Imani Gandy of RH Reality Check makes a good point: The “S.S. Abortion” is “doomed to forever plugging leaks” as long as its sole focus is on “the legal right to abortion.”

To be sure, S.S. Pro-Life also focuses on the legal right to abortion, blocking it, that is. But we are about so much more than that.

In particular, we support over 3,000 pregnancy care centers across the country.

S.S. Abortion only “helps” women by pointing them to baby torpedo factories.

But more than that, the officers of S.S. Abortion know their industry is extremely lucrative.

JODI-HEADSHOT-8-19-11-_100Take, for example, Imani Gandy’s boss, Jodi Jacobson (pictured right), president and editor-in-chief of RH Reality Check. She’s a comfortable member of the 1%.

In 2012, Jacobson made a cool $179,293, according to RHRC’s 990. That was 13% of its total revenue of $1,382,791.

In 2013, RHRC had a bit of money trouble, it’s total revenue dropping by a little over $200,000 to $1,180,247.

Belt tightening would be in order, no?

No. Jacobson got a nice little raise to $188,272, which amounted to 16% of RHRC’s total revenue.

That’s just one miniscule example, Imani. Your own poop deck stinks.

And you fool yourself if you think the focus will ever be any other than keeping the green flowing.

Word to the wise, Imani. You’re really on the Titanic.

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