Physicians for Reproductive Choice: 2010 Abortion Provider Awards

Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health held its 2010 Abortion Provider awards ceremony on May 24. I always find pro-abort events creepily intriguing.

Winner of this year's William K. Rashbaum, MD, Abortion Provider Award (which "honors a physician who provides outstanding abortion services and serves as an inspirational leader for colleagues, residents, and medical students") was abortionist Carolyn Westhoff, presented by late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart...

PRCH westhoff carhart.jpg

I concur Westhoff was well-deserving of this award, and partial birth abortion bud Carhart was just the guy to give it to her. Both were plaintiffs against the ban. Westhoff testified there was "usually a heartbeat" when she started suctioning a baby's brain out and on the topic of fetal pain acknowledged, "I certainly know based on my experience that the fetus will withdraw in response to a painful stimulus."...

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Sicko late-term abortionist arrested for slapping patient

randall whitney.jpg

I had not heard of FL late-term abortionist Randall Whitney before today but I am horrified by what I've read about him. He's like the Jeffrey Dahmer of preborns. Don't read this post if you can't handle serial killer type info....

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Abortion clinic patients may have been intentionally infected with Hepatitis C

Jivin J reported May 31 that 22 mothers who aborted their babies at an Australian abortion clinic have contracted Hepatitis C.

hepatitis c blood.jpgThat number is now up to 44, and it's looking more as if the infections were intentional, linked to an anesthesiologist with a criminal record. According to on June 1:

Patients of a late-term abortion clinic in Victoria may have been deliberately infected with hepatitis C after a further 32 women tested positive to the virus, bringing to 44 the total number of infections....

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Abortionist's wife gone wild - with lawnmower

michael king planned parenthood 2.pngHow do you spend your holidays? Members of an IN pro-life activist group called Intercessors for Life spend theirs picketing the Noblesville, IN, home of abortionist Michael S. King, who slices and dices at 3 Planned Parenthood mills in Indianapolis. View video here of their July 4, 2009, picket and here of their November 26, 2009 picket.

Word to the wise: a lawnmower can function as a postborn abortion machine. In the following video, taken 2 days ago on Memorial Day, King's wife Shelley gave pro-lifers the finger before trying to shoo them off with her mean blades. But Shelley quickly remembered pro-aborts can't pick on people their own size and walked off in a tiff....

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Hearing to revoke license of MD late-term abortionist who OD'd and killed patient

UDPATE, 6/3, 4:15p: Operation Rescue has an update on this case. The June 1 hearing was merely before a MD Board of Physicians subcommittee. "[T]his matter is far from final resolution," reported OR's Cheryl Sullenger.

OR also found Ferrer has been disciplined for other infractions over the years, including "an incident where he knowingly sewed a metal surgical instrument into a patient," according to OR.

romeo ferrar.png6/1, 9:53a: He's flown under the radar for decades, but tomorrow MD late-term abortionist Romeo Ferrer will get his day in court, so to speak.

For 3 long years the MD State Board of Physicians has allowed the 70-year-old Ferrer to continue slicing and dicing at his Gynecare Center at 877 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd. in Severna Park after knowing a claim of malpractice had been filed against him by a dead mother's estate....

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One year anniversary of late-term abortionist George Tiller (the baby killer's) death

george tiller funeral.jpg

Monday, May 31 - Memorial Day, this year - will mark the 1 year anniversary of abortionist George Tiller's murder.

george tiller closeup.jpgPro-aborts have been paying tributes and are planning memorials.

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has read or will read a Tiller tribute statement on the Senate floor today.

For a donation of $75 the TX Equal Access Fund "will deliver a handmade card, flowers, and a basket of goodies" to your favorite abortion mill on May 31....

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Mainstream media fairly investigates accusation of forced abortion

NBC TV 25 in Flint, MI, ran a remarkable 2-part, back-to-back exposé on May 24 fairly detailing the merits of a lawsuit filed against late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari by former patient Caitlin Bruce, a story we've been following for some time.

In Part I, note how the story opens with an interesting turn on words, that Hodari "violated [Bruce's] right to choice" - by forcibly aborting her. Also note, as Citizen for a Pro-Life Society's Monica Miller wrote in an email, "The child is never called a "fetus"!

NBC's written account of that story includes Bruce's charges against Hodari...

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Botched abortion at Planned Parenthood, Naples, FL

UPDATE, 4:09p: The abortionist responsible for the alleged botch yesterday is Philip Waterman, PP of Naples' sole butcher. Pro-lifers have protested in front of Waterman's Ft. Myers home twice, beginning March 21. Here is a WINK News story on that first protest:

The next protest will be June 27. Go to for more info.

UPDATE, 3:37p: PP of Collier Co. president and CEO Char Wendel, mentioned in the 3:15p update, is the same Char Wendel who made this silly anti-Tebow video prior to the Super Bowl....

