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K Kaufmann wrote a book called The Abortion Resource Handbook, which is meant to guide women through their abortion decisions. It is aimed specifically toward women considering abortion. To put it mildly, the book takes a pro-choice position. In one passage, the author encourages teens not to tell their parents:

However sad or angry you feel right now, keep in mind that not involving a parent is often a sign of maturity – that you are able to make and take responsibility for your own decisions. Keeping the pregnancy and abortion a secret may even turn out to be a positive experience. For many young women, it may be one of the first times they make an important or life-changing decision on their own, and they may feel more confident and better about themselves as a result.

… The pro-choice author… will not be there to comfort a teen who cries herself to sleep after her abortion. The author will not be there for a teen who researches abortion online and becomes distraught after seeing pictures of what she did to her baby. The author will not be there to call a doctor when the girl runs a fever and develops a severe infection that she tries to hide because she does not want her parents to know she had an abortion.

Instead, the author gives advice with impunity, divorced from the situation, never having to see the impact of what’s in that book.

Parents need to talk to their teens about abortion, and maintain lines of communication. They must let their teenage girls know that they can come to them with any problem, and that they will not be thrown out of the house or horribly punished if they make a mistake and become pregnant. Neither parents nor teens need a pro-choice author telling teenage girls to keep their abortions secret from their parents.

~ Sarah Terzo, Live Action News, January 28

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