Sunday funnies 7-18-10

Following are my top 5 favorite political cartoons for the week. We begin with one on our issue by Michael Ramirez at, satirizing President Obama's recess appointment of Donald Berwick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. A one-man death panel, Berwick stated last year, "The decision is not whether or not we will ration care. The decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open."...

michael ramirez larger.jpg

by Mike Lester at

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Sunday funnies 7-11-10

Only this cute political cartoon by Chan Lowe at touched on our issue last week....

cartoon 7-11 gocomics 7-10 chan lowe lebron.gif

Here were my other 4 favorites....

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Sunday funnies 6-27-10

Couldn't find any political cartoons on our issue this week, so here were my top 5 favs otherwise...

by Jack Ohman at

cartoon 6-27 jack ohman gocomics 6-26 gore solar warming.gif

by Ken Catalino at

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Sunday funnies 6-20-10

This week we saw political cartoonists on the Left as well as the Right piling on Obama. Here are my top 5 favorites, starting with 2 from Michael Ramirez at

cartoon michael ramirez shoes larger.jpg

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Sunday funnies 6-13-10

Here are my top 5 favorite political cartoons this week.

There was nothing in particular on our issue - I don't think... except this 1st one by Chan Lowe at may pertain. But I don't quite get it, because it seems to send a mixed message. Thoughts?

cartoon 6-13 chan lowe gocomics 6-9 childless couple.gif

This next one by Tom Toles at also stymied me. It appears he's ultimately blaming God for the Gulf oil spill?

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Sunday funnies 6-6-10

My top 5 favorite political cartoons this week...

I thought this 1st one, by Mike Luckovich at, was astute...

cartoon 6-6 mike luckovich gocomics 6-5 al gore's affair with mother nature.gif

We've been discussing political correctness this weekend, and I winced when viewing this next cartoon, immediately thinking of a tar baby. Perhaps I'm the only one. Or perhaps I'm not and this foreign cartoonist simply didn't realize the racist implications. Or perhaps he thought, Screw it....

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Sunday funnies 5-30-10

My Top 5 favorite political cartoons for the week...

by Steve Benson at, referring to last week's announcement that scientists had created an artificial cell...

cartoon 5-30 gocomics steve benson 5-26 first synthetic cell.gif

by Kevin Kallaugher at

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Sunday funnies 5-23-10

Couldn't find any political cartoons directly related to our issue this week, although there were many other good ones. Here are my top 5 favs...

by Mike Luckovich at

cartoon 5-23 mike luckovich gocomics 5-21 senator specter go home.gif

by Michael Ramirez at

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Sunday funnies 5-16-10

Several political cartoons this week touched on or around our issue. Here are my Top 5 picks...

by Brian Farrington at

brian farrington larger.jpg

by Gary Varvel at

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Sunday funnies 5-9-10

There were no political cartoons on our issue this week, but here are my Top Five picks otherwise...

by Mike Lester at

cartoon 5-9 mike lester larger.jpg

by Michael Ramirez at

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Sunday funnies 5-2-10

Nothing on our issue this week, but here are my Top 5 picks of political cartoons, touching on a variety of current events. Some are funny, some not so much, like this 1st one....

by Lalo Alcaraz at

cartoon 5-2 lalo alcarez gocomics 4-29 jude.gif
by Steve Kelley at

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Sunday funnies 4-25-10

by Brian Farrington at

cartoon 4-25 brian fairrington larger.jpg

by Steve Kelley at

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Sunday funny 4-18-10

Slim pickin's on our issue again this week from political cartoonists. But here's one on fiscal conservatism I thought was good, by Gary Varvel at I checked, and Thomas Jefferson indeed made all these statements....

cartoon 4-18 gary varvel gocomics 4-13 founding father advice.gif

Sunday funnies 4-11-10

Slim pickin's this week, but here were 2 good Tea Party cartoons.

by Eric Allie at

cartoon eric allie larger.jpg

by Larry Wright at

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The graphic photo that silenced a pro-abort

I reported yesterday on the uproar created among congregants at a self-identified pro-life church when pro-life activists protested there this past Sunday, holding signs with graphic photos of aborted babies.

Well, sometimes a graphic photo can have the opposite impact, as I discovered last week.

Backstory: During the 2008 presidential election season I posted several political cartoons that spotlighted Barack Obama's opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act as state senator, including this one (click to enlarge)....

jls post obama abortion survivors.png

Note for future reference I never wrote "LOL" about the photo, nor did any commenters as far as I can tell.