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Christ Hospital obstetrician (and abortionist) shares birthday with mom and triplets

From the Associated Press, April 18:

Talk about a birthday party.

steven ambrose 2.png

Evelia Rivera spent her 25th birthday at a suburban Chicago hospital delivering her triplet sons: Jayden Edwin, Jordan Michael and Julian Kobe.

But turns out that wasn't enough of a celebration.

Dr. Steven Ambrose [pictured right] who helped perform the Cesarean section on Wednesday at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn was celebrating his birthday too....

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Two dozen frozen fetuses found at Philadelphia abortion clinic

UPDATE, 3:15p: Creative Minority Report has more on Gosnell's apparent infamous history in the abortion movement.

womens medical society, kermit gosnell, abortion, philapelphia.pngAuthorities investigating the November death of a mother who died during an abortion at a Philadelphia mill made another shocking discovery. Might I add the assumption is these corpses are preborns, but we do not yet know that these weren't born killed babies. From, February 22...

A shocking discovery was made in the office of a Philadelphia doctor by authorities investigating the report of a woman's death during an abortion. Two dozen frozen fetuses were found in Dr. Kermit Gosnell's office displayed in jars. Some of the fetuses date back over 30 years....

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How an abortionist cleans his dump

Here's 1 example why abortion mills have such bad reputations as being dumps.

On February 9 I reported MI late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari had put his Livonia mill on the market. At that time pro-lifer Lynn Mills noted wires hanging over 1 of the 2 mill entrances...

Livonia mill, abortion, Hodari, 3.jpg

... which she repeatedly reported to authorities, particularly since the mill is a bus stop...

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Hodari's hazardous abortion mill bus stop

Hodari bus stop, abortion 2.jpg

I reported February 9 that late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari had closed 1 of his 6 MI mills....

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Late-term abortionist Hodari's Livonia mill closed... for now

Read the backstory here.

Late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari has had 3 of his 6 MI abortion mills up for sale for some time.

The other day pro-life supersleuth Lynn Mills thought the property not only looked like a dump, which would be normal, but also vacant. Here's a photo Lynn took this morning. The "For Sale" sign has been blown down for some time, she says, although the place is apparently still listed....

Livonia mill, abortion, Hodari, 1.jpg

Lynn called and got confirmation. Then I called this morning and was told Hodari periodically closes the place for months when business is down....

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Late-term abortionist Hodari sued for uterine abortion of ectopic pregnancy

When last we left infamous MI late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari, he was trying to liquidate his assets while getting a divorce.

Hodari, abortion, ectopic pregnancy 2.jpgSuper pro-life sleuth Lynn has discovered a lawsuit filed January 28, accusing Hodari of assault and battery for committing a intrauterine abortion on a mother who was actually carrying an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy.

On March 4, 2009, the mother went to an abortion mill in Dearborn but was turned away when the ultrasound tech couldn't find a baby.

On March 6 she decided to try Hodari's Womancare of Southfield mill, where an ultrasound was performed and an abortion committed by Hodari.

On March 15, still not feeling well, the mother returned to Womancare, where it was learned her pregnancy hormone was still elevated. She was told to go to the hospital, where the ectopic pregnancy was discovered. She underwent surgery and had the baby and her left fallopian tube removed.

Just another case of a legal front alley abortion. The mother is suing for $25k.

[Photo via the Detroit News]

Abortion clinic after patient's death: "Nothing happened here"

It's too bad that abortion rights "pioneer" Ruth Proskauer Smith, a founder of NARAL, died in Manhattan last Friday at the age of 102.

alexandra nunez, abortion, A1 Medicine.jpgHad Ruth only held on 3 more days she could have read about one of the fruits of her labor, pardon the pun, the tragic death Alexandra Nuñez in nearby Queens at a completely legal abortion/plastic surgery mill.

According to WPIX:

Emergency officials responded to A1 Medicine at 95-45 Roosevelt around 3:15p Monday.

A woman, believed to be in her 30's, was reportedly bleeding heavily and rushed to Elmhurst Hospital Center where she was later pronounced dead.

Apparently the abortionist severed an artery, causing Nuñez to go into cardiac arrest. According to the NY Daily News today...

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Abortionist Eugene Glick is dead

At age 80, abortionist Eugene Glick died on January 10 in Chico, CA.

glick, abortion, obit 2.png

Glick segued from obstetrician to abortionist in part, according to the New York Times, after watching his then girlfriend, now widow, get an infection after illegally aborting their baby in 1951.

Glick started by committing illegal abortions in the 1960s after graduating medical school, as quoted from Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health...

