Planned Parenthood New Orleans building contractor fined for violations, work stopped

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Two contractors have been cited for violations in Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s latest woe while attempting to construct a new abortion clinic in New Orleans.

The State of Louisiana has fined Barre McNeely Investments, LLC, a total of $2,500 for falsely completing state forms. Company owner Larry McNeely wrote “BMI, LLC” on all permits and contracts in an apparent attempt to hide his company’s identity. But it is illegal to use other than a company’s licensed name on state documents.

Barre was also cited for hiring an unlicensed subcontractor, Quality Diamond Products, which was fined a total of $4,500.

Archbishop Aymond, who threatened to blacklist anyone associated with building Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinicThe Planned Parenthood building project has been plagued by setbacks since its launch, thanks in large part to New Orleans’ pro-life community.

The Catholic Archbishop of New Orleans, Most Rev. Gregory Aymond (pictured right), dealt a huge blow in January when he published a letter in the Clarion Herald threatening to blacklist “every person or organization” involved in building the abortion mill.

When Planned Parenthood kicked off construction in May 2013, at a church no less, it projected the 7-8,000 sq ft building would cost $4.2 million and be up and running by now.

Permit Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Louisiana for abortion clinicA permit filed with the City of New Orleans showed Planned Parenthood originally scheduled a final inspection for August 18, meaning this was the date it projected the building to be completed.

That isn’t going to happen.

Fox8 reported in January 2014 “the lot sits untouched” eight months after Planned Parenthood’s big ceremonial ground-breaking, this apparently because it had trouble finding anyone to build its chop shop.

Planned Parenthood finally got something started in April, but the project has made little progress since then. Fox8 reported on August 20 there had been no work done for “several weeks.”

Planned Parenthood’s sign now says it will open in early 2015…

Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinic contractor cited for violations

We all hope and pray not.

Planned Parenthood Louisiana and its parent affiliate, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, are hot messes at present.

390756_284329228286507_1809243706_nOnly last week PPL’s state director, Melissa Flournoy, pictured right, had to resign after making racist statements.

In 2013 the Louisiana state legislature directed several departments to launch an investigation after PPGC was fined $4.3 million for Medicaid fraud in Texas. While the Legislative Auditor found no wrong-doing, investigations by the Department of Health and Inspector General are ongoing.

In November 2013 Planned Parenthood Louisiana voluntarily reimbursed the state $33,739.13 after conducting “a self-audit in which they determined that one of their nurses had been writing and issuing prescriptions without proper authority,” according to Alliance Defending Freedom.

That’s called covering one’s behind.

Here’s one final shot, courtesy of Louisiana Coalition for Life, of Planned Parenthood’s New Orleans junkyard at present. May it stay this way…

2014-07-26 12.04.19

State, federal investigations into Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal EXPLODE

Planned-Parenthood_crosshairsIn the wake of The Center for Medical Progress’s release on July 14 of a video (1.94 MILLION views and counting), which implicates Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates of committing several illegal activities, announcements of investigations by state and federal officials have exploded off the map.

The video shows Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Medical Director Deborah Nucatola describing how she and other abortionists break the law several ways on their illegal quest to retrieve lucrative baby body parts.

What made Nucatola’s disclosures so shocking to sensibilities of the average citizen (noted even by the Washington Post) was the way she casually described manipulating babies during the abortion process and applying forceps in such a way as to avoid crushing lucrative organs, all while munching on a salad and sipping wine.

In just two short days governors in GeorgiaIndiana, LouisianaOhio, and Texas have all announced probes.

Meanwhile, both Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, along with heads of two House committees, the Energy and Commerce Committee and House Judiciary Committee, announced congressional investigations.

The Senate Judiciary Committee similarly announced ”it had written to Planned Parenthood and to the Justice Department, asking the agency about its enforcement of some anti-abortion laws,” quoting the AP.

Judiciary Committee member Senator Ted Cruz, also a Republican presidential candidate, promised an investigation of his own as head of the Justice subcommittee if an investigation by the Judiciary Committee didn’t happen.

In 2011, Rep. Cliff Stearns of the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations for the Energy and Commerce Committee launched an investigation of Planned Parenthood for improper billing of federal funds.

While that investigation is still open, it has languished due to Stearns’ defeat in 2012, after which time no one earnestly picking up the ball to get tough with Planned Parenthood’s stonewalling.

Lots of public officials in various capacities are now picking up the ball.

Now the game has suddenly morphed into dodge ball.

