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  • Pro-choice blogger Jessica Valenti calls her unborn child "a baby" during a post about how some people can do annoying things (like touching bellies without permission) to pregnant women:
  • I am an interesting person outside of carrying this baby - I promise!

  • LA Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed pro-life legislation...
  • Women getting abortions in LA will be required to get ultrasounds, and doctors who perform elective abortions won't be covered under medical malpractice laws....

    Also signed by Jindal was a ban on coverage for elective abortions in the insurance purchasing pools set up by the federal health overhaul legislation.

  • Rebecca Taylor points out how a Presbyterian columnist, Bill Tammeus at the National Catholic Register, seems to be been completely fooled about what human cloning is and what somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) creates. He says this in an aptly named column entitled, "It's easy to be misled on stem cell research."

  • St. Lawrence.jpg

  • The Washington Post has published a personal story by Gillian St. Lawrence about how she and her and husband have used IVF to create and freeze embryos, which they may implant if they decide they want children at some point in the future. Both are fertile:
  • First, I looked online for clinics that did embryo freezing. Then I called them up and said, "I am 30 and my husband is 32, and we don't have any fertility problems, but we are wondering if your clinic would do IVF for us so we can create embryos and just freeze them; just skip the part where you transfer the fresh embryo into the uterus. We don't want to use any of them right now, but we want to save them for later."

    Some doctors seemed to think I was crazy. ("Why don't you just wait a couple years and get pregnant at 32?" one said.)....

    Our 5 frozen embryos, which we call our baby blastocysts, will remain in storage until we are ready to use them. Since study after study has indicated that the age of the uterus at the time the embryo is implanted is almost irrelevant to the success rate of achieving a healthy baby, we can wait 10 or 15 years: The chief consideration may well be how old I want to be when I'm raising a teenager.

  • At BioEdge, Michael Cook notes that George Daley, a former embryonic stem cell researcher and proponent, has focused his attention on induced pluripotent stem cells. Cook does get something wrong though - Daley didn't "immediately" stop campaigning for embryonic stem cells once iPS cells were created. Daley continued making a variety of silly claims for a while afterward.

  • Comments:

    First, Jessica. you are a killjoy. You are pro-choice. Killjoy is the perfect synonym for pro-"choice". You guys kill joy. Joy growing in women's wombs. Joy that they would have giving birth and looking into the face of their sweet babies. You guys promote that. You ARE killjoys. Please don't fear being one when you already are one.

    Secondly, when I was pregnant people touched my stomach without permission. I was a retail manager and so many customers would just rub my belly and yes it was a little weird but I don't remember getting so bent out of shape about it like pro-"choice" Jessica does. And she hates HATES talking about pregnancy and baby related things. I LOVED it! In fact I felt like I was annoying my husband and my staff and my friends because it was my favorite topic of conversation! I was fascinated by my son's development, proud of the changes my body was making to bring a new life into the world..it was all I could think of or talk about. Nothing else seemed nearly as exciting or important.

    Why don't pro-choice people in general like talking about babies and pregnancy? It doesn't seem like Jessica is the only one in her ranks who looks down her nose at the miracle of it all or seems annoyed by the whole baby-making process. I mean you have editors of parenting magazines calling breast-feeding "creepy" now. You have snarky Jessica growling at you for wishing her well and be generally interested in her growing child. What a bunch of nasty, narcissistic killjoys pro-"choice" people are. Sheesh. The simple pleasures of life are lost on them.

    Posted by: Sydney M. at July 7, 2010 2:53 PM

    Strangely enough, I've never had anyone rub my pregnant belly except my elderly grandmother. Of course, I didn't mind that!

    I have had several people comment on my pregnancies, but I think it's nice when they acknowledge that you are in the middle of a very specail time of your life. Most women only experience pregnancy one or two times. Might as well make the most if it!

    Also, I felt no need to proclaim that I was interesting apart from being pregnant. That should speak for itself. No one (other than the pro-abortion crowd) thinks that a woman instantly becomes helpless and hapless the moment the sperm hits the egg.

    Posted by: lauren at July 7, 2010 3:10 PM

    "Why don't pro-choice people in general like talking about babies and pregnancy?"

    I believe it's because most proaborts struggle with narcissm and have the need to be Center Stage.

    Posted by: Praxedes at July 7, 2010 3:23 PM

    I believe it's because most proaborts struggle with narcissm and have the need to be Center Stage.
    Posted by: Praxedes at July 7, 2010 3:23 PM

    Well, here I was, all ready to respond, and the ever-insightful Praxedes has beat me to the punch. :D

    So, I'll just say "ditto!"

