by Hans Johnson

In the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” category comes a video called “The Abortion Desert.” Taking a cue from the idea of “food deserts” – a lack of urban grocery stores - the abortion lobby group Lady Parts Justice nervously brings attention to the dwindling number of abortion clinics.

For a serious subject, it’s an oddly sophomoric presentation (produced by Lizz Winstead, the formerly comedic co-creator of The Daily Show) which features a uterus puppet and a shirtless Chippendales dancer… er, “cowboy.”

They claim to be “a national movement using humor & outrage to remove bodily autonomy-hating local politicians in 2014 & beyond.” Failing at both, they are being bested by many pro-life groups that find nothing funny in this, and balance their outrage with caring for both mother and child (does that make us “Baby Parts Justice”?)…


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