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Pro-life group targets late-term abortionist’s enablers in public awareness campaign

Backdrop, from Created Equal:download

A group of physicians at Wright State University is enabling infamous late-term abortionist and partial-birth abortion pioneer Martin Haskell [pictured right] to keep his abortion facility in Dayton, Ohio open and running.

Ohio law requires all ambulatory surgical facilities to have a written transfer agreement with a nearby hospital. Dayton hospitals refuse to give Haskell such an agreement. However, Haskell has found a way to skirt this law through a contract with the Wright State Physicians Women’s Health Care group.

Thus, Created Equal has launched a public awareness campaign to expose the physicians who are enabling Haskell to stay in business.

Abortionist quack sells clinic to sexually abusive abortionist

by Kelli Brigham sold his interests to his medical director, Vikram Kaji, whose medical license was suspended in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the mid-1990s for sexually abusing patients and wrongly prescribing controlled substances. In 2013, the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners found that Kaji, 79, “had failed to adequately fulfill his responsibilities […]

Doctor: It is a “sacrifice” to do abortions instead of deliveries

by Carder Despite years of training and a passion for obstetrics, I decided to stop delivering babies so that I could provide abortions. I could no longer turn my back on the patients who need abortion care… I still consider giving up obstetrics to be my biggest sacrifice to do this work. I was good […]

Abortionist’s “relationship” with patients isn’t what people think

by Kelli We need to establish in the public mind that… in abortion, there is NO doctor/patient relationship. The doctor is a technician there to perform a procedure that was sold before he even showed up. He has no more relationship with that patient than a AAA member has with the tow truck driver who […]

Female abortionists share their feelings about what they do

by Kelli I don’t even really know a lot of people who have had abortions. But I liked the experience, I found it very satisfying, and I found the patients’ stories very compelling…. I have never had a point where I didn’t think this was the right thing to do. – Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick, Arizona […]

Inspections unfair, says owner of IL abortion clinic where patient died

by Kelli I tried to help women to get legal abortions. If someone wants to work against that, there’s nothing I can do. ~ Abortion clinic owner Larisa Rozansky (pictured right), whose now-closed Women’s Aid Clinic owes (and has thus far refused to pay) $36,000 in fines for the death of patient Antonesha Ross, as […]

Abortion proponents in uproar over pro-life handcuff mailer


The abortion lobby has taken note of Pro-Life Action League’s mailer project and doesn’t like it.

On January 22, the 42nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision, the League sent a mailer to every abortion clinic in the U.S.

Inside was a pair of plastic handcuffs, a photo of Oklahoma City abortionist Naresh Patel being arrested last month, and a note asking, “Could you be next?”

Do deaths from legal abortion matter to pro-choicers?

404134_521544904522578_926414162_nby Kelli

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Exactly who perpetrated the fatal abortion doesn’t seem to pique the interest of those who want to hang her death around her distant-relative-by-marriage’s neck.

What I find particularly fascinating is that amid the obsession over Ann Keenan (obsession likely to arise again should [Mitt] Romney aim again for the White House) there is a blithe obliviousness of “safe and legal” abortion deaths.

Police officers oppose converting former abortion clinic into police station

rockford-abortion-3-hanging-rubber-chickenPolice officers in Rockford, Illinois, are balking at the suggestion that a police station inhabit the building where a notorious abortion clinic was once located. Per WIFR.com, September 12:

Some Rockford Police officers are refusing to work in one of the buildings city leaders are considering using as a police station. The city wants the old Turner School on Broadway to be the new District Two headquarters.

Late-term abortionist claims pro-lifers are flat-earthers

The link between abortion and breast cancer is non-existent. The link between abortion and mental illness is non-existent – it’s all based on junk science. These are the same people who believe the earth is flat. ~ Late-term abortionist Dr. Susan Robinson, in a Google+ chat following the PBS airing of the controversial documentary After […]

Andrew Klavan hired to write screenplay for Gosnell movie

by Carder As I’ve begun to get into the research materials, it’s started to come home to me that we’ve all taken on a huge responsibility…The women who were brutalized by this Gosnell monster — they can tell their stories. But all his victims, all those babies — we’ve got to figure out a way […]

Int’l Illegal abortion pusher: US has access issues but don’t count on my help

by Carder I know that it’s difficult, because abortion is not accessible to them. But this is not our work. I think this is a problem the U.S. has to solve itself. There are so many resources, so much money available there for abortion rights groups, I think they should be able to work on […]

ANNOUNCING: Pro-lifers to hijack late-term abortion Twitter love fest TODAY

late-term abortionist After Tiller propaganda pieceYou’ve likely heard by now that PBS, a taxpayer-funded public television station, is airing the late-term abortionist propaganda piece After Tiller throughout the month of September.