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NOLA Planned Parenthood’s concrete contractor: “The blood is on pro-life hands”

0_0_0_0_250_139_csupload_56975362_largeIn my post yesterday, “NOLA Planned Parenthood resumes construction; contractor says will walk for payoff,” I wrote that Absolute Concrete Services had not returned my calls requesting comment.

Today, Ronald Backes did.

Ronald is the son of Melvin and Linda Backes, and he clarified that Linda solely owns Absolute Concrete Services (which I said I’d correct), and he works for her. He said his parents are divorced.

Ronald wasn’t present to hear the conversation between his parents and Pastor Shanks, but he denies they made these comments Pastor Shanks attributed to them:

Melvin told him, “This is just business. If you give me $20,000, I’ll tear up the contract.”…

[Linda] told him she supported abortion and Planned Parenthood, adding, “If we let these babies live, they’ll just grow up and kill us.”

Ronald said there is no contract, but the concrete job is worth much more than $20,000, although he wouldn’t say how much.

Our conversation lasted over an hour.

I indicated Ronald was on the wrong side of history and that he would in part be responsible for the the 2,844 preborn children Planned Parenthood says it will kill at the clinic each year.

Ronald said he has no say, that his mother owns the company, but they are both “pro-choice.” I told him he could walk away. He said he wouldn’t.

Ronald kept dwelling on the fact that abortion is legal, even though I pointed out there are plenty of instances in U.S. and global history when something was legal but wrong.

Ronald also said, “A cement job has nothing to do with who is building. It’s just a job. It’s Planned Parenthood’s right.” I responded that he will be a collaborator, and the blood will indeed be on his hands as it will be with any other contractor that helps Planned Parenthood.

Ronald, in turn, blamed pro-lifers.

“Let me tell you something,” said Ronald. “We were on the balance beam, and when the pro-life people jumped the gun, that’s what made me take the job. Pro-life people made me pour this. The blood is going to be on their hands.”

I can’t tell you how pro-lifers found out Absolute Concrete Services was pouring the cement, but it was after the company had agreed.

I appealed to Ronald’s legacy, that his family name would be dirt in New Orleans.

We went round and round. At one point Ronald agreed babies were human before they were born, and at another point he said he didn’t know when they became human. He brought up the war, death penalty, rape, and incest.

I told Ronald there was still time, that four other concrete contractors had turned down the job, and he could still walk away, but he said it was something his mother wanted done, and he was doing it.

“We will pour cement for anyone anyone comes through this door,” he said.

Really? Would he pour concrete for the Nazi gas chambers, slave quarters, or for the KKK, I asked?

Ronald said I was being ridiculous.

I told him it may sound like a cliché, but I would be praying for him. And I really will.

And I ask all of you to as well.

NOLA Planned Parenthood resumes construction; contractor says will walk for payoff

0_0_0_0_250_188_csupload_54196699_largeThe New Orleans Advocate reported today construction on the troubled New Orleans Planned Parenthood abortion facility has resumed amidst problems within and without.

The 8,000 square foot mill project stalled almost immediately after its ballyhooed groundbreaking in May 2013.

In the 22 months since, only the foundation has been dug.

Meanwhile, in January the Louisiana Health Department rejected Planned Parenthood’s certificate of need, so at this point even if the building is completed, it can’t commit abortions.

But this is shaky assurance to local pro-lifers, who are still fighting to keep the building from ever being completed.

Originally estimated to cost $4.2 million, the clinic is now “millions” more underwater, according to an unnamed inside source to NOA.

A major hold-up has been concrete.  Four concrete companies had turned down the job until Absolute Concrete Services took Planned Parenthood’s financial bait. Louisiana Coalition for Life has posted a list of collaborators.

On February 27, Pastor Bill Shanks of New Covenant Fellowship Church in Kenner was one of two pastors who visited the home of Absolute Concrete owners Melvin and Linda Backes. Click to enlarge photo of the pastor in front of their home…

Pastor Shanks at Backes address

The couple told the pastors they owned the company but son Ronald runs it.

I spoke with Pastor Shanks by phone, and he said Melvin told him, “This is just business. If you give me $20,000, I’ll tear up the contract.”

Melvin is a retired firefighter.

“My son is a firefighter, too, and knows Melvin as a brave man,” Pastor Shanks told me. “I told him to be brave for the babies. And I warned him that I’ve been involved in this fight for years and have seen one after another business crumble after becoming involved in abortion.”

Pastor Shanks said Linda’s heart was “as hard as concrete.” She told him she supported abortion and Planned Parenthood, adding, “If we let these babies live, they’ll just grow up and kill us.”

