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At the time, it was a doctors office. And then I started doing abortions in my office. I was kind of thinking about it, and one of my family practice patients had an unplanned pregnancy. I told her, ‘if you want to come back in two days, we can do it, like any other medical thing.’ So she went home, we did a couple of consent forms, and that was it. Then I started getting referrals. Literally I needed a pulse oximeter to monitor their vitals, a vacuum machine and staff and a recovery room, and the knowledge and skills to do it….

Gradually, it just kind of took over my practice. Not only because of patient need, but because of the amount of effort — it just takes over. I have to have RNs now, and monitoring. There’s so much involved in it, so I wouldn’t do that for a few procedures a week. To do more than 5 abortions a month, you have to be a licensed abortion clinic. So now probably 5 percent of my practice is general practice….

camelbackSo it’s very stressful. I have about 20 binders of policies and procedures for everything. It’s all specific for an abortion procedure. And then there’s the 24 hour wait, the information session, the ultrasound that has to be printed, she has to see it….

The waiting period was probably the worst for patients. You have to do the meeting first, it has to be with a physician, you can’t have a nurse do it. That has been an incredible burden on women, and on us. I have to meet with every single patient….

I feel like jumping up and down. We are suffering here, women are suffering. It just puts people underground. My numbers are the same as they’ve ever been. It’s harder, it’s more expensive, people come in later.

~ Arizona abortionist Gabrielle Goodrick (pictured), owner of Camelback Family Planning, complaining about how rough things have gotten for the abortion business in her state in recent years, as quoted by The Washington Post, January 9

Note: Camelback Family Planning was one of the abortion clinics exposed during Live Action’s “Gendercide: Sex Selection in America” sting, in which an employee suggested that the client not mention sex-selection as the reason for her abortion due to a law prohibiting such abortions in AZ.

[Goodrick photo via Facebook]

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