statewide pro-life organization in Rhode Island is urging.” RI RTL shares their voting endorsements here.

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