I have a new poll question up:

In terms of religious views, I would prefer to marry a… “

This question occurred to me when reading tweets yesterday by RH Reality Check editor Jodi Jacobson, who claimed there is no difference between fanatical Muslims and Christian pro-lifers.

Jodi will likely find my†question offensive and misogynist, but I really did wonder if she was so obtuse as to think there would be no difference in the treatment she would receive as a woman from a man who is a Christian and one who is a Muslim.

Conversely, do men really want slave wives?

Hence, the question.

Here were the results of my last poll regarding the death penalty, which had to to with executions gone awry. In Arizona it took two hours for Joseph Wood to die†by lethal injection, and there have also been complaints about the executions of Dennis McGuire in Ohio†and Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma. This didn’t bother the majority of you…


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