Vote in AOL's Ms. Magazine poll

AOL posted a poll question yesterday that looks like it is still live. Ms. Magazine is linking to it today, urging its people to vote. Why shouldn't we?

The question is, "What do you think of Ms. magazine's listing of women who had abortions?" At the moment, 158,637 have voted, and 48% think it's a bad idea, 28% think it's a good idea, and 24% have mixed feelings.

Salon reports Ms. Magazine cried foul to AOL yesterday about the original poll wording, which was, "What do you think of Ms. magazine's naming of women who had abortions?" The pro-abortion side claims this is why they're losing on the poll. With them, words hold the ultimate power in the debate, not concepts.

The fact is, no matter how they try, the abortion lobby cannot make Americans like abortion. This is evidenced by apparent public disgust at attempts to invoke abortion pride.

Hat tip: Reader Jeff V.


Good morning Jill,

You may not remember me. I wrote to you a while back concerning a post you made about Santorum and the need for us to support him for reelection. I stated that I was an adopted child, a father of 5 and a staunch anti-abort. I have voted Republican as far back as the 2nd grade (don't worry...I wasn't in Chicago at the time and it was a MOCK election in my citizenship class...YES that's right they taught citizenship at my school in 1972.) And that I could not support Santorum because he caved to the interests of the party which demanded that the pro-abort Specter be reelected. I also stated that none of this really matters because to the people of American have not repented and either want their abortions or do not care enough to see them abolished by electing enough pro-life candidates.

Anyway...I just read your column on Cut and Run Pro-Lifers. I could not agree more with the combined comments of tz and T.B. You choice of title is just flat wrong. I had prepared my repsonse only to read t.z.'s wonderfully thought out and rendered post and decided to come at it from a different perspective.

( By the wrongly accused t.z of being an advocate of Chamberlain over Churchill...even as far as saying that it..." demonstrates your propensity for dictatorships." I request you reread his statement again for he/she says...

"Just like an earlier vote for Churchill over the pro-peace Chamberlain might have prolonged the peace in their time."

What t.z. was saying was that if Britain had gone with Churchill before the war and met Germany head on about its intentions under Hitler INSTEAD of relying on Chamberlain's view that Hitler was someone Britain should not be afraid of then the war could have been adverted or at least blunted in scope. And yet you give the pro-aborts ammunition to call you a hypocrite when just above your statement to t.z you say

"Re:the sanctity of life I would honestly prefer a GOP dictatorship, but not normally."

Now I understand what you were saying...but again this is a BAD choice of words especially in light of falsely accusing t.z. of being a supporter of dictatorships. I think an apology is due.)

Now on to my response to your Cut and Run post. There comes a time Jill...and it is different for individuals as well as take a stand which could cost you everyting...including you life. That's what the Revolutionists faced during the period of 1775-1776. They were a very small minority. Fully 2/3's of the colonies either directly supported the monarchy or were willing to compromise and work with the monarchy ad nauseum. However, a small but brave (some say foolhardy) group of influential individuals were willing to risk everything...their livelihoods, their position and status...their wealth...their families...their homes....even their lives...for freedom. They plunged the entire newborn country into a war with the only superpower of the day to the objections of most of the population. And we sit here today exercising the very first admendment written to the Consitution which was drawn up by these individuals. Yet they could have lost and would have been killed to a man. They could have listen to the pleas from their legislative friends who said " A imperfect peace with the King is better than a disasterous war. Give politics a chance!" Yet they decided to vote not for the Tories or an "imperfect peace" but for freedom...even if that meant their deaths.

George Bush betrays these men and the unborn everytime he DOESN'T step out of his house to address PUBLICALLY and IN PERSON us pro-lifers instead of sending some phone call or pre-recorded message.

Rick Santorum betrays these men and the unborn when he shows far less courage than the least brave of the Founding Fathers by supporting a PRO-ABORT in the form of Specter only for "broader good" of the GOP and not for what is right. He doesn't even have his life at stake like the Founding Fathers.

The "Pro-Life" supporting it now is shown...knew about the child sexual predator Foley for years (come on mean to tell me that NO GOPer knew ?) and what did they do....N O T H I N G !!!! Why? Because it was for the "broader good" of the GOP not to rock the boat and give the DemoComms a bat to beat them with. And it was a REPUBLICAN who leaked the story not some "VAST LEFT-WING CONSPIRACY". Granted, I am not coming to the aid of the favorite party of NAMBLA. But let's get real...real quick.

Santorum is going to lose and not even his buddy Arlen Specter can help even though Santorum torpedoed a good PRO-LIFER. Every thing that Santorum hoped to do by compromising and politicking will be but a faded memory after November. The pro-life agenda will have taken a hit...not because Santorum stood up and supported a pro-life but unwinnable candidate in Toomey but because we are all getting sick of hypocrites and more importantly....there are not enough people in Pennsylvania who give a damn enough to save unborn children. And not enough in the country. Period.

Oh...and by the misread America's disgust with abortion vis a vis the results of MS magazine's poll and campaign to bring "pride and dignity" to women who commit infacticide. Just as many Americans would find it thoroughly digusting if told the process of making sausage, they would still go down to the grocery store the next day and pick up a pack or two of Jimmy Dean for the breakfast table the next morning.

