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Over the past years we social conservatives have heard time and again about abortion being a loser at the polls. Just a few weeks ago a caucus of Quisling women Republicans sold out babies who will be killed by late term abortion. They did this by posturing as some kind of latter-day Machiavellis whose intimate knowledge of the uterus would save the GOP from folly. In reality, they found it was easy to talk pro-life when there was no danger of actually being called upon to vote on the issue. Their thinking and the thinking of most establishment Republicans is sadly out of step with the rest of the nation….

More restrictions on abortion is a huge winner in the GOP. Any GOP politician who is breathes the pro-abort Republican mantra of ďI personally oppose abortion but if you want to kill your kid, have at itĒ should recognize that they are on the losing side of history….

The abortion industry had been knocked back on its heels and the nation is on a trajectory to opposing abortion. The insane and bloody practice may hang on in the dark corners of society but it is being rejected everywhere.

Any politician who tells you that they donít want to run on abortion because it is divisive is lying to you. They donít want to run on abortion because they are pro-aborts.

~ Contributor streiff, RedState.com, February 9

[Photo via randomnessofluck.com]

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