Planned Parenthood had abortion quotas, says former director

Bryan Planned Parenthood abortion, Abby Johnson, RU-486.jpg

I previously reported that Bryan, TX, Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson quit earlier this month after seeing an abortion on ultrasound and being forced to push abortion to increase profits....

Despite PP's legal gag order, Johnson is revealing inner workings of the mill. You can see by the PP ad above (click to enlarge) that what she's saying is true. RU-486 can be dispensed any and every weekday, while surgical abortions require more work. Yet the patient cost remains the same. Abby told World Net Daily yesterday:

"There are definitely client goals,"... Johnson said. "We'd have a goal every month for abortion clients and for family planning clients."

Johnson, 29, said... the... clinic performed surgical abortions every other Saturday, but it began expanding access to abortion to increase earnings.

"One of the ways they were able to up the number of patients that they saw was they started doing the RU-486 chemical abortions all throughout the week," she said....

RU-486 chemical abortions kill the lining of the uterus, cutting off oxygen and nutrients, resulting in the death of an unborn baby. Johnson said the chemical abortion costs the same as an early first-trimester abortion: between $505 and $695 for each procedure.

She told WND the clinic was experiencing financial difficulties due to the economic downturn.

"Abortion is the most lucrative part of PP's operations," she said.... "With the family planning corporation really suffering, they depend on the abortion corporation to balance their budget, help get them out of the hole and help make income for the company."

She continued, "They really wanted to increase the number of abortions so that they could increase their income."

Now PP has retaliated against Johnson, filing a restraining order against her because the clinic fears she may leak confidential information.... The injunction temporarily prevents her from releasing information until after a hearing scheduled for Nov. 10....

PP claimed in court documents that Johnson copied private personnel files and other documents before she quit her position Oct. 6....

However, Johnson told WND, "I don't have any confidential documents, so I'm not sharing anything because I don't have anything. I have no patient information. I'd never do anything to compromise patient safety or confidentiality. For them to even make that type of statement is so offensive."...

"PP is an organization that really runs on fear. If somebody crosses them, they are quick to threaten that person. I've worked for them for a long time and seen them threaten lawsuits multiple times," she said. "I'm not sure what they're scared of. When I first got the restraining order, I was so surprised. My initial response was, what do they think I know? What are they feeling guilty about?"

Asked whether she believes PP is concerned that information about its quotas will become public, Johnson responded, "Probably, yeah. I think they're just scared of the whole thing."

She said she believes the injunction is simply a scare tactic meant to keep her quiet.

"Clearly, that kind of backfired," she said.

Johnson explained that she resigned after she saw an ultrasound-guided abortion in which an unborn baby was vacuumed out of a woman's uterus.

"Ultrasound-guided abortions are not typically done in Planned Parenthood abortion centers because they're more time-consuming, and that's just not something that centers like that do," she said. "I'd never seen one of those done before. For whatever reason, the physician had called me back to assist with the procedure. When I saw that, that was really when my heart was changed."

Johnson, who was employed at the clinic for eight years and served as a director for two years, said the issue of abortion was "unsettling" for her the whole time she worked with PP. She said she kept "pushing down the guilt" and felt spiritually unsettled.

"There's no religion and there's no spirituality in an abortion clinic. There can't be," she said. "Whatever side you are on, pro-life or pro-choice, it is what it is - and that's taking a human life."


There must be some pretty bad stuff that Planned Parenthood doesn't want to come out. As usual.

Posted by: bethany Author Profile Page at November 5, 2009 6:55 AM

Quotas? That just wrong. But then again this is Planned Parenthood we're talking about.

Posted by: Adlyn at November 5, 2009 7:31 AM

Ironically, before Fox decided to make this their propaganda story, Fox actually published an article skeptical of the story, noting that she could not produce a memo, e mail,phone message or anything at all substantiating the push for "more abortions" and wondering why someone who had seen hundreds of sonograms, which are routine, suddenly was "appalled" by one.