Ok, so I got this email out of the blue on March 29 (click all emails to enlarge)...

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Sunday funnies 3-28-10

My top 5 picks for best political cartoons the week....

This first one, by Kevin Kallaugher at, would be our heartbreaking equivalent of the "Dewey defeats Truman" newspaper headline. It was published the morning after House Democrat pro-lifers caved, clearing the way for a pro-abortion healthcare bill to become law...

cartoon 3-28 kevin kallaugher gocomics 3-23 abortion coverage stopped.gif

This next one, by Glenn Foden at, is pretty mean... but deserved?

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Sunday funny 3-21-10

No matter what he may now say or sign, this is Barack Obama's ultimate plan to "fundamentally transform America" via publicly funded abortion in healthcare, by Glenn McCoy at

cartoon 3-21 glenn mccoy gocomics 3-17 up or down vote.gif

Referring back to July 17, 2007, when a more candid Barack Obama pitched his dream for abortion in healthcare at a Planned Parenthood fundraising event....

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Sunday funnies 3-14-10

It was hard, but here are my top 5 picks for the week.

First, this cartoon by Michael Ramirez at is attracting lots of attention, good and bad...

cartoon 3-14, michael ramirez larger.jpg

... although it's not so different than this one, by Chan Lowe at, the point being Obama is asking Democrats who vote for socialized healthcare to commit political suicide for the cause, him...

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Sunday funnies 3-7-10

My top 5 favorites for the week...

by Ken Catalino at

cartoon 3-7, ken catalino gocomics 3-3 pelosi sacrifices.gif

by Michael Ramirez at (click to enlarge)...

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Sunday funnies 2-28-10

My 2 favorite political cartoonists ruled the roast roost this week....

by Glenn McCoy at

cartoon 2-28, glenn mccoy gocomics 2-24 stone stopped moving.gif

by Glenn McCoy at

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Sunday funny 2-21-10

This one deserves to stand alone, by Michael Ramirez at (click to enlarge)...

cartoon 2-21, michael ramirez larger.jpg

Sunday funny 2-14-10

Here's a liberal take on the Super Bowl pro-life ad flak....

by Joel Pett of
cartoon 2-14 joel pett gocomics 2-18 abort gays.gif

The funniest part of this cartoon is pro-lifers would fight for just the opposite were there actually a gay gene discovered. In fact, we've proposed such legislation - to the consternation and rebuff of liberals.

Sunday funnies 2-7-10

UPDATE, 6:06p: "Casket" made it into the top 3! Just aired. The 2 other top finalists were "Underdog" and "House Rules." Congrats, Mosaic!

8:31a: Tim Tebow's pro-life ad may not be the only one riling secular liberals during today's Super Bowl. We may also see an ad made by Mosaic Church in Pasadena, CA. It'll be for Doritos, and it won't be overtly Christian, but still - yet another sign Christians are daring to engage in pop culture, oh no!

Last autumn Doritos sponsored a Super Bowl ad contest, and by popular vote the Mosaic Church's "Casket" ad is now 1 of 6 finalists.

All 6 have already won $25k. But the top 3 vote getters, which are being kept secret, will air during the game today. And they each have a chance to win $1 million, $600k, or $400k, if ranked the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd most popular Super Bowl ad according to USA Today's Ad Meter.

Many members of Mosaic work in the film industry, and the church entered the Doritos contest to show Christians - shock - can be funny and relevant. Here's "Casket":

And here are the other 5 competing ads. Which are your top 3 favorites? Mine are, in order, "Kids these days," "Casket," and "House Rules."...

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Sunday funny 1-31-10

This cartoon was posted as "Views America" at January 29 and comes via Cartoon Arts International...

cartoon 1-31 viewsamerica gocomics 1-29 umbilical cord cut.gif

I'm perhaps not the only pro-lifer who finds poignant, obviously unintended, meaning in that cartoon. I don't know... justice? now he knows how it feels? I'm sure other pro-lifers can better articulate subliminal take-aways.

Obama and the Born Alive issue are at the forefront of my mind after reading an insightful commentary on by Ken Blackwell last night (italics his)....

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Sunday funnies 1-24-10

Wow, I think I set a personal record, gleaning 28 political cartoons from this week's pile that I thought were pretty good. So like last week I'll confine myself today to posting my top 5 favorites.

