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It seems to me that there are better ways to tackle the issue of why some women feel they have to terminate otherwise healthy pregnancies; namely, by targeting the communities in which such misogyny is not just tolerated but encouraged, often with threats of violence. It is unacceptable that leaders of these societies go unchallenged, while doctors face court and pregnant women are left with the option of either lying to medical professionals about the reasons for a termination or finding themselves in a back alley with a coat hanger being brandished at them….

For me the issue here is not abortion, though the most simplistic of pro-lifers would like it to be. The real issue is why, here in the UK where we have a supposedly democratic, free and equal society, there are people who think that foetuses deserve not to have a crack at life because they happen to be in possession of two X chromosomes.

Why, in 21st-century Britain, do women seek to abort unborn daughters? And not just that. Why, in a capital city that has female politicians and professors and bankers and chief executives, do supposedly ‘bright’ girls jump at the chance to skip the country so they can warm up beds for mass murderers in Syria? Why are 20,000 female children in this country at risk of their genitals being mutilated at their behest of their own families? How, in a country that prides itself on its pursuit of personal freedom, are so many women being made to live their lives in cages?…

As a Londoner born and bred, I am of the opinion that multiculturalism is a brilliant thing. But women being abused and targeted in the name of religion and ‘culture’ makes my blood boil, and I wish that politicians like [pro-life MP] Fiona Bruce would focus on changing that, rather than trying to alter the law to suit their own religious viewpoints.

~ Bryony Gordon (pictured), railing against pro-lifers for not solving the age-old, worldwide problem of misogyny before trying to pass pro-life laws, The Telegraph, February 23

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