Group announces ad campaign against Dubuque Planned Parenthood

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One year ago Planned Parenthood opened an outlet in Dubuque, IA, despite warnings from the pro-life community it would create "an abortion pipeline to our town," according to a statement released yesterday by Dubuque Co. Right to Life, as well as provide a haven for child sexual predators and construct a firewall between parents and children.

Yesterday Dubuque Co. RTL announced Phase II of an educational campaign launched when PP opened its doors in Dubuque by near constant prayer vigils (3,000 hours logged by volunteers since last August 21) and educational talks before numerous groups.

Phase II, reported Dubuque Co. RTL Exec. Dir. Steven Brody in an email to me...

... is a huge undertaking on our part and required a serious fundraising effort....

Phase II is a year-long multi-media advertising campaign that will utilize yard signs, digital billboards, stationary billboards, newspaper, and radio. The messages will be fact based and specific to draw out PP and expose them on the truth. They will have to answer each of the messages, which are truthful and factual.

Here were 2 of the billboard messages unveiled at a press conference yesterday:

Protest Planned Parenthood Photos 002.jpg

Protest Planned Parenthood Photos 001.jpg

The signs are very well done. The tiny red hand with a heart in its palm is quite stirring. And Steve is right, there is no way for PP to get around these ads. Its only hope is to try to ignore them.

Dubuque Co. RTL has also launched a website.

This is a great way to keep the pressure on PP - simple truth telling with surprising facts about PP of which the general public is likely unaware.

Pro-lifers are showing such excellent creativity these days, with videos and signage keeping up with the times.


May God bless your efforts, Dubuque Co. RTL !!

Prayer and Truth will bring down these Temples of Human sacrifice.

Posted by: RSD at August 18, 2009 11:22 AM

We MUST keep fighting 'the good fight'!

Posted by: Pamela at August 18, 2009 2:33 PM

God bless Dubuque County Right to Life and pro-lifers at Loras College, University of Dubuque, and Clarke College.

Posted by: Janet at August 18, 2009 10:53 PM