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Late-term abortionist Hodari faces divorce, liquidation, malpractice lawsuit, back taxes

UPDATE, 5p: Pro-lifer Lynn has found the Livonia and Southgate abortion mills advertised online. Clicking on their names will take you to the real estate ad with both exterior and interior photos. Most interesting is they try to conceal the fact these are abortion mills. The waiting rooms are so sad, knowing what patients were waiting for.

alberto hodari, late-term abortions, michigan, dumpster, pro-life, pro-choice.jpgIt was only August 2007 when MI late-term abortionist Albert Hodari's smiling mug [right] was featured in a Detroit News story as well as a nationwide UPI piece decrying passage of the Partial Birth Abortion Act.

It has been downhill for Hodari ever since.

In November 2007 Hodari was caught on video telling pro-abort students at Wayne State University he had a "license to lie" and that he didn't wash his hands between abortions.

Then in March 2008 Citizens for a Pro-Life Society found 200+ medical records and aborted baby parts in a dumpster at 1 of Hodari's 5 mills, although Hodari was neither fined nor penalized.

Now Hodari seems to have a lot hitting at once. He filed for divorce from wife Nancy last week - on his own, no help from an attorney... for the 2nd time. Click to enlarge...

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Breaking: FoxNY hounds quack late-term abortionist; he goes wild

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgI wrote a couple weeks ago that late-term abortionist Pierre Renelique, whose FL medical license was revoked following his part in the alleged murder of abortion survivor Shaunice Williams, had escaped to practice in NY. NY officials merely put Renelique on a 2-year probation.

Well, someone tipped off on the story, and one of its reporters chased Renelique down yesterday. The following 6:49 exposé goes into great detail on the FL botched abortion, a shockingly thorough and blunt investigative report. Video ends with Renelique becoming so angry he grabs and breaks the reporter's mic...

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Waaa - inmates being mean to jailed abortionist

I've read that prison inmates have their own justice system. For instance, child molesters don't fare well behind bars.

Apparently, even criminals consider abortionists scumbags.

Dr. Erin, abortion, abortionist, pro-life, poison.jpgBritish abortionist Edward Erin was found guilty last month of twice attempting to spike his pregnant mistress's drink with an unnamed poison "to induce an abortion."

A November 3 BBC article spends most its time on Erin's pining wife Lorwi, who disbelieves the incidents ever happened and understands her husband has "had [3 known] affairs as a 'distraction' from problems in his personal life, including a number of deaths in his family." And including a number of deaths he has caused.

Lorwi is listed as a "Dr." also. Wonder if she's likewise an abortionist?

Whatever, my eye caught the last lines of the piece:

Dr Erin said her husband was "not being treated well" by other prisoners while in custody.

"He is being called a child murderer," she said. "He is a state of complete distress - I don't know how he is going to get through this to be honest."

Poor thing. The article doesn't say how much time Erin will serve. Not enough.

Meanwhile, there is a happy ending:

Miss Prowse gave birth to a healthy baby in September 2008.

[Photos via the BBC]

Late-term abortionist on hand to cheer Pelosi's healthcare bill

Well, take a look who was at Nancy Pelosi's press conference this morning when she unveiled her version of nationalized healthcare - with no abortion exclusion and plans not to allow any. How appropriate that infamous late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart should be on hand to cheer Pelosi on...

LeRoy Carhart, Nancy Pelosi, abortion, healthcare, Obama.jpg

Concerned Women for America's president Wendy Wright spotted Carhart and snapped the photo. CWA just issued this statement...

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CNN profile: Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart vs. "his No. 1 foe"

CNN, LeRoy Carhart, abortionist, abortion, George Tiller, Troy Newman, Operation Rescue.jpg

On October 27, CNN profiled Operation Rescue's Troy Newman and NE late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart in a lengthy article, along with "Perspectives on abortion" video vignettes.

Newman's analysis: "Not a perfect article. But it better than what I thought CNN would do."

There are 6 videos, and I've uploaded Newman and Carhart's to YouTube...

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Florida menace abortionist escapes to New York

Pierre Renelique, Hialeah, Florida, abortion, New York.jpgWhen last we saw Pierre Renelique, the State of Florida had revoked his medical license, and he was one of the well-deserved targets of a civil lawsuit.

Renelique was the abortionist on call when in 2006 A Gyn Diagnostics abortion mill owner Belkis Gonzalez allegedly killed an abortion survivor and threw the little girl in a biohazard bag onto her Hialeah, FL, clinic roof to hide the baby from police.

Renelique had been called several times while the baby's mother, Sycloria Williams, was in active labor but failed to show.

It got worse. According to records...

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200 abortionists, Jeanne Tiller get aborted eye-full at National Abortion Federation event

National Abortion Federation, George Tiller, abortion.jpg

On October 17, the National Abortion Federation held a "Remembering Dr. Tiller" event at the Westin Hotel in Denver, with 200 abortionists from around the world attending. I simply can't imagine being in a room full of abortionists. Their hands, yuck. What did they talk about? Although the thought of all this truly creeps me out, this is the sort of event where I'd like to be a fly on the wall.