I’ll write more on that in another post. For now, stop reading me for a minute and read this incredible piece by Matt Walsh on the topic.

Mom suffers PTSD but considers late-term abortionist “angel”

by Kelli Smith was sent to a Boulder, Colorado, clinic run by Dr. Warren Hern [pictured], one of only four late-term abortion providers in the U.S. Smith had only days to arrange for the procedure, which would cost $25,000 — money she had to borrow from family members. She says that she and her husband […]

Abortionist: Closed KC abortion clinic not needed

by Carder We basically just reached a place where we weren’t needed anymore. ~ Abortionist Ronald Yeomans, lamenting the fact that fewer patients and other factors at the Aid for Women abortion facility led to its closing, Kansas City Star, August 2 [Photo via Operation Rescue]

Abortionist sees his practice as a ministry

There’s more than one way to understand religion and spirituality and God. I do have belief in God. That’s why I do this work. My belief in God tells me that the most important thing you can do for another human being is help them in their time of need. ~ Abortionist Dr. Willie Parker […]

“Christian” abortionist explains why he does it

by Carder This isn’t the first time that Parker has drawn connections between his Christian faith and his work as an abortion provider. Last year, in an interview with the Center for American Progress, Parker explained that he knew he had to start providing abortions because “it became this conviction of compassion in a spiritual […]

Alabama abortionist jailed weekends – while admitting privileges law contested in court

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.01.14 PMYou certainly have to give Alabama’s abortion industry credit for chutzpah.

At this moment a trial is underway to determine the fate of a 2013 law requiring Alabama abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals.

Two of Alabama’s five abortion clinics sued to block the law, claiming it would put them out of business.

It is certainly becoming clearer why the clinics are confident no hospital would want to touch their abortionists with anything other than a cauterizer.

NYC abortion clinic specializes in VIPs… and in apparent fraud

eastside-gyn-picby Kelli

Their website describes what you get[:] “You are taken directly to a private room, where you will fill out any necessary paperwork, consult with the doctor, and recover. Our VIP rooms are designed to make you feel at home, with a luxurious mahogany bed, oil paintings, Internet and TV for complete privacy and comfort. Patient escorts are allowed to stay with the patient throughout the duration of their visit at our private clinic….

Photos: Kermit Gosnell’s clinic today

Gosnell clinic - inside front door trashI expect many pro-lifers are being drawn to pray at serial killer Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic if in the Philadelphia area, as my husband and I were over the weekend.

It is a macabre, ghostly place. Shocking to me was the clinic appears from the outside to have been left virtually untouched since the FBI raided it on February 18, 2010, over four years ago.

Also shocking was that life appears to go on unchanged around the building.

Court docs reveal why Birmingham Planned Parenthood closed, plus two docs in trouble

imageFor months the Birmingham, Alabama, Planned Parenthood has maintained a shroud of secrecy surrounding its “temporary” closing in December 2013.

The abortion giant is only now coming clean after the Alabama Attorney General and Alabama Department of Health filed a legal brief on May 13 revealing exactly why the Birmingham Planned Parenthood shut down.

Racist (“ugly black babies”) abortionist arrested for rape

25469200_BG1A Charlotte abortion doctor, who made headlines for a racist rant caught on video in 2012, has been arrested and charged with raping a woman….

Ashutosh Ron Virmani was arrested early Thursday morning after he’s [sic] accused of raping a 49-year-old woman.

Virmani was booked… for second degree rape and two counts of second degree sexual offense.

[A] woman told police that she was raped inside a home along the 4600 block of Charlestowne Manor Drive on Wednesday afternoon….

Help push Gosnell documentary past $2.1 million goal TODAY!

UPDATE 5/10 8:10a: The $2.1 million funding goal for the Gosnell tv documentary was indeed reached and surpassed yesterday! Now producers have a “stretch goal” for the 2-1/2 days they have left before the crowdfunding campaign ends:

Gosnell Movie new crowdfunding goal

At present the number of funders is 24,243. If you haven’t yet, donate just $1 to help show not just the breadth but the depth of support for a movie about Gosnell’s heinous crimes against not only preborn children but barely postborn children.

