Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good reworks pro-abortion study

UPDATE, 10:05a: Dr. New has notified me Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good receives funding from George Soros.

CACG 2.jpg There is yet another chapter in the debate with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good re: the study it released during the fall election season claiming pro-life laws do not work, and welfare is the best way to stop abortion.

Professor Michael New's numerous studies to the contrary were the focus of the CACG study's animus, and he became the point of the spear jabbing back at CACG.

Today Dr. New reveals CACG's study results were quietly changed (after the election, of course) and an author removed.

He writes on Professor Robert George's Moral Accountability, a new website holding morally accountable that small band of Catholic and Evangelical intellectuals who promoted Barack Obama as president...

An August 2008 study released by the group Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good had Obama supporters (and some editorial boards) swooning. Analyzing state level abortion data from 1982 to 2000, it purportedly found evidence that increased spending on various welfare programs resulted in substantial reductions in state abortion rates.
The spin given to the results was that many pro-life laws, such as those requiring parental notification for abortions performed on minor girls, had little effect. So the paradoxical message to pro-life voters was that they could best advance their interests by electing pro-choice Democrats instead of pro-life Republicans.

Not surprisingly, this study had a substantial impact on the debate over sanctity of life issues during the 2008 Presidential election.... [It] gave Doug Kmiec, Nicholas Cafardi, and others intellectual legitimacy in arguing that pro-life voters should vote for liberals, even if they favor abortion-on-demand and its public funding, in order to advance the pro-life cause. At last, there was a methodologically sophisticated study which allegedly demonstrated that the welfare policies favored by Democrats were more effective in preventing abortion than the pro-life laws supported by Republicans. It seemed too good to be true.

It was. In November, with no public announcement, CACG removed this study from their website. A replacement version was uploaded shortly thereafter. The replacement version differs from its predecessor in a number of interesting ways.


First and foremost, one of the authors of the August study, Professor Michael Bailey of Georgetown University, removed his name from the November version. Joseph Wright, a Visiting Fellow at Notre Dame, is the sole author of the current study....

Continuing reading Dr. New's article here.

In related news, the former spokesperson for CACG, Eric McFadden (pictured right), was arrested January 14 in OH on 7 prostitution counts, some including a minor, according to The Columbus Dispatch.


good grief, will the father of lies never cease! As I've said before liberals will stop at NOTHING to make sure their agenda is implemented. McFadden looks like a corpulent evil man and if the charges are true lets hope he gets punished. But I'm not holding my breath -sentences for this sort of crime are notoriously light. It's usually the prostitutes that are jailed.

Thanks for the link Jill! This is one website I will definitely be placing on my reading list.

Posted by: toostunnedtolaugh at February 10, 2009 9:59 AM

"good grief, will the father of lies never cease!"

No TSTL. He will not :(

Posted by: Bobby Bambino at February 10, 2009 10:25 AM

Say it ain't so. Say it.

My pastor a simple humble pentecostal told us when he see folks that verbally reject holiness, godliness and tell the man of God that he has no authority to tell folks what to do, they are often over years men that get exposed for sexual sins. This confrontation of separation from the world is actually self justification.
Pimp and john.

adultery, fornication and abortion are portions of the same industry.

Posted by: xppc at February 10, 2009 11:43 AM

It is instructive that phony studies and those who promote them are nearly always portrayed favorably by the MSM. Just one more example of how the media has been co-opted by the abortion industry.

To find the truth one has to look beyond the front pages. The due diligence a good journalist must exercise in seeking out what is really going on is nowhere to be found among the deadline slaves of the MSM. Intellectual honesty and journalistic integrity has been replaced by agenda driven advocacy.

Posted by: Jerry at February 10, 2009 11:05 PM

"Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good", if honest, would be called "Catholics for the Election of Democrat Politicians". It's as ridiculous as that Catholics for Abortion group.

You might as well start a "Catholics for Satan" organization. It's all the same nonsense.

Posted by: John Lewandowski at February 10, 2009 11:47 PM