Who can forget the pink Minuzos former Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis wore when in 2013 she filibustered an omnibus pro-life bill for 13 hours?

texas_monthly_bum_Steer_wendy_davis_texas_democrats_0The tennis shoes became sacred, as Andrea Grimes of RH Reality Check dramatized in an article lambasting Texas Monthly for desecrating them on its December 2014 cover:

Those sneakers carried so much more than a single legislator through her history-making stand against the most extreme package of anti-abortion laws in the country.

They carried the hopes of thousands of Texans who came to occupy the halls of the capitol building during the summer of 2013, some of whom drove hundreds of miles….

And this month, those sneakers are slathered in cow sh** on the cover of Texas Monthly.Wearing them is a grotesque caricature of Wendy Davis, the exaggerated wrinkles on her face contorted in abject horror as she realizes she’s stepped in manure, her body twisted into a kind of faux-dainty, Barbie-esque revulsion. Alongside her is a cow that looks personally offended that Davis had the gall to smear its precious turd pile….

For the “national magazine of Texas” to smear cow sh** on those shoes, and all that they and Wendy Davis stood for, is to punch many, many orders of magnitude down….

[W]hat Wendy Davis did, and what she stood for in those now-sh**-smeared pink sneakers, is something that is worthy of our utmost respect….

Oh, for heaven’s sake and big eye roll. Those pink tennis shoes “carried the hopes of thousands of Texans”? Give me a break.

Those tennis shoes stood for continuing the slaughter of 20-week-old and up preborn babies by unaccountable snake-oil abortionists in unregulated Wild West abortion mills – some dispensing abortion pills in gross violation of FDA protocol.

That’s what those infamous pink tennis shoes really stand for.

konni-burton_jpg_800x1000_q100Meanwhile, Davis has been replaced in the state senate by pro-lifer Konni Burton, pictured left.

And when Burton is sworn in today, her footwear will send quite a different message, “a pair of custom made black leather boots with a ‘Stand for Life’ logo in purple lettering on the front,” writes Sarah Rumpf at Breitbart.

Rumpf adds, “During Davis’ filibuster, #stand4life became a nationally trending hashtag, and it remains a popular slogan among pro-life activists to use on social media.”

Kick some pro-abortion a** with those boots, Senator Burton.

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