Jeanne Tiller accepted the award on behalf of her husband George, who was murdered May 31.

American Right to Life got wind of the event beforehand and were able to strategically place cars across the street from the Westin, honoring one of their maxims, "no child killing with tranquility."

Denver, National Abortion Federation, Jeanne Tiller, George Tiller 1b.jpg

ARTL also strategically placed pro-lifers with banners at the hotel's drop-off point. International abortionists were likely unfamiliar with American-style pro-life protests showing the truth of abortion with graphic photos.

National Abortion Federation, Denver, Jeanne Tiller, George Tiller cars dropping off.jpg

National Abortion Federation, Denver, Jeanne Tiller, George Tiller pro-life signs at Westin entrance.jpgAccording to ARTL, one idiotic abortionist had the nerve to accuse pro-lifers - one holding photos of a ripped off baby's head - of intolerance.

ARTL also had pro-lifers planted inside the hotel. When seeing Jeanne Tiller walk through, they handed her 2 pieces of literature. One was a pamphlet that included photos provided by Tiller himself of a post-abortive baby staged with her parents, along with her mother's emotional recantation after she came to her senses.

Denver, National Abortion Federation, Jeanne Tiller, George Tiller, Westin Hotel, pamphlet.jpgThe other was read, "Jeanne Tiller gets an award for this?" showing what her husband did to earn millions of dollars.

A undercover pro-lifer on hand to observe reported Jeanne did an about-face, asked the concierge how to get to the parking garage, and did not return until 8p, when she was to receive the award.

Late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari fined $10k in death of patient

Thumbnail image for hodaricloseup.jpgDr. Monica Miller, Director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, issued a statement today revealing newly discovered information that MI late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari, pictured left, was fined $10k four months ago for his role in the 2003 death of 32-year-old Regina Johnson.

Johnson died from complications after a first trimester abortion committed at Hodari's Womencare abortion mill in Lathrup Village....

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Hodari's babies

We've talked much the last couple weeks about MI late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari, in the news for tossing aborted babies and medical records into his dumpsters. Read my Hodari archives here.

But just what does an abortionist do with all the money s/he makes from aborting poor mothers in crisis?

Pro-lifer Judy Papa has sidewalk counseled at Hodari's Flint, MI, pole barn abortion mill for years and sent photos of Hodari's hobby, classic car collecting. He even takes them to shows.

Where does Hodari keep his babies? Inside the mill, at the service entrance.

These first photos are of Hodari leaving the mill in his favorite car. He mentioned it during his infamous talk at Wayne State U last November...

Thumbnail image for hodari car 1.jpg

See more photos on page 2.

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A Hodari save born this week

Thumbnail image for aubrey 3.jpgOn July 18, 2007, a mother named Taffiney entered late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari's Flint, MI, pole barn abortion mill (pictured right, with 1 of Hodari's classic cars on display; click to enlarge) to abort her 4th baby, about 6 weeks old. She told me last night, "It's a day I'll never forget."

Taffiney and her husband were having a hard time making ends meet with 3 children and didn't think they could afford another. Neither had been involved in abortion before but thought there was no other way out of their bind.

On A-Day they began washing clothes at a nearby laundromat, and then Taffiney went ahead of her husband to Hodari's mill to start the paperwork....

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Hodari parades new trash cans

Detroit Free Press today updated us on late-term abortionist and trash freer Alberto Hodari.

And the news is very exciting. I hope you're sitting down:

The owner of a Lathrup Village clinic accused of improperly disposing of medical waste said Tuesday that he's putting biohazard bags in every examination room to ensure that materials don't end up in regular trash bins again....

Thumbnail image for biohazard2.jpg

At his clinic in Lathrup Village... Hodari showed off eight new trash cans with red biohazard bags for hazardous materials. He has also purchased shredders for documents with patient information.

What, did he call a press conference?

So before now there were not biohazard bags in every "examination room," i.e., operating room in which to toss "materials," i.e., aborted babies?

What an idiot. The reporter, too....

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New and improved Tiller video

Students for Life of America has enhanced the video taken of late-term abortionist George Tiller at a pro-abort conference held at the National Education Association headquarters in DC 10 days ago.

I originally posted on this March 17. SFL has added more subtitles, exposing something Tiller said I could not decipher in the original, "I have done up to the day before delivery" (at 4:17 in the video):

One other point Kristan Hawkins, executive director for SFL, made in a press release today...

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Convicted felon abortionist is Chicago Public School principal

I received this email yesterday from an 8th grader at Lavizzo Elementary School in Chicago:

Abortionist Dr. Arnold Bickham is our PRINCIPAL....

I read your article on Dr. Bickham. Well our students including teachers aren't comfortable with being around him and we want help. If he has this kind of back ground he shouldn't be able to work in this type of organization because you'll never know what he will try to do.....


