created-equal-pro-life-jumbotronby Kelli

Created Equal took their Jumbo Tron, displaying images of abortion victims, to the University of Florida campus on March 11. In their latest email, they describe what greeted them when they arrived:

The protesters had said their goal was to create a “safe space” for students, but their actions — such as forming a tunnel of shouting abortion advocates through which all students taking the main sidewalk had to pass — suggested otherwise. Nevertheless, their attempt to distract from our mission failed.

Frantic clapping and shouting cannot hide the bloody faces of victims. On the contrary, it often incites more curiosity in passersby. Students and media alike were drawn to the outreach site to see what was taking place. Some sympathetic to the protesters’ message told us they were embarrassed by their behavior, and we even received the following report from a traveling evangelist on site the same day as us:

Tonight I am praising God that the extreme rudeness and vulgarity displayed by pro-abortion protesters today at UF contributed to at least two young ladies turning to the Lord. . . . I wonder how many other people turned to Christ today simply because they didn’t want to be like the hateful pro-aborts. — Tom Short

Warning: You may hear some profanity in the video below…


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