by Hans Johnson

CHOHDpFWkAAH7eH.jpg.pagespeed.ce.A5Rf8xCrPySome new non-invasive tests for mother and in-utero child have a “search and prepare” mindset behind them. But last week a Swiss company called Genoma displayed a large ad in Spain (pictured right) for a blood test with the Orwellian name “Tranquility.” Hardly masking its “search and destroy” intent in a country that just rejected abortion restrictions, it was nothing short of creepy. And it was also used without the permission of the little girl’s parents.

For an example of a truly life-affirming ad campaign, there is Stillwater, Minnesota’s little two-year-old Izzy Bradley, who appeared in a Target ad after the company contacted the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network, searching for children with Ds who would be willing to model. As reported by WCCO:

Heather Bradley described her daughter. “She is completely fun. She has lots of energy. She’s sweet. She loves her big sisters. Wants to be just like them,” she said….

Izzy’s mother is the head of the local chapter of the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network, a group that offers advice and support to families.

“I really appreciate Target’s policy of including them in their ads. I think it really normalizes Down syndrome and helps people to see we’re really just like any other family,” she said…. “I’m really surprised at how much excitement has come from it. I’ve had people share it so many times. On Facebook, one site it’s got up to half a million likes…. I really just hope that if a new mom, or an expectant mom, were to see a little girl in an ad that they would just have that sense of hope for their child, and that they would know really there’s a great future for them,” she said.

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