Absolute Concrete has not returned my calls requesting comment.

This past Saturday, about 50 pro-lifers protested and prayed at the site, getting workers to leave….


The workers were back today, but pro-lifers will not rest.

Take the poll! Should pro-lifers collect the $20,000 to get Absolute Concrete to walk off the job?

[polldaddy poll=8695471]

[Top photo Absolute Concrete; Louisiana pro-lifer; bottom photo New Orleans Advocate]

Two new Planned Parenthood abortion clinics blocked from opening


The photo above, via Cosmopolitan on January 23, shows progress on building an 8,000 sq. ft Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in New Orleans has obviously stalled.

Compare it to the photo taken by Louisiana Coalition for Life in August 2014 (click all photos to enlarge)….


It appears only the grass has been cut in the past five months.

-9fe78609122b9aa3Before that, Fox8 reported in January 2014 “the lot sits untouched” eight months after Planned Parenthood’s big ceremonial ground-breaking (in a church, no less – photo, right), this apparently because it had trouble finding anyone to build.

This means the facility’s estimated cost in May 2013 of $4.2 million has certainly skyrocketed, which is excellent. And Planned Parenthood’s projected profits from abortion only grow more distant.

If that ever happens.

As I reported on January 17, the Louisiana Health Department has blocked this new clinic from committing abortions, should it ever open.

One goal of throwing roadblocks in the way of new abortion clinics is to make them pay. Make it hurt financially. Make them burn through profits made from killing babies or donations mooched from rich pro-aborts.

Of course, the bigger goal of blocking abortion clinics from opening is to save lives. Which delays certainly do.

Meanwhile, 550 miles due west in San Antonio, Texas, plans for another new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic have also run amok.

Planned Parenthood’s old San Antonio clinic wouldn’t comply with Texas’s new abortion clinic regulations (currently being battled in court), so in 2013 PP secretly purchased an existing 22,000 sq. ft. medical office building and began upgrading it for a projected cost of $6.5 million (up from $5 million just seven months before).

The problem is zoning for the current building is C1 for medical offices, while ambulatory surgical centers should be built in C3 zones. Planned Parenthood South Texas CEO Jeffrey Hons has bragged the new facility will commit 2,800 abortions a year, certainly surgical procedures on a grand scale.

Photos authorized by Planned Parenthood itself in October 2014 show it had to completely gut the interior of the office building to repurpose it for surgeries….

… as does undercover video filmed by Created Equal’s Mark Harrington that same month.

When the resident of a neighborhood abutting the new Planned Parenthood could get no satisfaction from the city, she filed a lawsuit, and Texas Right to Life reported on January 24 she has received a “court order preventing the city from issuing a certificate of occupancy and from approving a special use permit for now.”

Hons originally said the new abortion facility would open in “December or January,” which is not going to happen.

A permanent block is the goal, but even a delay will hurt Planned Parenthood financially and save babies.

Live Action News reports a total of five other Planned Parenthood abortion clinics will close by the end of February, rendering the previous total of 666 remaining PP clinics already outdated.

LA Health Dept. blocks abortions at new $4 mil NOLA Planned Parenthood, and Cecile Richards is really mad about it

download (3)I’ve written several times about Planned Parenthood’s attempt to build an abortion clinic in New Orleans.

Pro-lifers, including Archbishop Gregory Aymond,  have been valiantly trying to block the completion of this $4 million baby butcher shop.

Well, word came yesterday that the Louisiana Health Department is doing the blocking for us. From

Louisiana’s health department is refusing to let Planned Parenthood perform abortion services at its new clinic under construction in New Orleans, the latest flashpoint in a long-running dispute over abortion access in the state.

The organization received a rejection letter last week from the Department of  Health and Hospitals, which said Planned Parenthood didn’t demonstrate the need for another abortion facility in Louisiana.

“Your application failed to establish the probability of serious, adverse consequences to recipients’ ability to access outpatient abortion services if you are not allowed to apply for licensure,” Health and Hospitals Secretary Kathy Kliebert wrote in the rejection letter….

Under a set of 2012 regulations, the Jindal administration required abortion clinics to undergo the same “facility need review” required of residential care facilities, like nursing homes and hospice facilities.

The regulations require any outpatient abortion facility to demonstrate its services are needed to preserve access before it can apply for a license to perform abortions in the state. The state health department used those regulations to refuse Planned Parenthood’s application.