This first one wins the "Ewww" award, by Lisa Benson of

cartoon 1-24, lisa benson, gocomics 1-21 oakley sank obama care.gif

by Mike Luckovich at

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Sunday funnies 1-17-10

A little all over the map, my top 5 for the week...

by Eric Allie at, the more I looked at this one the funnier it got...

eric allie.jpg

by Dan Wasserman at

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Sunday funnies 1-10-10

Apparently political cartoonists didn't have time to draw on our issue this week because they were too busy playing Connect the Dots...

by Clay Bennett at Universal Press Syndicate...

cartoon 1-9 bennett jan 3-9 universal press syndicate connect dots.gif

by Stuart Carlson at

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Sunday funnies 1-3-10

Most political cartoonists this week aimed at President Obama and the Dept. of Homeland Security's miss of the Underwear Bomber. But here was a good one on the Life issue, by David Horsey at

cartoon 1-3 david horsey gocomics 12-30 another waste of stem cells.gif

And here are 6 on various and sundry other 2009 issues...

by Chip Bok at

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Ben Nelson, The Joker?

Pretty harsh. Do you think it's deserved?

ben nelson the joker.jpg

[HT: moderator Carder]

Sunday funnies 12-27-09

Sell-out Senator Ben Nelson was the well-deserved brunt of multiple political cartoons this week...

by Michael Ramirez at

cartoon michael ramirez larger.gif

by Chip Bok at

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Sunday funnies 12-20-09

by Ken Catalino at

cartoon 12-20 ken catalino 12-17 careful he'll shoot your eye out.gif

by Lisa Benson at

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Sunday funnies 12-13-09

by Chuck Asay at

cartoon 12-3 chuck asay gocomics 12-12 abortion top threat.gif

by Steve Breen at

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Sunday funnies 12-6-09

Most political cartoon commentary this week focused on Tiger Woods, Obama's decision to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan (which liberals skewered), or ClimateGate. [UPDATE, 10:45p: There was more to the Woods cartoon than I realized, so I'm removing it. I'm sorry if it offended anyone.]

Read this good commentary on ClimateGate. Not that the exposure of fraud matters to hardcore ideologues, as illustrated by these 2 sketches, the 1st by a conservative, the 2nd by a liberal...

by Eric Allie at

eric allie larger.jpg

by Steve Sack at

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Sunday funnies 11-29-09

Ok, friends, as the Thanksgiving holiday draws to a close, it's time to reorient ourselves to the healthcare debate. To help get your blood boiling, here's a particularly nasty political cartoon from the other side...

by Lalo Alcaraz at

cartoon lalo alcaraz 11-25 gocomics republican healthcare plan smallpox.gif

and this one's just gross, by Signe Wilkinson at

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Sunday funnies 11-22-09

First, the best pro-life political cartoon of the week, via our friend Valerie Jane at, by Toby Toons...

cartoon 11-22 toby dial religious extremists.jpg

Next, many cartoonists had something to say about the Dept. of Health and Human Services recommendation this week to scale back mammograms. For example, by John Deering at

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Sunday funnies 11-15-09

UPDATE, 11:55a: Here's one more pro-life cartoon. I wasn't sure where the writer was going but checked with a friend at NRLC who explained, "The cartoonist means that Obama thinks we are a bunch of turkeys, and he means to cut our throats." Ah, ok, got it.

by Chuck Asay at

cartoon 11-15 chuck asay gocomics 11-13 nrlc place at the table.gif

7:31a: I thought last Sunday we would see a lot of political cartoons springing from passage of the Stupak/Pitts pro-life amendment to the House healthcare bill. And so it was.

First, the pro-life view...

by Chip Bok at

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Janet Napolitano's priorities

This can't wait until Sunday, by Rick McKee at the Augusta Chronicle...

rick mckee, janet napolitano, 4.jpg

From the Associated Press, November 8, following is the Obama administration's focus following the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood. I'm sure had the shooter been a deranged pro-lifer Napolitano would be working with pro-life groups to protect our community from backlash. I'm sure....

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Sunday funny

I'll be interested to see the political cartoons emanating from last night's House passage of a healthcare bill... with a pro-life amendment. But it's too soon for them. As the parental notification issue once again makes the news, this cartoon by Glenn McCoy at is relevant...

cartoon 11-8 glenn mccoy.gif

Sunday funnies

This doesn't have anything to do with our topic, but I thought it was the funniest cartoon of the week, by Chip Bok at

cartoon 11-1 Chip Bok gocomics 10-31 help i'm drowning.gif

Now, with reporting, "Fox News' ratings... climbing... and... at or near the levels for October 2008 while both CNN and MSNBC are down 50% plus from their October 2008 levels," come these germane cartoons...

