Don't let cowardly Congress members hide

Stop the Abortion Mandate, healthcare, holiday recess toolkit.png

Word on the street is pro-socialized healthcare members of Congress are avoiding their constituents while home on recess. This comes from Stop the Abortion Mandate...

After weeks and weeks of attempting to get through to their Senators and Members of Congress by phone and email during the final votes on healthcare in 2009, Stop the Abortion Mandate coalition members are now urging pro-lifers to visit district offices while their elected officials are in town for holiday recess.

STAM leaders have been receiving a deluge of messages from pro-lifers all across the country saying that they have not been able to get through on the phones to their elected officials and emails have been bouncing back.

STAM is urging pro-lifers to go to their legislators' offices and has prepared a handy dandy Holiday Recess Toolkit to help. It contains instructions on how to set up a district office meeting, questions to ask, sample letters to the editor and background on government funding of abortion in the healthcare legislation.


I already visited Alan Grayson's office twice during the summer.

He's a lost cause.

I'm done trying to convince his progressive behind to vote the way that won't destroy the USA.

So now I have the distinct pleasure of setting up "Eat and Greets" with District 8 candidates. One of them is bound to send Grayson packing.

Posted by: carder at January 5, 2010 10:24 PM