Sunday funny 1-31-10

This cartoon was posted as "Views America" at January 29 and comes via Cartoon Arts International...

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I'm perhaps not the only pro-lifer who finds poignant, obviously unintended, meaning in that cartoon. I don't know... justice? now he knows how it feels? I'm sure other pro-lifers can better articulate subliminal take-aways.

Obama and the Born Alive issue are at the forefront of my mind after reading an insightful commentary on by Ken Blackwell last night (italics his)....

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen is better than a stopped clock: He's right more than twice a day. But even as a thoughtful liberal, he bears the burden of knowing many things that are not so.

Ten years ago, he wrote a painfully honest column on Partial-Birth Abortion. He described this horrific killing procedure and said it made him shudder. He wrote powerfully that he shuddered at the people who do not shudder.

That was then. In the last election go-round, Cohen did not shrink - or shudder - at supporting Sen. Barack Obama for President. Not only did Barack Obama support Partial-Birth Abortion, as an IL state senator he was even unwilling to protect the child who survives an abortion. Richard Cohen didn't shudder; he shrugged. Cohen is no single issue man....

What did we really know about John Edwards, Cohen asks now. Well, Edwards is finished. But Barack Obama is not finished. And Cohen asks the same question:

What do we really know about him? "Let Obama be Obama," some of Cohen's liberal friends are saying. They know that he was always supposed to be their Reagan. Now, Cohen asks, what does that mean?...

I have to dispute Cohen on one point about Reagan. Whenever the call went up to "let Reagan be Reagan," it did not necessarily mean a hard right turn. Integral to the Reagan political identity was his firm pro-life stance.

The close identification of this oldest of our Presidents with the youngest of Americans gave this strong man a kinder and gentler aspect. The man who could say to dictators and terrorists: "You can run, but you can't hide," could weep unashamedly upon being told that, because of his administration's appeals, a Baby Doe on Long Island did not die.

Her parents had been advised not to let their Downs Syndrome newborn have a simple operation to clear her blocked esophagus. Because Ronald Reagan spoke, hearts were touched and lives were saved. At least on this, let Obama be Reagan. Then, none of us will have to shudder.


Thanks for reminding everyone about the heartless voting record of Obama not only on Partial Birth Abortion but on the Born Alive Infant protection act. Until I heard you speak, I never knew what live birth abortions were. I still say for such a time as this......your prominence comes as he is president...

Posted by: Maria at January 31, 2010 11:52 AM

Cohen asks rhetorically what did we really know about John Edwards. This ties in very much with what we know about abortion. In both instances the paper he works for and other MSM screeds ignore or otherwise distance themselves from controversial issues or investigating rumors of infidelity that if the truth were known may upset the leftist applecart.

The same with BHO. He is as about as far left and proabort as a person can be without actually being Margaret Sanger. But of course the enablers, one of which is Richard Cohen, even though he can't stand the idea of partial-birth abortion, nevetheless suddenly develops selective indignation or amnesia and wha-la, Obama's our guy...even though he favors sticking scissors into babies heads and sucking out their brains. But we won't let a little thing like that derail the train.

No, we will sing the accolades of this man whom we really know very little about and who is more unprepared to be president than anyone in the country's history. Because he has a really good chance we certainly do not want a moral scruple or two to trouble our conscience and the collective conscience of our readership and the left in general.

Hypocrite is too nice of a word and doesn't really cover it. But it certainly has a place in the scheme of things. Perhaps the more appropriate word is "evil".

Posted by: Jerry at January 31, 2010 1:34 PM

If my country votes mistakenly, I don't want them punished with Obama.

Posted by: Cranky Catholic at January 31, 2010 2:14 PM

Perfect, Cranky!

Posted by: Carol at January 31, 2010 9:27 PM

Conscience, are you sure you're not an anti-life person just posting here to parody pro-lifers?

Posted by: xalisae at January 31, 2010 10:51 PM

Hi Jerry,

One thing I am continuing to observe is his frightening sociopathic behavior.

The forum with the Republicans. Did you see the anger in his eyes? He displays the typical sociopathic trait of blaming everyone else for his failures. The GOP "demonized" his plan. The GOP turned voters against him. I'm the real victim. His loyal lapdogs do the same. What kind of reaction can we expect from a man who reprimands a reporter for making fun of his ears!

Earth to Obama. You had majorities in the House and Senate for a year, a year!! You had the goodwill of the American people. You had a lapdog media. The Republicans couldn't have stopped you if they tried!
The American people stopped you sir. No it is not because of our ignorance, it is not because you didn't explain, it is not because we are racist, it is not because we were organized by those demonic forces of the Right. Its because we DO NOT WANT your plan.
The failure sir is yours and yours alone.

Posted by: Mary at February 1, 2010 10:38 AM


I agree. It is frightening. More and more people are finding out that, guess what, Obama is not the Lincoln/FDR he was pumped up to be by the leftist MSM. Worse, far worse, as in the meeting with the Repubs, he threatens to take his ball home if everyone will not play by his constantly changing rules. He is playing Chicago thug politics--the worse possible preparation for the presidency because for one it is so parochial, and second because instead of the cream rising to the top it is usually the the other substance that rises.

Hey, Mr. know there is a thing called the separation of powers? Perhaps you forgot? Well, actually you didn't because you prefaced your incorrect assessment of the US Supreme Court's recent ruling with an assertion that even though there IS a separation of powers you are going to say what you want anyway. And the separation of powers did not stop you from trying to intimidate the Repubs.

Someone remarked recently this is what it must of been like in monarchies when someone suddenly faced the daunting task of ruling well before the time when he was ready.

Posted by: Jerry at February 1, 2010 7:29 PM

You've had it right all this time. Just a few days ago, a psychologist being interviewed used the term "narcissist".. The MSM is noticing finally.....what's down is up and what's up is down.... it's so bizarre.

Posted by: Janet at February 1, 2010 7:35 PM

Hi Jerry and Janet,

Thank you. With sociopath and narcissist its sort of you say "tomato" and I say "tamato". The disorders share many similar traits. Both these personality disorders have the potential to be very dangerous.

From day one the charisma, fawning crowds, and cult-like devotion of his supporters were a huge red flag for me. As I continue to observe him it only reinforces my original opinion. I certainly see narcissistic traits, but the sociopathy just seems more profound to me.

This is a man who wants absolute power and control. Can you imagine sociopaths such as Hitler or Mao tolerating any challenge to their power? Al Capone? This is the mindset of a sociopath and in my opinion the mindset of Obama.
Obama does not respect seperation of powers, they get in his way. He is forced to tolerate them. Be thankful we have them in place in this country. Watch for him to continue to push his agenda, the American people be damned. Expect him to continue lashing out and blaming his failures on others.
I remain convinced his one goal is to destroy this country and I don't expect him to have a qualm of conscience about doing it. We can only hope the American people are finally waking up.

Posted by: Mary at February 1, 2010 9:12 PM