    Posted by: Kel at July 7, 2010 4:35 PM

    Although I was elated by the time I started showing with both of my pregnancies, I didn't appreciate the uninvited physical contact from strangers (only 2, really). I am a "personal bubble" type of person... at least, with other adults. I grew up with lots of siblings, so I know how it works with kids, and it doesn't bother me, but having another adult touch me uninvited makes me very uncomfortable and anxious. So I can understand why Jessica might not like having her belly rubbed by strangers.

    That said, it doesn't happen as often as people seem to imply. And simply saying, "I'm sorry, but could you move your hand? I'm not really comfortable with that," generally is considered polite and acceptable. I've used that line, and my friend used it in front of me. Both times, it went over quite smoothly.

    But Jessica's implication is that everyone else sees a pregnant woman and starts brainstorming ways to offend, pry, and generally bother her. That's a little paranoid and a lot self-absorbed, IMHO.

    Sydney, I was right there with you in terms of people asking questions about the baby. I wanted to talk about EVERYTHING baby and pregnancy related! Just like now, if you ask me about my boys, I will start on a near-endless monologue about the joys and trials of raising two little guys! I can understand why she might not want to deal with charged questions like whether she plans on having a natural birth or whether she plans on breastfeeding, but in my experience, people who actively shy away from that sort of topic *usually* aren't well-educated and prefer to be ignorant.

    I don't know. It all had an aire of "Lalalala I don't hear you! I don't want to talk about this because I don't want to think about this! Lalalala my baby is only a baby because I say so!" I figure some part of her realizes that by giving all of these big questions serious consideration, and by being excited and open and conversational about pregnancy-related subjects, she is legitimizing the life of that preborn human.... And that is why she's so scared to be happy.

    Posted by: MaryRose at July 7, 2010 6:37 PM

    Jessica is an unhappy and angry person and so are her readers. And I told her so in my comment. Killing children does not solve problems; it only creates problems so devastating, they make the original "problems" look like a day at the beach.

    Posted by: Jenny at July 8, 2010 11:22 AM

    When I was pregnant with my daughter (my first and only pregnancy), I can't recall anyone touching my stomach except relatives and friends, which I didn't mind. It would be very rude for a stranger to do this.

    I can't understand how a woman can go through a pregnancy and give birth and still be pro-abortion. Sometime ago I read a piece by Rebecca Walker, daughter of the writer Alice Walker, in which she described the progress of her pregnancy. It was really moving and could have been written by a prolifer! She talked about fetal development, etc., yet this woman, like her mother, is a diehard proabort. I'm sure Ms. Valenti has felt her "blob" move and kick inside her by now. I remember I had a chance to hear my daughter's heartbeat at six months gestation. It was strong and so fast! Yet women have abortions at this stage of pregnancy and beyond. I just don't understand it.

    If Ms. Valenti reads this, I wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy and a good birthing experience.

    Posted by: phillymiss at July 8, 2010 3:01 PM

    Hey Phillymiss,

    I too cannot understand how a mother can go through a pregnancy and still remain a firm pro-abort after giving birth. Ego, pride and narcissm are probably the biggest culprits. I have an ultrasound of my 3rd child framed (I was 3 months along)and you can definitely tell it is not just a baby but is specifically him as a baby (opposed to one of his siblings). His profile was the same at birth but just a bit larger.

    Back in March a pregnant proabort (Criss writes) responded to a prolifer regarding using the word fetus over baby. Criss wrote:

    "Because that's what it is. I hope it becomes a baby, but there is no guarantee. Once it's a baby, I'll call it a baby. Maybe YOU as a pregnant mother don't/didn't/won't say "Oh, the fetus kicked," but THIS pregnant mother will."

    I just looked into whether Chriss's pride is holding tough on using the word 'baby' during pregnancy and it appears she is however she no longer uses the word 'it'. Chriss recently wrote: "Troy Emmitt has been kicking healthily"

    Troy's has a gender and a name but don't dare call him a baby! Chriss refuses to tell me what the name of the fetus she aborted was though. The child she aborted was Troy Emmitt's sibling, not an 'it'.

    I believe it's a very good thing we can't understand this way of thinking.

    Posted by: Praxedes at July 8, 2010 3:40 PM

    But Praxedes...Chriss said the word "Mother"! How can you be a mother if theres no baby?

    Even pro-aborts stumble over the semantics involved. Those darn consciences...such annoying things, always getting in the way.

    Posted by: Sydney M. at July 8, 2010 3:43 PM

    Sydney, How the heck did I miss that???

    Criss is the mother of Troy Emmitt who is unborn. Criss has admitted human females become mothers when a human is concieved. This would also make Criss the mother of Troy Emmitt's sibling who was also at one time unborn. Troy Emmitt's sibling no longer exists because his mother Criss paid an abortionist to have unborn Troy Emmitt's sibling killed.

    I think I got it now. . . .


    Posted by: Praxedes at July 8, 2010 4:55 PM

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