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  • Metropolitan Medical Associates, an abortion clinic in NJ, has settled a lawsuit by paying $1.9 million to Rasheedah Dinkins. Dinkins was in a coma for three weeks along with suffering a host of other injuries after abortionist Keith Gresham botched her second-trimester abortion:
  • Newark Beth Israel filed a formal complaint with the state, saying it was concerned the abortion may have been done improperly. That led to a state inquiry of Metropolitan Medical, which performs more than 10k abortions a year....

    "We learned from the case that their volume of procedures was one factor that led to this problem," said Roseland-based lawyer Adam Slater, who represented Dinkins. "When you do too many procedures, you start to lose sight of the fact that these are all separate patients and separate procedures."

    Dinkins had "greater-than-expected bleeding, they couldn't stop it, they eventually took extraordinary measures to stop it, and then they sent her home," Slater said. "They should have sent her to Englewood Hospital, which is less than a mile away, where they would have examined her and found she had a uterine rupture. They would have treated her, and she would have been fine. But the damage from her excessive bleeding led to catastrophic injuries."

    In 2007, the state of NJ temporarily shut down Metropolitan Medical Associates, a member of the National Abortion Federation, after an inspection found dirty equipment and infection control problems. Also in 2007, two other women (besides Dinkins) came forward about injuries they suffered at MMA and at least one of them had filed a lawsuit.


  • A man in Australia with multiple sclerosis is walking again after being treated with his own stem cells:
  • Ben Leahy, 20, was diagnosed with the disease in 2008 and ended up in intensive care at one point with respiratory failure after his condition deteriorated rapidly.

    He was in a wheelchair and also had sight problems when he underwent the procedure earlier this year but today he is walking and recovering well.

  • The UK's Telegraph reports on a the success of a treatment using a breast cancer patient's own stem cells to help replace lost or damaged breast tissue:
  • For the latest study, one of the largest of its kind, a team led by Dr. Eva Weiler-Mithoff from Glasgow Royal Infirmary, gave 32 cancer patients the stem cell treatment.

    Their results, presented at a breast cancer conference this weekend in TX, show no dangers with the treatment and that the vast majority of patients were happy with the results.
    The treatment also reduced the pain that patients felt.

    Around six months after the treatment 73% of patients said that they were satisfied with the result.

  • University of Pittsburgh's student government has reversed a previous decision and will now provide funds for the campus' students for life group to attend the March for Life.

  • A married couple in PA are suing the Milton Hershey School because they were fired from being house parents after telling the school they were pregnant with their fourth child.

  • Comments:

    so nasty! The abortion clinic where Resheedah Dinkins has her abortion had red dirt and debris encrusted under the examining table. Don't the mothers SEE how dirty the clinic is when they go to these places? I just don't get it!

    There is a video on Operation Rescue showing an ambulance showing up outside an abortion clinic and while they are loading the patient up more women drive up to the clinic and get out and go inside! ARE THEY NUTS???? WHY would you go to a clinic that just sent another woman to the hospital!!! Its insane!!!!

    Posted by: Sydney M. at December 14, 2009 3:47 PM

    Dinkins was in a coma for three weeks along with suffering a host of other injuries after abortionist Keith Gresham botched her second-trimester abortion: Newark Beth Israel filed a formal complaint with the state, saying it was concerned the abortion may have been done improperly.
    Gee...ya THINK???

    Posted by: Pamela at December 14, 2009 8:45 PM

    Nerd: "Let's say scientists come up with a way to fuse the DNA of two lesbians in the same way a sperm and egg does (using two X chromosomes), and creates a fully functioning embryo. Is that wrong in any way? What's your philosophical reason why?"

    No. A human life is a human life.

    Oh wait, I forgot, I'm an "anti" and I have to hate "gays" too! Let me try again.