Too many Americans want their abortions and not enough are willing to do what it takes to see it end. Especially Rick Santorum. America does not need cowards at this time...for whatever cause. And we do a disservice to the country if we elect and reelect cowards. If that means the country goes to hell...well...we get the country that the majority wants or doesn't give a damn enough to defend. But for some of us...we will not be blamed for rewarding cowardice and the resulting system of "don't rock the boat" mentality that convinced Santorum of reelecting Specter who will fail to do for Santorum what Santorum did for him and for the GOP leadership who did not "out" Foley when they had the chance until it was too late in the game to stop the damage. You said that at least "Republicans ditch sexual perverts." Well...not in seems. But such are the wages of compromise.

And either way...unborn children and pages suffer.

Posted by: Danny Strickland at October 9, 2006 2:58 AM

And one more thing... it has been reported that Santorum refused Sam Brownback's help in his re-election bid. Now that speaks loudly as to Santorum's brave stance on pro-life as it doesn't get any more pro-life than Sam Brownback. Here is a man who Rick helped convert to Roman Catholicism and shares a pro-life belief being refused by Santorum in a desperate bid to not have his numbers slide any further by being linked to Brownback.

I guess Rick knows his constituency well...and a pro-life stance just will not get out the votes.

So...let's see...

Supports pro-abort Specter to help the broader GOP and enlist Specter's help in his reelection.

Denies Brownbacks help in order to bolster his numbers.

And Santorum has been stuck for nearly a year behind Casey 50%-30..give or take a few points either side.

Jill...I don't want you to think I am piling on here or am over pessimistic. As I said in my first post weeks ago...what you are doing is indeed the Lord's work by giving voice to the voiceless. And indeed we should work inside the political system and not hole ourselves off in some Christian enclave waiting for the end. However, there comes a time to be rightously indiginant if not outraged over our supposed leaders and their lack of courage...instead of shrugging our shoulders...holding our noses...and voting for the lesser of two evils.

The Bible states there comes a point when after you have done everything you can do...just stand. Not jump up and down some more...not get out the vote for XYZ candidate some more....just stand. With the implication of being quiet and letting God do his work. I am not saying that you need to give up your blog. But perhaps shift its focus from supporting the GOP, even with finger clinching the nose, and more on getting people to look inward and upward. In fact Jesus was crucified in part because he refused to be the "GOP of the day's" candidate. For he came to change men's hearts...not their givernment. He knew that without that....then nothing of the human equation would change, including human forms of government. It's all about repentence...without will not matter who is in power. We will get what we deserve.

Posted by: Danny Strickland at October 9, 2006 3:33 AM

Thanks Danny,

I finished high-school years before 1972, but your eloquent post has reminded me what is meant by bravery ... it sure isn't in Ms Magazine's article [that's akin to promoting more H-bombs because these are a type of blast that causes everyone to fear.]

Bravery is also not a large part of any culture. We live lives of fear ... we kill kids ... fearing that we will only gift the mother and her baby with more fear ... 'you are inadequate ... so we will kill' are our words. We pro-lifers fear THE law... fear the repercussions on our reputations ... so the killing goes on and on. [We even fear stopping killing babies, and very soon euthanasia will become popular - because we fear to really live.]

end of rant ... thanks for the reminder, Danny!


Posted by: John McDonell at October 9, 2006 8:56 AM

No thanks go to you. For you have summed up the dilemma succinctly...and this is where words have their most power...when written briefly and to the point. It is indeed fear that is the crux of the problem. We fear the Democrats so much that we know nothing else to do but support the Republicans even when we know they have failed us. We fear that our careers or reputations will be hindered by the birth of a child and that child is executed for our sins and for what passes in this day as freedom. Our leaders fear that people will not like them and that they will be portrayed as mean-spirited...too fundamentalist. Which is precisely why my church, the Episcopal Church, and the larger Anglican Communion is coming apart at the seams over the election of a gay bishop and for 40 plus years of ever increasing heretical teaching. Yet I do not blame the revisionists in my church as I do not blame the Democrats. They will do as we expect them to do. I blame our feckless, cowardly leaders who did nothing to stop this slide into the abyss...both from a secular and a sacred point of view.

It has never been more true than at this very moment that evil needs nothing more to triumph that for good men to do nothing.

You are so right John...we live lives of fear. Just goes to show how Un-Christ like we are as a nation. For if we are not given to a spirit of fear...especially after receiving Christ...then why do we continue to live lives of fear? Where is our conviction. Do we not give lie to our beliefs? Do our enemies not pick up on this...from the liberal Democrat, to the revisionists in our churches, even to the murderous hoarde of Mohammadans? They know we are hypocrites....the evil one knows we are...and he is urging his followers to pour it on...for we are on the run.

We are all "cut and runners" Jill....and therein lies the problem.

Posted by: Danny Strickland at October 9, 2006 10:59 PM

there is a big difference in the way AOL worded the poll, making it sound like MS. was doing it against the wishes of those named.

Posted by: abe at October 11, 2006 2:42 PM

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