by Carder


We expect more from moms than dads, which is why Wonder having a baby at 64 doesn’t cause anyone to bat an eye. But it should. I think there should be a cut-off age for dads, just as there is for moms. I think there’s a reason that women’s reproductive organs have a shelf life: We should have children younger. It is mother nature’s way of saying: “Look, you need energy and stamina to raise kids. Do it when your body can recover and your mind can handle it.”

It’s tragic that women struggle to conceive in their 40s while men can procreate at almost any age, but just because men can doesn’t mean they should.

~ Suzanne Janesse chastising 64-year old R&B singer Stevie Wonder for fathering his ninth child, Babble, December 20

Blast from the past: Wonder’s 1976 hit “Isn’t She Lovely” celebrating the birth of his daughter Aisha


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