We want to go on strike and have the news up at our school because this is very disturbing news.

I followed up by speaking by phone with the student.

Long story short: It's true. Abortionist and principal Arnold Bickham (pictured right from school website) are one and the same.

Having "abortionist" on one's resumé isn't necessarily grounds for not hiring.

But Bickham is also a twice convicted felon....

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Breaking News: Killer abortionist's license yanked

breaking.jpgThis just in from the mother of Laura Hope Smith, who was killed by abortionist Rapin Osathanondh at Women's Health Center in Hyannis, MA, on September 13, 2007, as I previously reported....

Eileen Smith is reporting in an email that she just received a call from the Boston Medical Board of Registration telling her it pulled Osathanondh's medical license today, "because they view him as a risk to public safety."...

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So, what's new?

by Mary Kay Hastings

Thirty years ago today, the Chicago Sun-Times conducted an undercover investigative report on abortion clinics with horrifying findings.

Today the paper reprinted it.


You've got to ask, what has changed?

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Clinics raided and caught "red-handed"

by Bethany Kerr

You'd think abortion proponents would stop claiming that abortionist "quacks" are the exception and not the rule by now. It seems every month we hear of a new abortionist being caught practicing abortions without a license, butchering women, raping women, falsifying records, etc. The ratio of "bad" abortionists to abortion clinics seems to become closer each time an abortion clinic is investigated.
From Operation Rescue:

The Los Angeles Times is reporting today horrific new details about a chain of Southern California abortion clinics, owned by Bertha Bugarin, that were raided last summer by a special task force of the Los Angeles Police Department. Bugarin was charged with practicing medicine without a license.

Bertha Bugarin's abortion mills are not an anomaly. The only difference between her mills and other deplorable clinics across the nation is that she was caught.

According to the LA Times:

By the time paramedics arrived, the patient was lying in a pool of her own blood, her pulse racing and her blood pressure dangerously low....
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Justice at last!

by Bethany Kerr

It's about time.Abortionist Malachy DeHenre was found guilty by a grand jury, for killing his wife, Dr. Mysha Rose DeHenre, 10 years ago. justice.jpg

A Jones County Circuit Court deliberated for only 45 minutes before unanimously convicting DeHenre of manslaughter. Sentencing is set for March 13.

DeHenre had claimed that the gun had been accidentally set off after wrestling the gun away from his wife after returning from a trip to Zimbabwe. The autopsy was reviewed, however, and it was confirmed that the death was not accidental or a suicide. According to the autopsy results, it was shown that DeHenre had fired the pistol from more than 24 inches away from the head of his wife while she was lying down....

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"This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor"

this%20common%20secret.jpgAbortionist Susan Wicklund is on the circuit touting her new book, This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor.

From interviews and reviews I get that Wicklund was inspired to her career path by an abortion she had herself at age 22 by a typical thug who told her to "shut up and lie still."

But abortion was in Wicklund's genes. Her grandmother killed a girl during an illegal abortion, or as Wicklund put it, "The young girl that was pregnant, and that my grandmother helped, died."

So much fodder. She admits in the book "of an abortion she performed for a rape victim, only to find out afterward that the fetus she terminated was conceived earlier than thought and would have been the much-loved child of the woman and her husband," according to

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If a Baby's Heart is Beating, but There is No One There to Hear it, is the Baby Still Alive?

By Mary Kay Hastings

If you are reading this, chances are pretty good that your heart is beating. You don't need a doctor to listen with a stethoscope to know that this is true.

If, however, you are the unborn baby of a poor, Hispanic woman, you might need a little help proving that you are, indeed, the proud owner of a beating heart.

Unfortunately, this particular woman could not afford to go to a "real" doctor's office and was reduced to visiting a "Woman's Clinic". Specifically, the American Women's Center located at 2744 N Western Ave. in Chicago. The doctor there informed her that while she was in fact pregnant, he could not find a heartbeat. This doctor did not use a fetal monitor. He did not perform an ultrasound. He used an ordinary stethoscope on a woman that was 18 days pregnant and determined that her baby was dead because he could not find it's heartbeat.bigstockphoto_stethoscope_3.jpg

She was told that she would need to have this "taken care of". The clinic she was in would not be open the following day, but if she would go to 110 S. River Rd. in Des Plaines the doctor said, they would be happy to help her there. Apparently, these two clinics are owned and operated by the same entity. Both of these clinics primarily provide abortions.

She arrived that rainy Saturday, crying over the loss of her baby, devastated by the news that she wouldn't be a mother. That is where our paths crossed. That is where the tears stopped, and hope began.

I'll call her "Esperanza"( Esperanza means hope in Spanish).

Esperanza was 20 years old. She had already had one abortion. She told us that she often dreamed of walking in dark corridors, hearing her baby calling out for her, only to find a pool of blood and broken body parts (Her words, not mine).

