Amanda Marcotte noted yesterday on RH Reality Check the face of the pro-life movement has shifted from men, to older women, to now younger women like Kristi Burns Burton, leading the CO personhood amendment movement.

This line struck me as funny:

[H]aving a bunch of post-menopausal ladies wag their finger at the young sluts these days doesn't provide that much of a tactical advantage.

But Amanda cannot deny her side is spearheaded by same.

Reality check, Amanda. It is your post-menopausals at the tactical disadvantage. How difficult it must be to try to lure the same young women they fought so hard to kill prebirth. Anyone with an ounce of sense would avoid your angry old mentor bats like death, because that's what they are....

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Virgin monologues

jonas.jpgThe March 10 issue of Us Weekly reports:

Sorry, Jonas Brothers groupies! In the March issue of Details magazine, Joe Jonas said he and his bandmates, brothers Kevin and Nick, have made "promises to ourselves and to God that we'll stay pure till marriage."

In fact, each New Jersey-bred heartthrob - their father is a minister - wears a unique purity ring: Joe, 18, sports a silver band adorned with a cross; Kevin, 20, brandishes a tiffany ring; while Nick, 15, revealed, "I got mine made at Disney World."

Are they sincere? Michelle Boros, program diretor of XM Radio's 20 on 20 (who has worked with the single singers) believes so. "Knowing them and their beliefs, it's the real deal," she tells Us....

Adds Details...

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