Then it was decided that Fox was going to push this hoax nationally. Apparently FOX discovered no one outside of their cult gives a hoot about ACORN, so they need a new "story".

Posted by: Bystander at November 5, 2009 7:33 AM

Wow, Bystander, to not give a hoot about the horrible things Acorn was doing really speaks volumes about you.

Posted by: bethany Author Profile Page at November 5, 2009 7:43 AM

(Especially when it was your hero Obama who said ACORN would "pave the way" for his administration. With the corruption ACORN was involved in, considering the 64 billion dollars Obama had earmarked for them, well, that's kind of big news if you ask me, or anyone with any kind of rational thought).

Posted by: bethany Author Profile Page at November 5, 2009 7:58 AM

to not give a hoot about the horrible things Acorn was doing really speaks volumes about you

What horrible things? Voter intimidation? Show the evidence? Corruption? Again, bring it. All I see is a $4 Million per year organization that helps elderly black people register, vote, and provide basic financial advice.

Evil, indeed.

Posted by: Dhalgren at November 5, 2009 8:20 AM

The 64 Billion number is pretty funny, bethany. So ARCON was supposed to receive triple the budget of Boston's Big Dig?

And I was incorrect about ACORN's budget. It is $100M per year. Surprisingly high (that's about the same as Lehman Brothers' technology budget in 1998).

But the claims of vote fraud have been completely discredited. Even McCain agreed. The only wingnut still saying it is Beck, and he's going to be put into a straightjacket if he keeps his pace.

Posted by: Dhalgren at November 5, 2009 8:26 AM

"Balloon Dad" screwed up by not making his hoax a "Fox exlusive". If he had, his story would have been relentlessly repeated for 3 weeks, he would have made $5 million, and all the Fox listeners would still be buying it.

Johnson is much smarter- she will never expose her story to real questions or a skeptical public or media, but do only "cupcake interviews" with Fox. It has made Sarah Palin $5 million so far, so why shouln't Johnson cash in?

Posted by: Bystander at November 5, 2009 8:32 AM

See, here's what liberals think is news: How much money Sarah Palin spends on her wardrobe. Whether Sarah and Todd are getting a divorce. Why Sarah should get a new hairdo. Tabloid stuff.

What liberals don't think is news: Sex trafficking of minors and tax evasion in an organization that the president of the united states is heavily involved in.

Posted by: bethany Author Profile Page at November 5, 2009 9:10 AM


Ok, so you hate FOX news.
What do you have to gain by calling Johnson a liar? Couldn't you give her the benefit of the doubt while the fact are still coming out?

Posted by: Janet at November 5, 2009 10:12 AM

Ms. Johnson said that ultrasound-guided abortions aren't typically done there, and that the one that changed her mind about abortion was the first one she had seen. She may have seen a routine diagnostic ultrasound before but it's a bit different when you're watching a child murdered via ultrasound instead of peacefully moving around, living, growing.

And PP knows that many things they do are unethical at best... why would they leave a paper trail? If you're going to do something wrong then any semi-intelligent criminal knows that he or she should try NOT to leave concrete evidence.

I believe Ms. Johnson's story so far, but I'm interested to see all the facts as they are revealed. Right now there is a lot of speculation regarding the situation. At any rate, I'm always thankful to see an abortion clinic employee break free of the industry. It can be difficult to do, and I am glad she was able to gather the courage to do so.

Posted by: army_wife at November 5, 2009 10:39 AM

Ms. Johnson doesn't need any evidence of wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood in order for her to be a threat. Her mere conversion is a threat.

Fence-sitters and moderate pro-aborts see her and wonder, "Why?" What can be such a big deal about seeing the ultrasound of an abortion, that she would leave a nice secure job over it? A little bit of research answers that question.

Planned Parenthood's goal with this whole thing is so transparent it's ridiculous: destroy her credibility. If she's copying files to share, she fits into the category of "crazy or extremist". If you can destroy her credibility, she's no longer a convert from the pro-abort side. She no longer could be any of their supporters. She becomes just a kook.

