BREAKING: Jill Stanek, pro-lifers arrested at pro-life sit-in

by Kelli

UPDATE, 4:30 CST: Jill and at least two other protesters have now been released.

The planned sit-in/prayer vigil at Speaker John Boehner’s office today has culminated in the arrest of eight pro-life leaders, including Rev. Pat Mahoney and our own Jill Stanek.

Here is the speech that Jill gave just before she was arrested. Please be in prayer for these leaders, who were attempting to give voice to preborn children:

YouTube Preview Image

There is also a Twitter campaign underway at #freetheban. Follow it here, and add your voice.

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13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Jill Stanek, pro-lifers arrested at pro-life sit-in”

  1. I got arrested once. It’s not as much fun as it looks.

    I am sad that they resorted to silence enforcement, rather than talking with us about progress for justice.


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  3. I wish the arrest was also caught on video and put on your website. Speaker Boehner should be ashamed of himself if he was able to stop this arrest and didn’t. God bless you Jill Stanek.


  4. It seems that Speaker Boehner ordered the arrests after having been informed that the visit was going to be a formal sit-in protest. Jill and the rest were informed that their actions would lead to arrest.

    He probably sees this sort of thing almost daily. We shouldn’t take it too personally.

    I am looking forward to Jill’s report of the conversations with Boehner’s office.

    On one hand, we should continue to hope for John Boehner’s courage and support.
    On the other hand, it is dangerous to put our hope in individual politicians. Eventually, even the good ones will betray us.


  5. Thank you, Jill, and the others who were arrested, for having the courage to stand up for these precious children.


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