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Sunday funnies

Just in time for Halloween, here are some trick-or-treats from a mixed bag of liberal and conservative political cartoonists...

by Glenn Foden at

cartoon 10-25 glenn foden 10-19 government larger.jpg

by Don Wright at

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Sunday funnies

The axing of Rush Limbaugh as one of the investors purchasing the St. Louis Rams is certainly not funny. It has serious ramifications as another hypocritical but effective liberal attempt to marginalize conservatives for our beliefs. Wrote sports columnist David Moulton at

[I]t's the hypocrisy that burns me. We've got players in this league who allegedly have killed people and others who have been accused of obstructing while others did the killing. We've got members of the media covering this league who have called the President of the United States "a fascist."...

rush fergie.jpg

The Miami Dolphins new owner, Stephen Ross, may bring on board as a minority owner the singer Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Fergie has a solo song called London Bridge. In it the S word is used 2 dozen times, the F word is used a handful and the lyrics are at times sexually explicit. The song ends with Fergie saying ...

Shi**in on the world. F*** you bit**es.

And Rush Limbaugh can't be a small part of this league?

by Dana Summers at

cartoon 10-18 dana summers gocomics 10-17 rush isnt the kind of person we want involved in nfl.gif

Added Jarrett Skorup at the Washington Examiner:

But maybe the NFL is right; maybe they just want to avoid people who make controversial statements.

Uh...except when they don't.

Apparently, liberal talk show host Keith Olbermann isn't too controversial for them: He does NBC's Football Night in America. A guy not shy to controversy.

Oh, and what about the new partial-owner of the Miami Dolphins? That would be Stacy Ferguson, better known as "Fergie" of the Black Eyed Peas. She was voted in on Tuesday without a single peep of opposition. Controversy? Divisive? Try:

"I have had lesbian experiences in the past. I won't say how many men I've had sex with - but I am a very sexual person."


"A war is goin' on but the reasons undercover. "The truth is kept secret, it's swept under the rug."

or even in song

I'ma get get get get you drunk. Get you love drunk off my hump. My hump my hump my hump my hump my hump My hump my hump my hump my lovely little lumps

Nope, not a whiff of controversy in there at all.

"We're held to a higher standard here," Commissioner Roger Goddell said.


by Glenn Foden at

cartoon 10-18 glenn foden left media explains why rush shouldnt own.jpg

Wrote Rush himself in an October 16 Wall Street Journal op ed:

Not to be outdone, Jesse Jackson, whose history includes anti-Semitic speech (in 1984 he referred to Jews as "Hymies" and to NYC as "Hymietown" in a Washington Post interview) chimed in. He found me unfit to be associated with the NFL. I was too divisive and worse. I was accused of once supporting slavery and having praised Martin Luther King Jr.'s murderer, James Earl Ray....

rush ap.jpg

Numerous sportswriters, CNN, MSNBC, among others, falsely attributed to me statements I had never made. Their sources, as best I can tell, were Wikipedia and each other. But the Wikipedia post was based on a fabrication printed in a book that also lacked any citation to an actual source.

I never said I supported slavery and I never praised James Earl Ray. How sick would that be? Just as sick as those who would use such outrageous slanders against me or anyone else who never even thought such things....

[T]his spectacle is bigger than I am on several levels. There is a contempt in the news business, including the sportswriter community, for conservatives that reflects the blind hatred espoused by Messrs. Sharpton and Jackson. "Racism" is too often their sledgehammer. And it is being used to try to keep citizens who don't share the left's agenda from participating in the full array of opportunities this nation otherwise affords each of us. It was on display many years ago in an effort to smear Clarence Thomas with racist stereotypes and keep him off the Supreme Court. More recently, it was employed against patriotic citizens who attended town-hall meetings and tea-party protests.

These intimidation tactics are working and spreading, and they are a cancer on our society.

Yes, here's some of that cancer, from liberal political cartoonists this week.

by Lalo Alcaraz of

cartoon 10-18 lalo alcaraz.gif

by Steve Benson of

cartoon 10-18 steve benson.gif

[Photos of Rush via the AP; photo of Fergie via Getty]

Sunday funnies

Letterman and Obama garnered much attention by political cartoonists this week....

First Obama...

by Tom Coles of GoComics...

cartoon 10-11 tom toles 10-11 gocomics hope obama wins good race.gif

and by Chip Bok of, what many news pundits have been speculating... kiss the surge good-bye?

