contraceptionby Carder

… [I]t’s all right to have prayer rallies and demonstrations and even a big annual March — which gets absolutely zero coverage in the secular world — because the pro-life movement will never challenge contraception, which is the root of all this. It won’t challenge it because it would reveal the deep religious differences between many Catholics and many contraception-embracing protestants in the movement.

The quiet compromise in the movement that has taken place is: The lives of babies are more important than the larger truth. That is now the ironclad position of the pro-life movement, molded and shaped by a tenuous and false political ecumenism. And when that compromised position is brought to the table of the struggle with the united secular forces, a further compromise is exacted.

March and demonstrate all you want. We will just ignore you.

~ Catholic apologist Michael Voris, criticizing the pro-life movement’s internal compromise over contraception, Church Militant, May 15

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