pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • ProLife365 has a humorous post on the benefits of having a large family.
  • Saynsumthnís Blog reports on the pro-abortion Unitarian Church’s Alternative Gift List for 2014. Topping their list: Give to a center for abused children or perhaps donate to Planned Parenthood, the nation largest promoter and provider of abortions. Talk about the ultimate child abuse – death by dismemberment – and the ultimate in compartmentalization.
  • Right to Life of Michigan is deeply disappointed that a 20-hour, all night session to address over 100 bills in the state left two bills on coercive abortions to die without a vote being taken. They will have to be reintroduced next year.
  • Wesley J. Smith discusses two recent cases in which pregnant women – declared brain dead – are being kept artificially alive so they can deliver their babies by c-section. In one case in Milan, the family is in agreement to continue life support until the baby can be safely delivered, but in the other case in Ireland the family wants the pregnant woman and her child to be allowed to die. Smith writes:

    Why the dripping disdain? Anger at Irelandís anti-abortion laws is the pretext.
    But is this case really about abortion?

    I understand the family canít move on. That has got to be terribly painful.

    But how is the woman hurt in any way? Her life isnít affected. Sheís gone. Her body isnít being harmed, but it is benefiting her child Ė just as she did before her brain failed.

    Would the same people think it wrong to try and save the baby in a mechanical incubator? I suspect so. Because, well, the baby should be dead.

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