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Sunday funnies

This week liberals suffered 4 embarrassments via Alan Grayson, David Letterman, the Obamas, and Roman Polanski. Cartoonists on both sides of the political spectrum scribbled their take in rare agreement...

Gary Varvel at, on Grayson...

cartoon 10-4 gary varvel 10-2 neanderthal larger.gif

Jeff Danziger at, on Letterman...

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Sunday funnies

Here's a smattering of good political satire this week...

by Chip Bok at

cartoon 9-27 chip bok 9-24 glenn beck nancy larger.gif

Replay of crying Nancy...

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Sunday funnies

Lots of good political cartoons week on both ACORN and healthcare.

First, on the liberal media ignoring the ACORN story...

by Eric Allie at

cartoon 9-20 eric allie 9-15 today larger.jpg

And by Glenn McCoy at

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Sunday funnies

Point, by Jerry Holbert of

cartoon 9-13 jerry holbert 9-11 largest.gif

Counterpoint, by Nick Anderson of

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Sunday funnies

by Lisa Benson of

cartoon 9-4 lisa benson 9-4 the stimulus is working.jpg

by Glenn McCoy of

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Sunday funnies

Many clever political cartoons related to our issues this week...

by Henry Payne of

cartoon 8-30 henry payne 8-28 please call it kennedy care.jpg

by Gary Varvel of

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Sunday funnies

Lots of good political satire in the form of cartoons again this week. Have whittled my favorites down to 3, in descending order...

by Eric Allie of

cartoon 8-23 eric allie 8-19 larger.gif

by Nate Beeler of

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Sunday funnies

The political cartoon commentaries this week were great! The 1st is my favorite. Which is yours?

by Steve Kelley of

cartoon 8-16 steve kelley larger color.jpg

by Eric Allie of

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Sunday funnies

It's Lisa Benson Day, for nailing it a couple times this week...

by Lisa Benson of

cartoon 8-9 lisa benson larger out of control mob.gif

by Lisa Benson of

cartoon 8-9 lisa benson 8-7 end of life counseling.jpg

Sunday funnies

There were several good political cartoons this week. None were specifically on our issue, although Blue Dog cartoons, which along with Beer/Obama cartoons predominated, were related. But first, a few wild cards...

by Chip Bok of

cartoon 8-2 chip bok largest.jpg

by Dana Summers of

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Sunday funnies

First, for backdrop, read Ann Coulter's column this week.

Republicans danced between grilling Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor during confirmation hearings last week and ingratiating themselves to her. I appreciated their attempts to spotlight Sotomayor (and Obama's) radical pro-abortion positions....

by Pat Oliphant of

cartoon 7-19 pat oliphant mycomics 7-15 love soto love her not.gif

But ultimately, although Sotomayor at the very least contradicted herself on the abortion issue and at worst perjured herself, Republicans caved....

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Sunday funny

No political cartoons on our issues this week, but this one made me laugh, by Henry Payne of

cartoon 7-12 henry payne bigger.jpg

Sunday funnies 7-5-09

There were no cartoons specifically on our issue this week, but there were several on other subjects I thought were particularly witty, astute, or funny. It was hard to pick a favorite, but these 2 topped my list...

by Ted Rall of

cartoon 7-5 ted rall 6-29 gocomics all purpose obamatoon.gif

by Nick Anderson of

cartoon 7-5 nick anderson 7-3 gocomics dems vetroproof no excuses.gif

See more contenders on page 2...

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Sunday funnies

Political cartoonists touched on many aspects of the pro-life issue this week.

First, the Left continued to overplay its hand on the George Tiller murder. By Steve Sack of

cartoon 6-21 steve sack 6-16 gocomics right wing haters shoot.gif

Next, the Obama/PETA fly sp(l)at got some good buzz. (See my post on this here.) By Dana Summers of

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Sunday funnies

by Henry Payne of

cartoon 6-14 henry payne larger.jpg

On a related topic - for a Sunday - by Eric Allie of

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Sunday funnies

Gary McCoy of MSNBC provides the proper context to view the May 31 murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller...

cartoon 6-7 Gary McCoy larger.jpg

As expected, there was no shortage of pro-abortion political cartoons linking the murder to anything from pro-life "hate speech," to religious fanaticism, to terrorism, to hypocrisy, and to the movement itself.

For example, it couldn't get any more pointed than this, by Don Wright of

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Sunday funny

by Lisa Benson of

cartoon 6-1 lisa benson 5-29 sotomayor hopscotch.jpg

I think Benson has it right. While Sonia Sotomayor's position on abortion is getting the most press, I think ultimately her opposition to gun rights may prompt the greatest pressure for moderate Republicans and Democrats to oppose her by Second Amendment groups like the NRA.