Well, Ms. Johnson speaks well from what I've gathered, and as a recent convert to the pro-life side, she has something else most of us lack: a connection with and understanding of the pro-abort mindset. And she's obviously doing something right, if she has the pro-aborts running scared. :)

I say, keep it up, Abby!

Posted by: MaryRose at November 5, 2009 10:56 AM

Dhalgren: "What horrible things?"

Oh, I dunno. Forcing banks to give out bad loans, leading to nationwide (or worldwide) economic crisis? Causing Nevada to have, somehow, "105%" of its citizens registered to vote? Going along with purported child prostitution?

-- but by all means, Dhalgren, be a good minion and keep parroting the facade of "helping African-Americans get registered to vote," as if that's all they do there. Nice straw argument.

Posted by: bmmg39 at November 5, 2009 11:43 AM

Bystander and Dhalgren...what evidence? Theres video evidence! But oh, wait, thats kinda like an ultrasound...if it goes against the liberal agenda then don't believe your lying eyes.'

I'm still chuckling that you could ask "What evidence?" You must be one of those nut jobs that deny the Jewish holocaust on top of denying Acorn's misdeeds and denying the humanity of the unborn child. You probably think cigarettes don't give you cancer either...what other lies do you hold onto despite massive evidence? Still believe the earth is flat?

Posted by: Sydney M. at November 5, 2009 12:41 PM

That must be why Congress voted to cut (temporarily) funds to ACORN within about five hours of the footage being show, because "no one puts much stock in" the footage. Good to know, indeed.

Posted by: bmmg39 at November 5, 2009 1:15 PM

Notice how quickly the pro-aborts show up to do damage control over this story. And of course the technique is accuse, distract, distract.

If abortion is super rad, what difference does it make if Planned Parenthood pushed for more abortions? Wouldn't making money off of a good thing be considered...a good thing?

Posted by: Janette at November 5, 2009 1:20 PM

(Sarcasm alert)

Don't you know? Abortion will be a necessary evil until poverty, racism, intolerance, prostitution, pedophilia, and global warming, over-population, starvation, etc., are erased from the face of the earth. Until then, all actions towards eradicating it are on hold. I would never have one, but I don't mind so much if my neighbor does. That's just the way it is. *sigh*

Posted by: Janet at November 5, 2009 1:36 PM

It is great that the pro-choice people are visiting the Jill Stanek blog. Some will click through to MAAFA 21, and learn about the race-selective, eugenics-oriented drive to make abortion accessible in black communities. Some will learn that there is a concept called "peripartum hospice." Some will learn that there is a discrepancy between the actual quality of life for any one peson with down Syndrome, and the supposed need to abort these fellow human beings, and learn that in the U.S., we abort about 90% of fetuses tested as positive for Down Syndrome - the tests for which have a 5% error rate, meaning a conservative 2,000 babies per year are aborted because we falsely believe they will be down Syndrome babies.
Some will learn that worldwide, including in the U.S., a leading reason to abort a fetus is because it is female - and will wonder how that is supposed to advance feminism. At 1.2 abortions per year, that is at least 600,000 females aborted per year! Just for being female! And assuming a 10% same-sex orientation, then 60,000 lesbians per year!
These visotors will learn that yes, the pro-life vanguard is largely Christian and conservative, but not all - there are democrats / liberals who are anti-choice, and there are atheists who are anti-choice.

These various topics covered here at this blog may get some of these pro-choice people to think more deeply about their views. So, everyone really needs to stay polite and respectful with these dissenting comments!

Posted by: Row1 at November 5, 2009 3:10 PM

ROW1...why do you say"anti-choice"? Are you "anti-life"?

Posted by: Sydney M. at November 5, 2009 4:25 PM

Oh please, don't feed us that baloney. She did resign October 6th and maybe they were waiting for the end of 40 days for Life campaign before they announced the news.

Oh and operationconterstrike's site is a nasty pro abortion propaganda site, calling Right to Lifers murderers and righttolifism murder.

