These tweets are literally posted one on top the other in pro-abortion Democrat Ted Deutch’s Twitter feed:

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 6.41.37 AM

The practice of animal crushing is a sexual fetish of the sickest kind.

About his introduction of the PACT Act, Rep. Deutch wrote:

Too many animals are subjected to unfathomable cruelty and abuse, out of no fault of their own and no recourse for protection. These inhumane acts have no place in our society.

House Foreign AffairsYet, incomprehensibly, particularly by comparison – and on the very same day as he introduced his animal cruelty bill – Deutch, pictured right, blew off the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act as a Republican stunt in his floor speech opposing the 20-wk abortion ban (beginning at 1:08:26 on the video):

Motivation behind H.R. 36 couldn’t be more transparent. They want to make abortion after 20 weeks illegal and abortions before 20 weeks impossible.

Never mind ”abortion” equals human slaughter, and never mind it is a well-established fact that babies feel pain by the age of 20 gestational weeks. Babies much younger than this routinely receive anesthesia during prenatal surgery.

This cognitive disconnect is beyond my capability to comprehend. Can anyone help me?

[HT: Chris C.]

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