(Prolifer)ations 7-16-10

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by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Big Blue Wave posts an excerpt from The Abortioneers mocking those women who stress over what "god" thinks of their abortions. They muse that if there were a "god," he would not care about any one woman's abortion but would instead be focused on global warming, genocide and civil wars....
  • Mommy Life has a well-documented post about Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners magazine and "self-anointed evangelical king of Social Justice." His magazine received a $200k grant in 2004 from pro-abort George Soros.

  • ProWomanProLife reports the government of Quebec will now pay for fertility treatments to increase their population. They will cover up to 3 cycles of IVF, estimated to cost $25M+ for 1 year.

  • Wesley J. Smith gives an example of the broad agenda of the euthanasia movement. In Australia, a bill seeks to define a "terminal illness" as one which would result in a patient's death within 2 years. It also affords doctors immunity from criminal and civil penalties for performing euthanasia.

  • American Papist hosts a video applauding the Catholic Health Association's help in passing Obamacare. The CHA "not once in this nearly 10-minute video discusses the abortion-funding controversy, the inadequate conscience clause protection, or the fact that their co-advocates for the legislation were groups like Planned Parenthood." Jump to 8:09 to hear Obama himself congratulate CHA:

  • Comments:

    Re The Abortioneers' post:

    Since you cannot prove without a doubt that there is NO God, you may just as logically assert that there IS a God. We are God's creation, his children. God is our loving father. What father would not care if his child was aborted?

    Do you really believe a loving father would care more about global warming than his own child? God is the perfect father. He couldn't.

    Just a suggestion - why don't you ask a person who believes in God to counsel the pregnant woman and just tell this woman that you are not a believer? If you are interested in learning how to counsel believers, you may want to find a Christian CPC and talk to one of their counselors.

    Posted by: Janet at July 16, 2010 7:00 PM

    Ya know what the abortioneer bit said to me? It said to me that pro-choicers don't care how big a deal this is to women who are having the procedure. To the woman it might be the biggest decision she has ever made, it might have broken her heart into a million pieces and it might be something she know will she will never forget. And ya know how the pro-choicers respond? By saying in essence "you're not important. Your baby is not important. Your sorrow is not important. Your agony is not important. Nothing about you or your situation is important."

    But to any post-abortive mom reading this I want to say, YOU ARE IMPORTANT. You are important to God! The very God who put the sun in the sky is the God who lovingly knit your baby together in your womb. The very God who causes the seasons to change is the God who wept when you rejected the gift of a child. The very God who sends thunder and lightening is the God who loves you and weeps with you now and longs to heal your pain. He loves you. He cares much more about you personally than the planet or the polar bears. He loves you. He sent His Son to die for YOU not for a planet.

    Posted by: Sydney M. at July 16, 2010 8:34 PM

    Atheists commenting on the attributes of God is always entertaining. Almost as fun as looking in on atheist commentaries on Bible passages.

    Posted by: psalm at July 16, 2010 8:44 PM

    That's a really good point, Sydney.

    Besides, using their logic, God wouldn't care about any death except on a large scale.

    Posted by: Marauder at July 17, 2010 7:40 AM

    Jill or mods,

    Help please.

    How does the new log-in procedure work? Is the "password" my email address? It won't take just any word as a password. If I back out twice, the log-in box goes away.

    Very good points, Sydney, psalm, marauder.

    Posted by: Janet at July 17, 2010 11:35 AM

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