Sunday funny

by Glenn McCoy of

cartoon 5-24 large glenn mccoy.gif

Also read "Obama's Roe Problem" in, May 23.

[HT for cartoon: proofreader Angela]

Bristol Palin mocked for abstinence stance

This cartoon by Signe Wilkinson was posted in the Nashville Tennessean on Mother's Day:


Bristol Palin recently became an ambassador and spokesperson for the Candie's Foundation, as reported in a recent (Prolifer)ations.

As someone who had a child out of wedlock, Bristol is being mercilessly mocked for speaking out in behalf of abstinence....

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Sunday funny

No political cartoons on our issue this week, but there was a particularly funny incident involving White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' interpretation of VP Joe Biden's panicked advice on The Today Show to avoid "confined spaces" in light of the potential Swine Flu pandemic, ticking off examples of airplanes, cars, classrooms, and subway trains.

by Mike Luckovich of the Atlantic Journal Constitution...

cartoon 5-3 mike luckovich 5-2 my comics - robert gibbs interpretatio of joe biden.gif

Now here is what Biden said, followed by Gibbs' interpretation, which got a calling out from the reporter asking about it and a guffaw from the press core...

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Sunday funnies

No cartoons of any substance on our issue this week, but here were a few others I thought were clever...

by Dan Wasserman of The Boston Globe...

cartoon 4-26 dan wasserman kerry twitter.gif

by Jim Morin of The New York Times...

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Sunday funny

Sorry this is late. (If you were my Facebook or Twitter friend, you'd know what I've been up to this weekend!)

This is so true! By Glenn Foden on

cartoon 4-19 glenn foden bigger.jpg

Sunday funnies

by Glenn McCoy of

cartoon 4-6 glenn mccoy hunchback larger.gif

[HT: reader WMO]

And this one just for laughs, by Glenn Foden at

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Sunday funnies

Glenn Foden at

cartoon 3-29 glenn foden larger.jpg

Gary McCoy on MSNBC...

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Sunday funny

by Peter Brookes of Times Online...

cartoon 3-22-09 peter brookes bowling ball.jpg

Read background info to this post here and here.

[HT: Facebook friend Rick Moore via proofreader Angela]

Sunday funnies

by Gary Varvel of

cartoon 3-15 gary varvel pba no escr.gif

by Gary Varvel of

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20 years from yesterday

embryo growth.jpg

Courtesy of

Sunday funnies

by Lisa Benson of Slate, this cartoon is painful, really, when realizing real people in real wheelchairs will be sacrificed if universal health care prevails. (Actually, they already are as pro-euthanasia/pro-suicide thinking takes hold in America.) And, of course, there are also the babies...

cartoon 3-8 lisa benson.gif

by Glenn Foden of, this cartoon points out liberal hypocrisy, because Octomom is one entity they do not want to help, although she is no different than people who purchased homes they couldn't afford...

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Sunday funny

by Gary Varvel at

cartoon gary varvel.gif

... an example that being anti-life encompasses a whole lot more than just being pro-abortion. It's a narcissistic state of mind.

Sunday funnies

by Steve Kelley on MSNBC...

cartoon steve kelley.gif

by Steve Breen on

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Sunday funny

by Eric Allie on, this cartoon aptly describes how I feel about comparisons Obama et al make between Lincoln, emancipator of the oppressed, and himself, killer of the oppressed...

cartoon Eric Allie bigger.jpg

See runners up on page 2.

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Sunday funnies

Today's Sunday funnies are actually going to be funny, not political cartoons with zing but just cute.

First up is the hysterical "I love Jesus but I drink a little" video - Ellen speaking on the phone with 88-year-old Gladys from TX:

Next up is the equally hysterical "Tithe rap" video (that can be watched in HD by clicking under lower right corner of video here), new spin on an old teaching...

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Sunday funnies

No political cartoons on our issue this week. This one by Glenn McCoy came closest...

cartoon 1-4 glenn mccoy 1-2 blowing up women and children.jpg

And in anticipation of the liberal response, by Chuck Asay...

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Sunday funny

By Dana Summers at

dana summers 2.gif

Sunday funnies

by Gary Varvel at

cartoon 12-13 gary varvel pp christmas gifts.jpg

by Lisa Benson at

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Sunday funnies

UPDATE, 10:20a: Forgot to mention Daena and I saw Twilight last night and really liked it. I gave it 3-1/2 stars; she gave it 4. Buying the book today.