    I'm pro Gay-rights, Nerd. Good job working as the tolerant left. Tell me, what is it like to mindlessly assume every stereotype that is forcefed to you from liberal talking points? Does your inner monologue sound like "whooooooooosh" ?

    Sorry for the out of context. The other thread got locked or something, so I wanted someone to see how intolerant Nerd is.

    Posted by: Oliver at December 14, 2009 10:39 PM

    "The other thread got locked or something, so I wanted someone to see how intolerant Nerd is. "

    I saw it, Oliver... but then again, I was already quite well aware of that fact...

    Posted by: Bobby Bambino Author Profile Page at December 15, 2009 6:37 AM

    That clinic in New Jersey should have its licenses revoked. Rasheedah Dinkins should have had her D&E in a hospital. From the description of her lawyer, she suffered a perforated uterus and needed a historectomy (that is my guess what 'extraordinary measures' means). That's horrible. Yes, about 1 in 5000 women go in for a D&E and end up losing their uterus. But that type of procedure should have been done in a hospital, not a small clinic. It requires full anesthesia, a nurse, and a doctors assistant to perform. That 4 people in an operating room. Shut it down.

    Leave second trimester abortions to real surgeons in hospitals.

    Posted by: Dhalgren at December 15, 2009 7:28 AM

    The comments were closed on the other thread.

    Posted by: carla Author Profile Page at December 15, 2009 7:41 AM

    ...or don't legalize an unnecessary "medical procedure" which imperils one life and kills another? Or at least don't be too surprised when someone gets hurt. Just sayin'.

    Let us not forget Megan's lying about the true motivations of some women who abort and her disgraceful lack of education for someone going into the quasi-medical field of "public health":

    "So, when/if that becomes possible, would the zygote or a 10-week old fetus have the right to be removed and kept alive (either in an artificial womb or by transplantation into a surrogate mother)"

    Pro-choicers would still demand that the woman give CONSENT to have the zygote removed and gestated elsewhere, and for many women the answer would still be "no."

    This whole scenario is completely absurd. An embryo gestating in an artificial uterus? How did it get in there? Someone must have deliberately placed the embryo into the fake uterus. In other words, the parents gave their consent...just like some women consent to carry unwanted pregnancies.

    And yes, if a woman's egg (because it was frozen, or whatever) was used to create the artificially gestating embryo without her consent, I think she has the right to demand it be terminated. That's just another way of using your body parts (your egg) without consent."

    What part of the body exactly IS the "embryo"? Would you care to point it out on a diagram for my 7 year old? I've been trying to teach her parts of the body, and I can't find that organ in any textbook at all, oh learned one.

    The text I've emboldened alludes to the fact that I think some women don't really care about their "bodily autonomy" in an abortion so much as just getting a dead baby so they can live in perpetual denial of their motherhood, convincing themselves that they were never a mother at all in an attempt to go on comfortably with a comfortable (relatively, compared to motherhood) life. If they put the child up for adoption, it might somehow make its way back to them, and their illusion would be shattered, and we cannot have that, oh no. Priority #1 is to maintain their lifestyle, and small price to pay if they must kill their own child to obtain that.

    Posted by: xalisae at December 15, 2009 7:49 AM

    Meh. Go figure first post of the day is a do-over. The italicized text should've extended to "without consent", but the point still stands. Mods, if the other thread was closed because you feel we are done talking about this, my apologies. It's just that I was mid-post yesterday on the thread when it closed and I just feel as though I wasn't done yet.

    Posted by: xalisae at December 15, 2009 8:03 AM

    No apology necessary.
    Talk away about that subject. It is easier on a thread that is not hidden in the archives. :)

    Posted by: carla Author Profile Page at December 15, 2009 8:34 AM

    Oliver, I too get sooo tired of the stereotype that all prolifers "hate" gays. I have gay friends, coworkers, and family members. I try to treat everyone with dignity and respect (except for fans of the stinkin' New York Giants).

    Posted by: Phillymiss at December 15, 2009 9:31 AM