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A while back I reluctantly attended a girls’ movie night with a few other women in their late 20s. When I arrived, I was informed we were to watch Obvious C?hild. I was less than one beer in when I deduced none of the women there had ever had an abortion. I quietly observed them, giddy and giggling….

Then I began furiously texting my friends, who urged me to impart my firsthand knowledge of the procedure.

I couldn’t. The abortion stigma is intense, even for me, someone who writes about sex and tells perverted secrets very regularly. Ultimately, I realized, it’s an important thing to share. And now I do so from the safety of my computer and on the internet of all places….

At 29 years old, I have had two. My first was at 19, a couple weeks before I left for college, and it was traumatic in more ways than one. The second was three years ago in Brooklyn at ?Early Options and, as far as the actual procedure went, was smooth and forgettable.

It certainly helped that I was older and less ashamed to tell my friends. I even tried to make it lighthearted, hosting a party complete with a cake that read “LOL, oops!”

Of course, abortion is never easy, and even if I’m incredibly grateful for having the choice to terminate both my pregnancies, it’s still a difficult decision to make.

~ Carly Pifer (pictured with her “LOL, oops!” abortion cake), “The Comfortable Abortion,” via Motherboard, April 13

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