Last MS abortion mill can’t follow safety law; wants to stay open

by Kelli Inside Jackson Women’s Health Organization, there’s growing uncertainty over how much longer the doors will be open. Dr. Willie Parker flies in from Chicago to perform abortions at the clinic, one of two physicians who come to Mississippi to provide abortion care. Parker is a plaintiff in the lawsuit challenging Mississippi’s law. He’s […]

Blogger: Silence on Gosnell says “all you need to know” about Obama

by Kelli


… [W]hen it comes to commenting on domestic scandals, President Obama will never live down his cowardly refusal to speak out against Kermit Gosnell.

Here was a man who, for thirty years, murdered black infants in his Philadelphia abortion clinic, while his activities were allowed to continue because of the complacency and tacit approval of local, state, and federal agencies.

Megan Huntsman, 4th trimester abortionist


News broke April 13 of a gruesome find in a Pleasant Grove, Utah, garage: the remains of a dead newborn infant stuffed inside a box.

The owner of the home, Darren West, called police, who found six more babies, also hidden inside boxes. Of the seven, one was apparently a stillbirth, but the rest were murdered after delivery.

West’s estranged wife, Megan Huntsman, readily admitted to killing her children. According to the AP:

Abortion providers upset that stigma keeps them from students

by Kelli A persistent stigma surrounding abortion ensures that the people who provide these services continue to be construed as morally corrupt. Just like the original version of HB 305 would have banned abortion clinic employees from providing any type of services in public schools, some states have taken this idea to an extreme. Last […]

Wichita abortion/sex change clinic marks one year anniversary with death count


South Wind Women’s Center, housed in the Wichita abortion clinic formerly operated by murdered late-term abortionist George Tiller, just marked its one-year anniversary by announcing how many babies it had killed since opening. An article strangely removed from the Wichita Eagle’s website (and from which all other news sources are quoting), but cached on the abortion mill’s website, shares the exciting news:

Vulgar abortion doctor: And they wonder why they get no respect

ChastineAfter reading Robin Marty’s piece in Think Progress the other day about abortion doctor Cheryl Chastine (pictured right), I thought I’d peruse some of Chastine’s tweets to see what she has been up to.

Chastine is on the cusp of sacrificing a promising career as a legitimate ob/gyn to to take abortionist George Tiller’s place at his retooled abortion clinic in Wichita.

I’ve loosely followed Chastine’s whereabouts since I took part in Pro-Life Action League’s first protest and “outing” of her at her former Oak Park, Illinois, practice last April.

I say “former” because the doctors at her day job let her go due to the public turmoil created by pro-life exposure of her circuit-riding job.

So I was scanning @DrJaneChi’s tweets and was struck first by the amount of time she seems to have on her hands, not a surprise since her abortion clinic’s business is apparently slow, but second by Chastine’s adolescent foul mouth.

Here’s a sampling. WARNING: Vulgarity. Click to enlarge…

Mississippi abortion clinic owner: “God wants me to do this job”

by Kelli “I feel like God wants me to do this job,” said [Mississippi abortion clinic owner Diane] Derzis, who has a raspy smoker’s voice and a penchant for brightly painted fingernails and chunky jewelry. She started working as an abortion clinic counselor shortly after the first clinic opened in Alabama in the 1970s. Derzis […]

Undercover: Late-term abortion clinic completes abortions at Albuquerque’s Plaza Inn

How would you like to stay at a hotel where in the room next door an aborting mother was delivering her dead baby into the toilet, and where the abortionist came to complete the abortion and wrap and remove the dead baby?

Worse, how would you like to stay in a hotel room where a late-term abortion was committed the night before? Where a mother delivered her dead baby on your toilet, in your bathroom, with all the blood and body secretions that come with it? Where the abortionist had the mother lie on your bed to finish it? Do you trust a hotel to sanitize a room as a hospital would?

If you have stayed at the Plaza Inn in Albuquerque, New Mexico, both scenarios are possible.

New campaign warns abortion clinic workers: “Don’t let your job put you in prison”

DERTL PP Billboard Wilmington 2

Delaware Right to Life has erected six billboards this autumn, one directly across the street from the Wilmington Planned Parenthood (in photo above).

The billboards give a simple but sobering message to abortion clinic workers: “Don’t let your job put you in prison.”

Planned Parenthood abortionist not happy pro-lifers protesting at his private practice

1275590085Abortionist Emil Felski kills babies at the Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando clinic.