No political cartoons on our issue this week, but here were a couple on other topics that caught my eye...

by Nate Beeler on

cartoon 12-7 nate beeler 12-5 stinky.jpg

by Lisa Benson on

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Sunday funny

by David Horsey, a liberal political cartoonist who has an odd way of trying to make "puritanical" beliefs look bad...

cartoon 11-30 david horsey.gif

Sunday funny

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

by Jerry Holbert on

cartoon 11-22 bill naked jerry holbert 11-20.jpg

by Nate Beeler on

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Sunday funny

by MSM political cartoonist Joel Pett in the Lexington Herald-Leader...

cartoon 11-15 pett.jpg

This continued spin that Obama is not as bad on abortion as he really is will be spin we can turn back on all of them, including Obama's "religious" supporters like Doug Kmiec, when Obama tries to enact the radical pro-abortion policies he has promised the abortion industry he will.

Sunday funny

This week many political cartoonists lampooned MSM for its election coverage bias. The following by Eric Allie epitomizes everything over the long haul...

cartoon 11-9 eric allie 11-5 bush wins obama wins.jpg

More funnies

Got these late comers for the Sunday funny segment...

Moderator Jasper found this one from back in August on the Ryskind Sketchbook...


And by John Borra...

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Sunday funny

by Glenn Foden of

cartoon 11-2.jpg

Happy Halloween

Great minds think alike. The top cartoon is by Gary McCoy, the bottom by younger brother Glenn...

cartoon 10-31.jpg

cartoon 10-31 2.jpg

[HT top cartoon: Daena]

Sunday funny

Two good cartoons this week by Chuck Asay of

cartoon 10-26 chuck asay.gif

cartoon 10-26 chuck asay 2.gif

Sunday funny

By Chuck Asay of, note the NARAL Grim Reaper in the lower left corner, walking with the Supreme Court's Ruth Bader Ginsburg (good eye, Chris!). Only missing is Grim Reaper II, Planned Parenthood. Click to enlarge...

cartoon 10-19 chuck asay bigger.gif

Sunday funny

By Wayne Staskal in

cartoon 10-5.jpg

Backdrop, by United Press International, September 27...

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Sunday funny

First, don't forget to pray for pastors across America who are participating in the Alliance Defense Fund's Pulpit Freedom Sunday today, which I wrote about previously here and here.

adf logo 2.jpgThis is a long-planned project by ADF for pastors in a coordinated effort on September 28, 2008, to defy the IRS's gag rule dating back to 1954 disallowing them and churches from taking political stands. At least 50 pastors across the nation are purposefully doing just that today from the pulpit, such as endorsing a political candidate. All pastors will submit transcripts and video/audiotapes of their sermons to the IRS. The hope is to invoke action by the IRS, get this into court, and overturn this 54 year old First Amendment violation. Go pastors! See ADF video on the constitutional foundation for this project here.

Moving on, the political cartoons this week continued to focus on the Wall Street bailout, so I found none on our issue. But here was one about the aforementioned by Nate Beeler at that made me laugh...

cartoon 9-21 nate beeler sarah field and dress.jpg

Sunday funnies

Most political cartoonists this week focused on Wall Street woes.

But here's one by Gary Varvel that encapsulates what will come to be known as the Wild West "news" reporting of the 2008 presidential campaign - gossip and rumors that careless, lazy, or unscrupulous bloggers post that careless, lazy, or unscrupulous journalists broadcast...

cartoon 9-21 gary valvel wild west of news.gif

Here's another one I like, by Chuck Asay. It is not only the presidential campaign that Sarah Palin's entrance onto the scene is impacting...

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Sunday funny

by John Cole at

cartoon 9-13 john cole i love the smell.jpg

Sunday funnies

This week liberal bloggers, feminists, and MSM made fools of themselves with their hypocritical and misogynist digs at Sarah and Bristol Palin. Conservative political cartoonists picked up on them. See more on page 2, all all courtesy of, on page 2. Vote for your favorite.

by John Cole...

cartoon 9-4 john cole.jpg

by Chip Bok...

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Sunday funnies

by Gary Varvel...

cartoon 8-30 Gary Varvel 8-29.jpg

by Bob Gorrell...

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Hope and the soiled utility room

Here's another political cartoon that can't wait until Sunday to post, by Eric Allie, courtesy of

cartoon 8-26 hope in the utility room.jpg

[HT: reader S. O'Brien]

Sunday funnies

I showed this one earlier in the week but have to repost. It's another classic by my favorite political cartoonist, Glenn McCoy:

cartoon obama no survivors.gif

Here are a couple other good ones....

