(Prolifer)ations 4-27-10

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by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Vital Signs draws attention to a recent American Idol controversy. The program sent viewer donations to, among others, Save the Children and the United Nations Foundation, which - unknown to most viewers - partner with the Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood....

  • Wesley Smith posts a brief transcript from Larry King's interview this week with Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane. Terri Schiavo's brother, Bobby Schindler, sent in a question to the show regarding MacFarlane's use of the term "vegetable" and its dehumanizing effect.

  • Albert Mohler reviews the recent Time article on the anniversary of the Pill.

  • Pro-Life with Christ reports on VA's amendment to eliminate Medicaid funding for abortions for "health" reasons, which could potentially save hundreds of unborn children from abortion each year.

  • Parenting Freedom links to an article detailing the relationship between hormonal contraceptives and HIV risk.

  • Live Action posts another snippet from the undercover video of a Louisville, KY abortion mill - this one featuring an employee who admits most doctors don't want to do abortions:

  • Comments:

    Thankfully most doctors listen during med school and realize that life does in fact begin at conception.

    Posted by: Peg at April 27, 2010 4:49 PM

    Anyone can look at unfpa.org and figure out that the UN's answer to a range of problems facing humanity is to simply kill children before they are born. You HAVE to recognize that these people know, on some level, that this IS their aim, but is NOT palatable to people in general, so they speak in "code." [Many of us know that already.]

    For example, "Reproductive Rights" means that you will eventually discover that a group helps provide access to abortions.

    The UN also has raised the alarm about sex-selective abortion: http://www.unfpa.org/swp/2005/english/ch7/#box29

    Note that, to avoid being honest about sex-selective abortion, they title their little paragraph "missing girls." We know where they are. They went missing because of the twin threats of sex-selective abortion, and sex-selective infanticide.

    So, the UN is talking out of both sides of its mouth: 1. abortion for any reason, and 2. selectively killing off females is not good.

    This is an in-road to incerasingly make everyday people aware of what we are beign asked to support when we support "beneficient" organizations.

    I chose to NOT support the recent "March of Dimes" local effort, despite receiving requests: MoD strives to "decrease children born with birth defects" by developing the ability of the health care system to detect genetic defects pre-birth, allowing opportunity for an abortion to occur.

    But you have to be clever, and suspicious, to track this reality down as you are delivered eloquent phrases and emotive pictures.

    Donating to Haiti for earthquake relief has been yet another challenge: health care organizations that help provide funding, or otherwise provide access, to abortion, got lots of donations. Doctors without Borders is one of the organizatiosn. Yes, 90% of teir work is awesome, and worthy of Schweitzer-type recognition. However, as is noted in murder trials, living a good life 99% of the time does not make it OK to calculatedly, with forethought, murder one person.

    Rob a bank, go to jail. Rob the whole industry, and get promoted to high position.

    kill a child go to jail. Systematically kill thousands, and get promoted to high international position.

    Posted by: Row1 at April 28, 2010 9:44 AM

    A follow-up regarding donations / charity: I am not coldhearted and stingy. Well, by my fallen nature, I guess I am. However, in my actions, I am not. I don't give to the UN, or these other abortion-promoting groups. But I do give.

    There are a lot of needs in this world. Each of us who is willing to open our mouths and spout an opinion needs to, somewhere in our lives, back up our talk with actions.

    The director of our local crisis pregancy center knows me by name, and knows that I act, not just talk. Do I give enough? No. Impossible for us humans to be that giving and self-sacrifical. Guilty. Forgiven, but guilty.

    Forgiven or not, I feel I need to be able to stand on solid ground, with my self and with God, as being a giver before I "jump up" and throw around judgments about when to give, and to whom.

    I think this is a great goal for each of us. My guess is that most commenters here are already at some awesome, above-average level of giving. If not, figure it out, and redesign you life to include a significant giving agenda. This is more important than having the right opinion.

    You can "meditate" and try to discover the "nature of God," as many self-help and guru efforts will endorse. Or try to learn the nature of God by being like him: a creator, a laborer, a giver, a provider, being forgiving, being reliable, and being an awesome family man.

    There is an old story: a couple friends are reading about someone in need who was given $5,000 anonymously, by charity. One of the friends says, "Man, I wish I was the person who was given an anonymous $5,000 out of the blue." The other friend says, "Man, I wish I was the person who gave the $5,000 to help the person in need."

    Posted by: Row1 at April 28, 2010 10:06 AM