She said that when she had that abortion, she didn't care about anything and certainly ddin't care about the child she was carrying. She never expected to be haunted by the nightmares that followed. She said that the worst part was the guilt. When I told her that she was not a bad, evil person, but a good person who had done a bad thing, she cried again. She could not believe my words. She believed she was not worthy of forgiveness and was convinced that this new baby had died as a punishment for her abortion. I told her, no, God does not work that way. God was spreading His arms wide even as we were speaking and calling, "Esperanza, come home".
I asked her if she would let me accompany her down the street to the "Woman's Center". There, I told her, we could get a second, more credible opinion on her child's status. I explained that no reputable doctor would send a woman to an abortion clinic simply because he could not find a heartbeat. If her child were truly deceased, then she would have either passed it naturally or been sent to an emergency room. Either way, without an ultrasound, we could not be sure if the baby was dead or not. Esperanza agreed to go with me to the clinic.

The Women's Center on Golf Rd. is a not-for profit organization designed to help woman in a crisis pregnancy. They offer financial assistance, medical help, and counseling, among other services. On this day, they gave Esperanza a pregnancy test, (which was positive), a proof of pregnancy letter, and helped her apply for a medical card. They then sent us to Resurrection Hospital to get an ultrasound.

I had arrived at the clinic at 6:00 am that morning. I was there to counsel woman entering the abortion clinic. A group of us go there every Saturday because we believe that most woman are not making a "choice", but rather, they are reacting to a set of circumstances.

We believe that if they are going to make a true choice, then they should have all of the information they need to make an informed choice. We gave them that information. Esperanza arrived at the clinic at 9:00 am. It was now 12:00 pm. We were at the Resurrection Hospital Emergency room and Esperanza had just been taken into an examination room. I waited in the waiting room with her brother.

The time ticked by. Slowly. I prayed. I hoped I had not given Esperanza false hope. I prayed that she would be able to accept the fact that her baby was dead. I prayed that her baby was alive. I waited. I ate some Lorna Doones and had some coffee. I prayed and waited some more. At three o'clock, her girlfriend came out to tell me that they were just then taking her down the hall for her ultrasound. She told me it would be another forty-five minutes. I got out my rosary. I waited. Had I done the right thing? Had I helped save a babies life? Or had I sent a woman into a depression, convinced that her baby had died because of her past sins. God help me, I didn't know. I only knew that I had done the only thing my conscience would allow. I had fought for that baby's life.

At four o'clock, Esperanza and her girlfriend came into the waiting room, waving a piece of paper. They handed the paper to me and I saw that it was an ultrasound image of a perfectly healthy, 21 day old baby...and it's heart, I was told, was beating! heartt.jpg

I tell this story, because it provokes some very important questions. Questions like, "Is abortion truly a "service" for women as it claims, or is it something more sinister?

As Catholics, we know that it is wrong from a moral standpoint, but surely, even the secular world would have to admit that this "doctor" behaved unethically. Is the five-hundred dollar profit he makes off of an abortion really worth sending a perfectly healthy woman to abort a perfectly healthy baby that she desperately wants?

Is this an anomaly, or is this business as usual? And most frightening of all; Did this happen because the woman was a minority?

Consider this: Since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by 25%. While 13% of women are black, they account for 35% of the abortions performed in this country.

The abortion ratio for black women (503 per 1,00 live births) was 3.0 times the ratio to white women. (167 per 1,000 live births) while the ratio for women of other races (329 per 1,000 live births) was 2.0 times the ratio to white women. (CDC Surveillance Summaries, Nov. 28, 2003)

I leave you with this quote, taken from the San Diego Union. It is made by Dr. Edward Allred, owner of 33 abortion clinics here in the United States. At 500 dollars per abortion, and 50 or more abortions a day at 33 different clinics...well, you do the math.

"Population control is too important to be stopped by some right wing pro-life types. Take the new influx of Hispanic immigrants. Their lack of respect for democracy and social order is frightening. I hope I can do something to stem that tide;I'd set up a clinic in Mexico for free if I could...when a sullen black woman of 17 or 18 can decide to have a baby and become a burden to all of us, it's time to stop."

I couldn't agree more Mr. Allred. It is indeed, time to stop.

Six degrees of abortionists

perper.jpgBroward County, Florida, Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Perper (pictured left), who autopsied Anna Nicole Smith, is father to abortionist Harry Perper, the doctor on call at James Pendergraft's Orlando abortion mill when baby Rowan died.

World Magazine article on Hialeah abortion mill baby murder case

The August 26 edition of World Magazine includes an article chronicling and updating the Hialeah abortion mill baby murder case.

Read the entire article, "A child without a choice," on my page 2 if you can't access it on World (must subscribe).

