by Hans Johnson

A parting note from Hans:

I have always been pro-life. At least since I learned where babies come from, whenever that was. I believe I heard of Jill’s moving experience as a nurse cradling a baby left to die even before her appearance with Bill O’Reilly. I eventually stumbled upon this blog and sparred with other commenters and, I’d like to think, made friends, especially with xalisae and Deluded Lib Pro-Lifer (thanks for making me write that).

I was surprised and honored three years ago to be asked to help out with the Pro-life Videos of the Day. I thank Kelli for coaching me through the process of posting, and for being such a terrific editor. I certainly needed one. I also thank LauraLoo for her input and support, and most especially Jill. I know she will continue to have a great impact on the pro-life movement in her new leading role.

I will continue to do my little part as well. Thanks to you all.

Your friend in the Fight for Life,


In its ongoing Killers Among Us project, Created Equal alerts communities to the abortions occurring right in their own neighborhoods, using postcards and the Truth Truck billboard display (photo right). Currently they are exposing the contract between the  Wright State Physicians (WSP) group and  Martin Haskell’s Women’s Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio.

Haskell, infamous for  popularizing partial birth abortion (banned since 2003) and inspiring Kermit Gosnell’s deadly technique, would have to close the doors of his clinic  were it not for the support given by the WSP. A variance to their transfer agreement covers his ability to continue killing (younger) pre-born babies.

As always with telling hard truths, there are some in these communities who direct their anger at the messenger instead of at the perpetrator. Says Mark Harrington, National Director of Created Equal: “Residents ought to be more concerned about the children being killed down the road at this Kettering abortion facility than they are their children seeing abortion. Outrage ought to be directed at those perpetrating the crime, not the ones trying to end it.”

From WKEF:


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