Pro-life vid of day: Man who could have stopped Gosnell gets reappointed to same job

by Hans Johnson

Pedro Cortes served as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of the Commonwealth from 2003 to 2010 under Democrat Governor Ed Rendell. He “oversaw” Gosnell’s most frenzied period of misconduct, including:

… losing his admitting privileges at all local hospitals due to the number of seriously injured women being sent there by Gosnell; a two year lapse in Gosnell’s malpractice insurance; Gosnell being named as a defendant in 46 separate civil lawsuits; a number of six- and seven-figure awards against Gosnell; and, at least two women dying.

Following up on any of this would have led to the earlier discovery of the grisly conditions and illegal killing of babies. Instead, continuing the state’s neglect which began under the previous Republican Tom Ridge administration, there was no delay in license renewals.

And now, despite Gosnell’s convictions and the notorious scandal of his free rein for decades previously, newly elected Governor Tom Wolf has reappointed Cortes to the same job. Until the senate votes, he is acting secretary  once again.

While Tom Corbett (R) was the governor, Cortes was vice president of an election technology company, ironically called Everyone Counts.


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Pro-life vid of day: Jailhouse interview with the devil (i.e., Gosnell)

by Hans Johnson

After Ann McElhinney’s recent two-hour interview with Kermit Gosnell, the subject of the docudrama she is co-producing, she sat stunned in her car for almost as long. The man serving a life sentence at a maximum security prison in western Pennsylvania was happy and “smiling continuously,” showing no remorse for his 30-year career of coldly dispatching hundreds of newborn babies, often by snipping their spinal cords with a pair of scissors.

His serene demeanor – which was compared to that of Hannibal Lecter in “Silence of the Lambs” – never changed as he waxed on about his interests in poetry, food, and music. Convinced he has done nothing wrong and will be released soon, he further revolted McElhinney with inappropriate touching and invasion of her personal space.

“It was so chilling,” she told Dana Loesch in this video clip from TheBlaze TV. “You are really sitting in the presence of evil and you’re really aware of it.”


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House to vote on 20-wk abortion ban TODAY – 2nd anniversary of Gosnell conviction

Baby Boy BThe photo, right, is a close-up of the nape of the neck of a 28-week old baby boy whose spinal cord was “snipped” to kill him by late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell after the baby survived his abortion.

Today marks the two-year anniversary Gosnell was convicted for first degree murder of three babies – of likely thousands killed at his Philadelphia clinic over the course of decades. Gosnell was also convicted for involuntary manslaughter in the agonized death of Karnamaya Mongar by anesthesia overdose during her 2nd-trimester abortion.

Today is also the day the U.S. House will vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which will ban abortions of babies after 20 weeks because it is known they feel excruciating pain when dismembered to death.

I will be present in the House Gallery to view this vote.

It was over the 20-week abortion ban that I was arrested on March 25, following first the decision by Republican House leadership to renege on a promised vote on January 22, the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision, and then to go silent for two months, after promising to quickly bring it back.

After all the angst, I will say this, however. The bill today is much stronger than it was on January 22, as I briefly explained last week.

There are several new born-alive protections, an issue near to my heart, as well as other important enhancements. Read bullet points on the revisions in this one-page document of bullet points.

I want to highlight a couple of the provisions.

barack_obamaOne, that a second physician be present in the event a live birth is anticipated, is exactly what then-state Senator Barack Obama opposed in 2002, expressing “confidence” (pages 28-35) in the abortionist to properly provide medical care to the baby who just survived his or her first assassination attempt.

Another, what one of my friends on the Hill calls the ”call-the-cops-or-wear-the-cuffs” provision, makes it a federal crime if a hospital or clinic employee, or another doctor, doesn’t report an abortionist’s failure to provide medical care to abortion survivors.

Social Media Rally!

Floor action on the 20-week abortion ban is expected to begin between 4-7p EST, although watch tweets by Congressman Trent Franks (@RepTrentFranks) for fine-tuning on the time.

Meanwhile, a social media rally has been launched to set the narrative and counteract pro-abortion opposition. Hashtags are: 1) #theyfeelpain, 2) #HR36, and 3) #prolife.

  1. RT and share @RepTrentFranks’ tweets.
  2. Create your own tweets in defense and support of HR 36 (see or NRLC’s Facebook events page for tweet samples). The more tweets the merrier!
  3. RT and/or Favorite other tweets from supporters of #HR36/#theyfeelpain.
  4. Write your own social media post

Thanks in advance. This is an important bill. At least 18,000 babies a year will be saved when it is eventually signed into law, and Americans will be further educated in the meantime.

As SBA List’s Marjorie Dannenfelser writes at Red State, there is no difference between the murders that Gosnell committed and late-term abortions than a few inches.

Pro-life vid of the day: The horrors of Gosnell

by Hans Johnson

Conservative comedian and radio host Steven Crowder recently interviewed Ann McElhinney, who is producing the upcoming movie on the Kermit Gosnell murder case with her husband Phelim McAleer. The script by Andrew Klavan is based on grand jury testimony and is being directed by actor Nick Searcy.