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Pro-life movement: Time for truth and consequences

I blogged the other day that pro-aborts have discovered a winning angle in the emergency contraceptive controversy: tying together birth control pills and ECs.

They say, and rightfully so, that if a pharmacist and/or pharmacy have no moral problem dispensing birth control pills, they cannot claim to have a problem dispensing ECs on the grounds that they are abortifacients. Both are comprised of female hormones that perform the same actions, one of which may be to stop a week-old embryo from implanting in the uterus. ECs just carry higher doses of the hormone(s).

There are other safety and health reasons with ECs, but the abortifacient angle is invalid if a pharmacist/y dispense BC pills.

This is not only a wedge issue for pro-lifers but a turn-off to the public. We must deal with it. Pro-aborts have obviously developed a nationwide strategy for normalizing ECs. The same talking points are in newspapers almost everyday as are attempts around the country to force ECs on pharmacies. The latest is in today's Houston Chronicle. The Austin City Council just agreed to force pharmacies to dispense both BC pills and ECs.

Aborting stupidity

The UK is debating whether to lower its abortion limit from the current 24 weeks.

The Daily Mail reports today that Britain's leading abortion provider has conducted a study that shows - shock - abortion needs to remain legal throughout the first six months of pregnancy.

The reasons given indicate that most of England's late term aborting mothers are stupid:

  • "For the majority of women taking part in the study, the signs and symptoms of pregnancy were not recognised until an advanced stage." [So the morning sickness, disappearing menstruation, extreme tiredness, breast tenderness and engorgement, widening girth, and increasing abdominal movements were due to... ?]

  • "A minority of those taking part were aware of their pregnancy early on, but either 'in denial' or forced to change their minds about having the baby by a change of circumstances." [We are talking about babies who are viable or 2-3 weeks from viability. Mothers who "change theirs minds" at this point could terminate their pregnancies with liveborn results.]

  • "One woman told how her partner beat her with a baseball bat when he discovered she was pregnant. It was at that point she decided not to have the child." [So she decided to treat her "child" worse than the way she was treated - to dismember and kill her or him - so as to maintain a baseball bat relationship with the guy who beat her?]

Now we have the "stupidity exception"?

Those distinctive abortion clinics....

In 2005, Kansas pro-abort Gov. Kathleen Sebelius vetoed a bill that would regulate abortion mills, saying that all doctor offices should be regulated.

But Kathy Ostrowski of Kansans for Life wonders if anyone has had the following experiences in other doctors' offices?

  • Have you ever called for a doctor appointment and were told certain days were "sale days"?
  • Have you ever made a doctor appointment and were told to bring a friend along with you to your appointment to monitor your surgery recovery instead of any medical staff?
  • Have you ever entered a doctor's office that didn't have any identifying sign and the front door deceitfully bore the name of a construction business?
  • Have you ever entered a medical facility and a handwritten note was posted telling you to guard your valuables?
  • Have you ever entered a medical facility with a dead rodent on the floor in plain view?
  • Have you ever entered a surgical suite that had equipment set up on the floor instead of a counter?
  • Have you ever entered a surgical suite where picnic tablecloths covered equipment and there was no disposable covering on the exam bed?
  • Have you ever entered a surgical suite that was carpeted?
  • Have you ever been in a medical facility where there the staff had no medical training and hadn't undergone criminal background checks?
  • Have you ever been injected by a physician or (nonmedically trained) attendant who used a pre-filled, unlabeled syringe instead of filling the syringe in front of you?
  • Have you gone to the bathroom at a doctor's office and the toilet was stained with blood?
  • Have you ever seen a specialist who had never studied the medical specialty he was performing?
  • Have you ever been treated by a physician who kept emergency equipment locked in a closet and was not certified to give advanced CPR?
  • Have you begun a gynecological procedure by pulling your pants down instead of removing your clothes and donning a gown?
  • Have you ever spent your recovery time on a dirty couch without medical staff or monitoring machines?
  • Have you ever been sent home from the doctor's office with verbal instructions to take unidentified pills in an unmarked envelope?

No, Kansas does not need abortion clinic regulations.

[All of the above outrages were experienced at Krishna Rajanna's abortion mill. Documentation for these conditions is available through KFL/Topeka office,, phone 785-234-2998.]

Is fetal cannibalism legal in your state? ran another headline story today on the alleged fetus-eating abortionist in Kansas.

It turns out it that fetal cannibalism is legal in Kansas, drawing attention to the need to outlaw it, perhaps also in other states. There is more than just the obvious reason to consider such a law. It would also:

1) add to the stigma against abortion/abortionists (since the example would be the alleged cannibalistic act by an abortionist)

2) further humanize embryos/fetuses to the American mind.

3) add one more law that equates preborn humans with postborn humans - toward the eventual collapse of Roe v. Wade

I can't believe this is a topic we have to cover, but yet I can believe it.