Planned Parenthood has 30 days from the application rejection to decide whether to appeal the health department’s decision to an administrative law judge, or it can skip that review and file a lawsuit challenging the rejection.

Louisiana has five abortion clinics around the state.

Planned Parenthood’s $4 million health center, expected to open later this year, would be the third clinic offering abortions in the New Orleans area.

That is just wonderful news! But Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards promptly blasted a pile of fuming tweets. (She may have blocked me from Twitter, but I have my ways.) A sampling…

Looks like Planned Parenthood was looking forward to doubling its business by offering abortions, particularly since it is conveniently located between Mississippi, which only has one abortion clinic, and southeast Texas, which has none.

Can’t see how NOLA PP can survive without killing – oh, the irony.

NOLA Episcopal priest welcomes Planned Parenthood

annunciationbaerby Kelli

I write to express my support for the right of the clinic to be there and to serve the reproductive needs of our community…. I also write to make clear that there are many Christians, Christian denominations and many other people of faith who support the reproductive rights of women….

I am very disappointed with some fellow Christian people and churches who have made threats of exclusion and boycotts to congregants who wish to work with the clinic.

As a parish church that is named for the most wondrous conception in history, we welcome the Planned Parenthood clinic to the neighborhood.

It will serve a very important role in education, health screenings, contraception and, when necessary, a safe place for the termination of pregnancy.

~ Rev. Walter Baer of the Episcopal Church of the Annunciation, in a letter to the New Orleans Advocate, as quoted by, September 23

Planned Parenthood woos minority contractors to build abortion clinic

Click all images to enlarge…

Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinic site

I wrote on August 22 that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast was having trouble getting workers to help build its new 8,000 sq. ft. abortion clinic in New Orleans (photo above).

This is thanks to the diligence of pro-lifers, aided in no small part by Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans, who in January published a letter in the Clarion Herald promising to blacklist any person or business that “participates in actions that are essential to making this abortion facility a reality.”

Now, after 15 months of trying to line up contractors, a desperate Planned Parenthood has finally turned to “women, minority, and disadvantage [sic] businesses” for aid, yesterday holding a job fair to try to woo them….

Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinic job fair minority businesses

Bear in mind the population of New Orleans is 67% minority and that the abortion industry targets minorities for abortion. Nationwide, 79% of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are located near minority communities, including this one. While Blacks and Hispanics comprise only 13.2% and 17.1% of the population respectively, according to the Census Bureau, they get 35.7% and 21% of all abortions respectively, according to the CDC.

So Planned Parenthood asking minorities to help build abortion clinics is akin to having Jews build gas chambers.

Interesting that in its report on the job fair, helped spotlight Planned Parenthood’s penchant for “ethnic cleansing,” as it aptly described it.

Planned Parenthood services drop for all except abortionAll other services Planned Parenthood touted are already provided in New Orleans, and at any rate Planned Parenthood performs fewer services every year of all other than abortion, which it continually commits more of.

An inside source tells me that while 500 businesses were invited to Planned Parenthood’s abortion job fair, only 30-40 people showed up.

Also on hand was a diverse group of 30 pro-lifers helping educate attendees on what they were getting into, because Planned Parenthood clearly hid the fact that any minority businesses signing on to help construct its clinic would be helping lead to the slaughter of their own babies, the grotesque “and more” in its flyer.

Greeting prospective abortion collaborators was news of Planned Parenthood’s “and more” plans, a huge sign on the median facing the meeting place…

Sign educating public that Planned Parenthood New Orleans commits abortion

Planned Parenthood’s hired pitchman was local businessman Terrence Rice, pictured below carrying a box while little children tried to hand him pro-life flyers…

Terrence Rice, pitchman for Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinic

Also on hand was Planned Parenthood New Orleans’ general contractor Larry McNeely, who illegally tried to hide the name of his company, Barre McNeely Investments, LLC, from curious pro-life eyes by calling it “BMI, LLC” on state contracting documents. McNeely is the man below to the right of a Planned Parenthood employee…

Larry McNeely, general contractor for Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinicåç

Here are more faces who attended the Planned Parenthood strategy meeting to kill babies. If you are local and recognize any of these people, please implore them not to take Planned Parenthood’s blood money….

Prospective collaborators to help Planned Parenthood New Orleans build an abortion clinic

As a sidebar, one passerby who wasn’t attending Planned Parenthood’s meeting was convicted by pro-life signs showing images of abortion victims and said he was going to go home and tell his pregnant daughter not to get the abortion she was planning!

Sign showing victim of abortion at protest of Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinic

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