Duggar instagramby Carder

Some people may want to slam Josh and Anna for using their unborn child for their political cause, but I think this is just right for them. They obviously feel passionately about the pro-life movement (hello — they relocated their family in order to work for it), and they’re keenly aware of their daughter’s development.

They’re not using their daughter to get votes – they’re simply trying to connect with people and help them understand the the unborn are still people too.

~ Jenny Erikson defending the decision by Josh and Anna Duggar to post the ultrasound picture of their unborn baby via Instagram with this message:”We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be welcoming a daughter into our family in July… But thousands of little girls suffer the pain of abortion each day. Help protect these children,” Cafe Mom, March 6

[Photo via Josh and Anna Duggar’s Twitter account]

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