"Fetus eater loses medical license," 6-12-05
"New column, 'Fetus eater loses medical license," 6-15-05
"More on cannibal abortionist and KS health board that enabled him," 6-15-05
"More photos from fetus-eating Rajanna's abortion mill," 6-17-05
"'Dirty,' 'unkempt,' 'dangerous,' alleged 'cannibal' abortionist to appeal license revocation," 6-18-05

"Dirty," "unkempt," "dangerous," alleged "cannibal" abortionist to appeal license revocation

The Associated Press and Kansas City Star report that abortionist Krishna Rajanna plans to appeal the Kansas Board of Healing Arts unanimouos decision to yank his medical license after determining he was a "danger."

Note that KCS reporter Dawn Bormann spent one short paragraph capsulizing the reason for Rajanna's license revocation ("dead mouse in the clinic hallway, filled syringes in an unlocked refrigerator, carpet in a surgical area and a facility that was generally unkempt" - um, Dawn, what about fetuses in the freezer?) but TEN paragraphs trying to exonerate Rajanna of the most heinous accusation - of eating aborted fetuses - that she mentioned "resurfaced in Internet news reports" (here, here, and here).

Blood and baby soup


Well, this is honest art work, accompanying yesterday's cover story in, "Mm, Mm Good: Startling allegations against an abortion doctor have been the centerpiece of two years of legislative warfare in Kansas." Maybe it will give fence-sitting "pro-choicers" pause to rethink.

The news org is left-wing, but the piece is mostly accurate, says Kathy Ostrowski, Legislative Research Director of Kansans for Life.

More photos from fetus-eating Rajanna's abortion mill

Kathy Ostrowski from Kansans for Life has provided more photos, below, taken by an informant in August 2003 inside abortionist Krishna Rajanna's mill.

Incredibly, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts had these photos in their possession for a year before taking action against Rajanna. See yesterday's headline story, "Regulators dragged feet on 'cannibal abortionist': Activist group first provided grisly photos of clinic nearly 2 years ago."

Rajanna's "recovery room"

22- Rajanna clinic (2).jpg

Why was a food processor in Rajanna's utility room?

20- Rajanna clinic (3).jpg

Fetuses in the Freezer

12- Rajanna clinic (3).jpg

Rajanna shopped at Price Chopper. How appropriate.

18- Rajanna clinic.jpg

When will he not be in Kansas any more?

World Magazine's June 18 issue contains an incredible expose by Lynn Vincent entitled, "Death by drowning," adding one more woe to abortionist George Tiller's growing list of killer legal headaches.

Vincent brings forth evidence that Tiller may be covering up live birth abortions at his mill - i.e., snuffing babies - in violation of the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

Tiller is already being investigated for allegedly not reporting suspected sexual abuse of underage girls who abort at his Women's Healthcare Services in Wichita, KS. And he's being investigated for potentially illegally aborting late term neonatal babies.

Now add postborn baby murder to the list.

Related articles:

"Rowan's story: Mother tells how clinic workers left her born-alive infant to die," World Magazine, 5-7-05

"Labor and delivery: A gruesome Florida abortion saga reveals sordid—and possibly illegal—practices in late-term procedures," World Magazine, 5-28-05

Fetus eater loses medical license

rajanna_bath_sterilization.jpgThe Kansas City Star reported yesterday that the State Board of Healing Arts revoked the license of fetus-eating abortionist Krishna Rajanna Saturday.

In April 2004 Rajanna's was the poster abortion mill during debate over abortion clinic regulation legislation. Reported the Lawrence Journal-World:

In a police statement taken during a theft investigation at the clinic, an employee who was a suspect in the fraud told police that Rajanna had been seen putting a fetus in the microwave and stirring it in his lunch.... Lawmakers appeared to accept the allegations presented by Kline and Williams as fact and expressed disgust.

[Photo credit: Operation Rescue West. Inside are links to photos of Rajanna's abortion clinic office and frig.]

In other testimony....

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LA Times may have sealed Tiller's fate

The walls appear to be closing in on abortionist George "Tiller the Killer," owner and proprietor of Women's Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas. If so, thanks will incredibly go in part to the uber-liberal LA Times, as reported tonight by Bill O'Reilly....

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KS botcher

Tiller and wife.jpg When commenting on the FL botched abortion post yesterday, Pat L., of Bucks Co. (PA) Pro-Life Coalition, reminded us of KS abortionist Tiller the Killer's botch last week, which Operation Rescue West documented.

ORW also documented (with photos) Tiller's January killing of Anna, a 19-year-old girl from TX with Down syndrome, therefore the victim of sexual assault, which would have been covered up if not for the fact that Tiller killed her.

(The above photo of Tiller and wife Jeanne is from the 2003 Reformation Lutheran Church directory, of Wichita. The church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America denomination, which is pro-abortion, and thus a fit place for Tiller to "worship.")