Yesterday was the first day of session for the new Tennessee legislature.

It was particularly notable for those involved in the abortion issue because it symbolized a new day for the Tennessee pro-life movement in the wake of Amendment 1’s passage last November.

Amendment 1 undid a radical 2000 Tennessee Supreme Court decision claiming the right to abortion was sacrosanct in the state constitution. As a result, previously passed pro-life protections were struck down, and pro-lifers have been unable to enact any new pro-life laws since.

Tennessee Right to Life is backing three bills that would restore laws the Supremes struck down – informed consent, a waiting period, and abortion clinic regulations.

Another legislator is introducing a bill requiring abortionists to show ultrasounds to abortion-minded mothers of the baby they are about to kill.

And so, a lawfully executed pro-life floodgate has been opened in Tennessee… which pro-abortion extremists apparently can’t handle

The abortion lobby boasted it would have 1,500 marchers “greet” legislators at the capitol yesterday.

But it’s never a good idea to pre-advertise crowd numbers. Commercialappeal.com reported the actual tally was 1/3 that, 500-600, which is close to the 400-500 I’m told pro-lifers on the ground counted.

From that throng about 50 wild hairs left before speakers had even finished and stormed the capitol building.

Why, because that tactic worked so well for them in Texas? Here’s a bit of video of the mob scene…


At least I don’t hear anyone chanting “Hail, Satan” or hurling used tampons or bags of feces. That’s an improvement.

2015-01-14_0842Republican lawmakers were unfazed, even finding the scene a bit humorous. Reported timesfreepress.com:

More than 20 Tennessee state troopers initially barred their way to the stairwell leading to the second floor where the house and senate chambers are located and where lawmakers were being sworn in.

As a man with a drum pounded and protesters demanded to go upstairs, troopers let a number go….

About a dozen or so young women chanted “pro-choice, pro-family” as senators streamed out of the chamber.

Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Bo Watson, R-Hixson, watched, smiling.

“Welcome to America,” Watson said when asked by a reporter what he thought about the protest. “That’s fine. It’s part of the process.”

Once the legislators left, so did the protesters.

“It’s America at it’s best,” said Senate Republican Majority Leader Mark Norris.

[Top photo via Tennesseean; bottom photo via Rick Locker on Twitter]

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