(Prolifer)ations 4-1-10

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by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • 2 Seconds Faster reports on new legal challenges to bills passed in the OK House. The Center for Reproductive Rights is (of course) opposed to the bills which ban sex-selection abortions, allow freedom of conscience for health care workers, and state that only physicians should be allowed to administer the chemical abortion drug RU-486....
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  • Americans United for Life has a series of posts in honor of Women's History Month. This one deals with the abortion industry's brainwashing rhetoric and with the off-label, dangerous uses of RU-486.

  • Dr. Gerard Nadal has an article on the increasing use of euthanasia by family members in order to decrease their own suffering.

  • Fr. Frank Pavone begins a series on "Why Abortion Breaks all the Commandments."
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    At AUL, Planed Parenthood says:
    “Medication abortions allow women during the first trimester of their pregnancies to complete abortions in the privacy of their homes.

    Privacy? It's not like an abortion takes place in a storefront window - and you still have to buy the pills.
    Who wouldn't like to have that kind of "at home memory" for a lifetime? Bleeding in your bed. Woo hoo. I may just check to see if my dentist will do my upcoming root canal in my favorite recliner at home.

    Posted by: Janet at April 1, 2010 3:51 PM

    let's not forget. We women have been spoon fed poison by the radical feminists for several years. Think of a poisonous snake or spider bite. What happens when a person in bit? The poison spreads. often, it leaves an ugly scar and sometimes the person dies! This relates to the abortion industry in many ways. People with severe scarring carry it for the rest of their lives. Women, especially young women, are tricked every day by the toxic abortion industry. Why is it that we are the ones who take the pills, shots, apply the spermicide, put in the neuvo ring, allow doctors to insert an IUD which may have numerous complications. Remember NorPlant? It was pulled from the market. Why do women have to take RU486...RU4[86] killing?? It has so many complications. Why do women get up on a table in a humiliating position and allow an abortionist to cut open their cervix with a knife. Then they insert a powerful suction to the inside of the womb while scraping with force. I am not saying this is the fault of men. There are very good men out there. The Pl men who devote their time to Pl causes. However, I'd say that the majority of abortionists are men. So, we women don't want to be used or abused by men, but that's what the abortionist does. An abortionist doesn't care about you. He views you as an object. He views you as a cash cow and your child as waste. If you die during/after your abortion, you're just waste too. *shrugs*....I guess that's why no women can ever explain to me how abortion empowers us.

    Posted by: heather at April 1, 2010 4:36 PM

    When was the last time you heard a guy Twitter "I bled for 5 days. The Tylenol #3 isn't even helping the pain." How many men ask a woman before sex "Are you on birth control?" Translation...I don't want to be with you after we have sex, so I don't want you to get pregnant. Also, think of how many men became wealthy off of your post abortive womb!!!!! one abortionist remarked, " After becoming an abortionist,I couldn't help but feeling like a Texan striking oil!!"

    Posted by: heather at April 1, 2010 4:47 PM

    With this bill, even without explicit federal funding for the procedure, abortion has come out of the shadows, so to speak. If it is now to be considered a legitimate medical procedure, then this opens up the specter of almost every hospital
    performing abortions, and so obviates the need to
    travel to a seedy part of town to avail oneself of this "service" at one of the abortuaries.
    Of course PP is cheering this.

    Posted by: George at April 1, 2010 8:33 PM