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Obama: No survivors

This one can't wait until Sunday, by my favorite political cartoonist Glenn McCoy:

cartoon obama no survivors.gif

[HT: Troy Newman of Operation Rescue]

Sunday funny

Here's an example of a political cartoonist either ignoring or being ignorant of the human rights elephant in the room, China's forced one-child-per-couple policy, which includes forced abortions.

By Clay Jones...

cartoon 8-10 clay jones larger.gif

Sunday funnies

by Chuck Asay...

cartoon 7-29b chuck asay.gif

by Eric Allie...

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Sunday funny

By Glenn McCoy...

cartoon 7-27.jpg

I've resisted posting on this all week but can no longer. On July 22 the National Enquirer followed up on a story it published late last year about John Edwards allegedly fathering an illegitimate baby....

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Sunday funnies

With all the hoopla this week on media satire and bias, it's not surprising political cartoonists took aim at their own, with no ink left for our issue.

I'm posting what I thought were the funniest on those 2 topics, throwing in a bonus I'm connecting to this thread under the label, "media gaffe," as in unintentionally whispering into a hot mic.

By Glenn McCoy...

cartoon 7-17 glenn mccoy mycomicspage.gif

by Michael Ramirez...

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Sunday funny

by Larry Wright...

cartoon 7-9 by larry wright kevorkian.jpg

Sunday funny

by Chuck Asay...

cartoon 7-6 7-1.jpg

Sunday funny

In response to's "Not Alex" ad comes this political cartoon by Chip Bok of

cartoon 4 6-29 from 6-24.jpg

Here's that ad, in case you missed it:

I wonder if Bok anticipated people like me interpreting his work as I have....

Sunday funny

by Glenn McCoy, June 20:

comic 6-22 4.jpg

Sunday funny

by Ben Sargent...

cartoon 6-7.gif

Sunday funny

by Gary McCoy, May 29...

cartoon 6-1.gif

Sunday funny

No political cartoons on our topic again this week, but here's another funny...

by Chip Bok...
cartoon 5-25.gif

Sunday funnies

This week political cartoonists were too busy with other topics to wax on ours. So here are a couple off-topic funnies that cracked me up...

by Signe Wilkinson...
cartoon 5-10.gif

by Glenn McCoy...

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Sunday funnies

MSM political cartoons often reveal ideological hypocrisy from 1 to the next.

This week's offer many examples, but I'll focus on just 1 left-brained schizophrenic split.

The 1st cartoon notes how MSM (correctly yet gleefully) portrays the TX FDLS polygamist sect as raping underage girls in the name of God.

by Nick Anderson for the Houston Chronicle...

cartoon 4-29b.gif

Compare that to cartoons 2 and 3, which turn a blind eye to a KS Planned Parenthood abortion mill that has been alleged to cover up rapes of underage girls by aborting them without reporting the abuse to authorities.

The Kansas City Star cartoonist goes so far as to portray PP as doing the work of God with KS DA Phill Kline as a Draconian-Frankensteinian figure after it, and then portrays Kline as Hannibal Lecter being restrained by the rule of law...

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Sunday funny

by Chuck Asay for MSNBC (click to enlarge)...

cartoon 4-27 2.gif

Sunday funny

by John Deering for MSNBC and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette...
cartoon 4- 20 larger.gif

I've also decided Glenn McCoy is my favorite political cartoonist. As I peruse the funnies each week for this post, I'm always drawn to his as either very funny or very baaad. I'd likely post McCoy every Sunday but choose others for diversity's sake. See 2 of McCoy's zingers this week on page 2.

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Sunday funny

Syndicated cartoonist Glenn McCoy, courtesy of

funny 2 4-6 glenn 2.gif

Sunday funny

by Glenn McCoy for, March 24:

klan parenthood.jpg

Sunday funny


by Gary Varvel, explaining the real meaning of the lately bandied word, hope.

Have a blessed Easter, all!

Sunday funnies

by Gary Varvel in

sunday funny.jpg

(Read my March 10 post on the harm to wildlife and humans of wasted estrogen from birth control pills in our water supply.)

And although I do agree with Geraldine Ferraro that part of America's attraction to Barack Obama is that he's black, I still thought this cartoon by Clay Jones of Creator's Syndicate was a hoot:

sunday funny 2.gif

Sunday funny

by Glenn McCoy,, March 8...


Sunday funny

by Glenn McCoy,