by Hans Johnson

Jim Garlow, the senior pastor of San Diego’s Skyline Church, learned something this fall that had him especially incensed, being the father of four adopted children. On December 1 he fired off an email to his congregation:

I apologize for bringing bad news. This is shocking … and repulsive. As of last Aug. 22, our California state government (not Obamacare, this is the state) has required all insurance policies to cover elective abortions. This includes us as a church. We – along with other churches and Christian colleges – are protesting this coercive and intrusive action by filing formal protests against this abusive action. I will be speaking on this topic this week in Washington, D.C., at a special hearing at which we are strongly urging the federal government to step in immediately and pass the ‘Abortion Non-Discrimination Act.’ Pray for me as I speak. And pray for Congress to act – now.

Garlow is grateful to the birth mothers of his children, especially that of his first, Janie Garlow McGarity (on the right in photo). After her adopted mother died of cancer last year, she searched for her birth mother and found she had been the result of a gang rape.

In honor of the courage of these mothers, it is hoped a new Congress and Senate will make sure that states are unable to make an end-around of hard-fought-for restrictions on Obamacare.


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