The conversation began wih the horrific conditions in Gosnell’s clinic, where he would run from “patient” to “patient” with scissors in hand to do his infamous snipping of babies’ spinal chords. Blood was literally running down the walls. Also discussed was the Born Alive Infants Protection Act and the dichotomy in the thinking of pro-choice parents:


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Andrew Klavan hired to write screenplay for Gosnell movie

Klavanby Carder

As I’ve begun to get into the research materials, it’s started to come home to me that we’ve all taken on a huge responsibility…The women who were brutalized by this Gosnell monster — they can tell their stories. But all his victims, all those babies — we’ve got to figure out a way to speak for them somehow…

What really grabbed me about this is that, here you have the worst serial killer in American history — the banality of evil made flesh — and yet there’s this powerful bureaucratic inertia that provides him cover…Even when he’s discovered, there’s this real reluctance to bring the truth to the public.

The Gosnell murders were an inconvenient truth that no one wanted to tell.

~ Bestselling novelist Andrew Klavan (pictured), sharing his thoughts on the Kermit Gosnell movie project, in which he has been hired to write the screenplay, The Hollywood Reporter, September 2

Photos: Kermit Gosnell’s clinic today

Gosnell clinic - inside front door trashI expect many pro-lifers are being drawn to pray at serial killer Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic if in the Philadelphia area, as my husband and I were over the weekend.

It is a macabre, ghostly place. Shocking to me was the clinic appears from the outside to have been left virtually untouched since the FBI raided it on February 18, 2010, over four years ago.

Also shocking was that life appears to go on unchanged around the building. 20140518_150655

As I stood there, cars whizzed by and people strolled past chatting and laughing.

I don’t know what I expected, but I found it surreal that 3801 Lancaster isn’t being respected and protected more as a grim historical site, where the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history committed his crimes.

Tens of thousands of babies were murdered by abortion inside those walls over the course of four decades – an untold number after delivery by having their spinal cords “snipped.”

But there is no yellow tape marking the building as a horrific crime scene, or a sign denoting it as the final resting place of so many victims, whose bodies were ground up in a garbage disposal.

In a sane world plans would already be underway to denote this place as a grim national landmark – although I realize the world is insane. It would also be an apt site for an abortion holocaust museum.

I had trouble settling down to pray. My spirit was greatly disturbed. The place felt quietly demonic, as if the killing might have stopped, but evil spirits still lurked about.

But at the same time it felt like a shrine, with thousands of angelic spirits there as well, quietly demanding justice.

The experience was probably similar to visiting the Jewish death camps, I suppose.

Here is a gallery of the photos I took. Click once on the photo to isolate it, then again to enlarge it…

Help push Gosnell documentary past $2.1 million goal TODAY!

UPDATE 5/10 8:10a: The $2.1 million funding goal for the Gosnell tv documentary was indeed reached and surpassed yesterday! Now producers have a “stretch goal” for the 2-1/2 days they have left before the crowdfunding campaign ends:

Gosnell Movie new crowdfunding goal

At present the number of funders is 24,243. If you haven’t yet, donate just $1 to help show not just the breadth but the depth of support for a movie about Gosnell’s heinous crimes against not only preborn children but barely postborn children.

2014-05-09_09385/9, 11:10a: As I type, funding for the proposed Gosnell tv documentary has almost reached its goal – and 4 days before the deadline!

Donations stand at the moment at $2,083,632, just short of the history making $2.1 million target.

It is fun to hit ”refresh” and now see the total go up by thousands every few minutes!

Recall liberally biased crowdfunder Kickstarter rejected the project. But in so doing Kickstarter cut off its nose to spite its face, losing its 5% cut, or $105,000, to Indiegogo, along with the chance to host a record-breaker, quoting film producers Magdalena Segieda, Phelim McAleer, and Ann McElhinney:

So far, the biggest “crowd funded” film of all-time is the Veronica Mars movie, a teen detective story that asked for $2.1m and raised $5.7m, we think the Gosnell movie is more important, we think you do too.

So we are asking for $2.1m and we are hoping to break the record and make history. 

With your help we’re going to hire the best screenwriter, director and actors to make sure that the story of Kermit Gosnell gets into every home in America. 

Bravo to celebrities who have endorsed the Gosnell documentary, including actors Nick Searcy and Kevin and Sam Sorbo.

These actors are swimming against the Hollywood tide. As The Five’s Greg Gutfeld noted:

The thing is, I mean, it is a brutal topic. But so is Idi Amin, so is Rwanda, so is the holocaust. Hollywood has made movies that involved all of those topics. The reason why they don’t do this one is not because the evil is so grotesque. It’s that it’s too close to a moral choice they’ve made. That’s what it’s about. It’s not that like, ah it’s so hard to do something on this man who butchered babies. It’s because it’s too close to the pro-choice mindset.

Amen, and so it’s up to us to now not only meet the goal but push past it. Doing so will demonstrate pro-life muscle, make the film ever better, and show wobbly cable channels that people are interested in Gosnell and will watch the documentary.

This is an investment in the progression of support for the sanctity of preborn humans in America. As Gutfeld said, what Gosnell did hits too close to home on abortion. This film will cause many who considered themselves pro-choice to change their minds.


Pro-life video of the day: Gosnell one year later

by Hans Johnson

With four days left, the prospective Gosnell TV movie is about to reach its fundraising goal. It will be the one-year anniversary of his convictions for the murders of three newborns. Do people know about his crimes? Do they care? Not enough, say the producers, which is why they were compelled to pursue this project. The panel on The Five discusses the need for the movie:


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(HT: Kelli)

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