Posted by: LizFromNebraska at November 5, 2009 6:15 PM

Now that Carrie Prejean's sex tape has come out, I guess Fox and the far right need another martyr/heroine. So now you have Ms. Johnson, who goes out and embraces the people who she claims were threatening to kill her and her family in a radio interview on 9/26/09. Gullible much?

I'm sure Fox will get to the bottom of this! LOL

Posted by: Bystander at November 5, 2009 7:17 PM

Bystander--I believe Ms. Johnson was lying about the pro-lifers as many pro-aborts do. Norma McCorvey (who was ROE in ROE V WADE) says in her book how they used to cook up outlandish accusations against pro-lifers and tell the media these stories and the media just ate it up. When Norma McCorvey asked Christ to save her and ultimately became pro-life she joined the very people she used to claim to fear.

Carol Everett who ran a successful chain of abortion mills also had a conversion and left the abortion industry and joined ranks with the very people she used to hate.

Bernard Nathanson, M.D. was a founder of NARAL and helped to bring about legalized abortion. By his own account he has aborted 60,000 babies including some that were his own babies. When he converted to Roman Catholicism he received threats from the very people he used to work beside. He took up ranks with pro-lifers.

So do I believe Ms. Johnson was in fear of her life in Sept? No, I believe it was the typical abortion-industry slop of lies. Do I believe her now? No one can see into her heart, but I tend to believe that yes, she is genuine now based on the countless workers who have left the abortion industry before her. That doesn't make me gullible at all. It means I look at the facts and take the situation into account.

Posted by: Sydney M. at November 5, 2009 7:51 PM

Sydney you have the right to believe anything you want. Just don't expect the rest of us to buy into this hoax. You can't possibly "look at the facts" unless and until Ms. Johnson faces some tough questions under oath. I believe there is a court hearing on 11/10, where she can get grilled on her fantastic tales, so she better enjoy her 15 minutes of Fox fame.

Posted by: Bystander at November 5, 2009 8:48 PM


Isn't it great, though? I mean, she was one of you! She spouted all of your favorite tripe! Not just that, she was a director at Planned Parenthood! Isn't that like your Mecca? Have to make a trip there at least once in your life, right?

And now she joins the ranks of those such as Norma McCorvey! Oh, I'll bet it itches just a little extra when one of your beloved garners such attention at conversion. Someone who actively worked to increase abortions, now exposing the truth!

They try to silence all the threats. But it's becoming too much, isn't it? There are too many to keep quiet. Too many hurt by abortion. Too many opening their eyes to the brutal truth. Too many converts to shut them all up.

But hey, try to discredit them all you want. What you don't seem to realize is, the more PP pushes, the more attention Ms. Johnson gets and the more LIFE wins!

Posted by: MaryRose at November 5, 2009 9:17 PM

Go Maryrose! :)

Posted by: bethany Author Profile Page at November 6, 2009 7:58 AM

"...don't expect the rest of us to buy into this hoax. You can't possibly "look at the facts" unless and until Ms. Johnson faces some tough questions under oath...

Posted by: Bystander at November 5, 2009 8:48 PM

Quite frankly, BS, I wouldn't care if she'd stubbed her toe and left because of unsafe office furniture arrangement. She worked on the side of death and now she's had an epiphany and is on the side of life. OF COURSE it's incomprehensible to you, we know that! Your ears are still stopped, your eyes veiled and your mind blinded to the truth of what abortion is, what it does to the woman and what it does to the child.

So you can't comprehend the transformation she's undergone and have to ridicule it or question her motives, because to accept anything else would open you to the possibility of being wrong. My sincere desire for you is that you'd have your moment of truth, too, and that it would be so overwhelming that the hackneyed pro-choice verborrhea will no longer suffice as a 'defense'.

Posted by: klynn73 at November 6, 2009 10:00 AM


I suppose I'll repeat my questions to you directly. If abortion is super rad, what difference does it make if Planned Parenthood pushed for more abortions or even had quotas? Wouldn't making money off of a good thing be considered...a good thing?

Posted by: Janette at November 6, 2009 12:58 PM