XXX DNC-HDB1504.JPG A USA NCHT to The Daily Caller for my title. From that piece:

House Democrats are refusing to allow Rep. Tammy Duckworth, a double-amputee veteran, to cast her vote for party leadership from her home in Illinois where she is pregnant and unable to travel.

Duckworth, who lost both legs when her helicopter was shot down in the Iraq War in 2004, sent a letter to Democratic House leadership requesting to cast her vote by proxy, National Journal reports.

“As you are aware, I am in the final weeks of my pregnancy, and have been instructed by my physician not to travel,” Duckworth wrote. “As a result, I will not be attending the upcoming Caucus meetings in person.”

“I would like to require a proxy vote on the upcoming leadership and ranking member elections that will come before the Caucus in the coming weeks.”

House Democrats’ policy requires members to vote for party leadership in person.

The letter was read during a closed-door meeting on Thursday, but senior party leaders, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Steering Committee co-chair Rosa DeLauro, from Connecticut, moved to block the request.Rosa_DeLauro_109th_pictorial_photo

DeLauro is a member of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus. Not very pro-choice of her.

And speaking of DeLauro (pictured right), as @KateNocera noted on Twitter in light of the above, “well this is super awkward”…

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