But Felski also has his own private ob/gyn practice in Casselberry, Florida, where he also covertly commits abortions.

Pro-life activists often pray and protest at Felski’s office, to let his patients and the public know about his side job, and to encourage him to stop murdering babies.

On October 1, Felski was not happy when spotting two pro-lifers holding signs as he came to work (in what looks like a Corvette).

As the video below shows, Felski stopped his car on a 6-lane highway to first snap photos of the pro-lifers and then abscond with the “Repent Dr. Felski!” sign….

Abortionist sends moms home with teddy bears to remember “birth”

With a fetal indications patient — if she refers to it as her baby, I’ll refer to it as her baby. If she’s named the baby, I’ll use the baby’s name too… I would say that most of these patients do decide to see and hold their baby, although many of them have a hard […]

Gosnell thinks of himself as “a soldier in the war on poverty”

He believes himself to be innocent… in this larger spiritual sense. He believes he was performing a service for people that asked him…. He believes he was a soldier at war with poverty. He has a sense of righteousness, that whatever rule he broke, it was worth it. ~ Philadelphia reporter Steve Volt, discussing what […]

IN RTL prez: Failure to report underage abortion raises “red flags”

Klopfer’s failure to report this abortion raises serious red flags about his abortion business. If he fails to send in a one-page form when he does an abortion on a 13-year-old, how can anyone know if he is following state abortion law in other areas such as informed consent, facility standards and appropriately determining the […]

Actress Kate Hudson featured in abortion ad without her permission

Add “Using images of famous people without permission” to late-term abortionist James Pendergraft’s long list of crimes, this one in the “dumb-and-dumber” category. Pendergraft is apparently desperate to make a buck after his Orlando clinic was raided by police and closed for five weeks before he scraped together borrowed abortion equipment to reopen it in […]

Pot/kettle: Creep abortionist claims DE Planned P’hood “in disarray”

When the creep slapping women during abortions accuses you of dysfunction, you are in pretty bad shape. ~ Kirsten Powers, responding to remarks made by former Planned Parenthood of Delaware abortionist Timothy Liveright, who says the facility was “disorganized, in disarray,” Washington Post, August 2. Whistleblower nurse Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich has testified that Liveright “slapp[ed] a […]

‘After Tiller’ documentary releases trailer

Mark your calendar: What is sure to be one of the most controversial films of the year, After Tiller, will be released September 20. The movie’s official site explains: The procedure is now performed by only four doctors in the United States [pictured right], all former colleagues of Dr. Tiller, who risk their lives every […]

Davis’s sneakers got 3x the coverage as Gosnell’s severed baby feet

Jivin J pointed to a New York Times article that fawned over “overnight sensation” Wendy Davis, a Democrat Texas state senator who is a big fan of late-term abortions.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg, according to Culture and Media Institute:

Carhart’s one-man abortion show: Who oversees patients when he’s occupied – like yesterday?

BillOneManBandBy all accounts – pro-life sidewalk observers and the clinic staff who talk to them – late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart works solo at his Germantown, Maryland, clinic. He has no partners, no back-up.

Carhart aborts a lot of late-term mothers. He delivers a lot of dead babies.

Late-term abortions are much more complicated and risky. Most recently, Jennifer Morbelli died February 7 following the abortion of her 33-week-old daughter Madison at Carhart’s clinic.

Yesterday, another of Carhart’s patients was taken from his clinic by ambulance. This was a late-term patient on the second day of her procedure, according to pro-lifers on the ground, who also saw Carhart get in the ambulance with her…

State of Alabama catches unlicensed abortion provider red-handed

dianederzisAL.com reported today:

The state of Alabama has uncovered a business relationship between the doctor of a clinic accused of being an unlicensed abortion provider and the woman who surrendered an abortion provider license for the Southside facility a year ago.

In a court filing last week, the state says that Dr. Bruce Norman is contracted with a Georgia company headed by Diane Derzis [pictured above right] to provide staffing, supplies, medication, medical malpractice insurance and workman’s compensation — “in short to manage Norman’s practice conducted at 1001 17th St. South.”

In previous court filings, Derzis stated there was no relationship between herself and Norman.

Live Action “Inhuman” investigative video #5: hotel room abortions


Today Live Action released the fifth in its Inhuman investigative video series on late-term abortions in America.

LA’ new video exposes an abortionist at Southwestern Women’s Options abortion clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, admitting that part of the process of a late-term abortion may be delivering one’s expectantly dead baby alone in a hotel room (beginning at 3:55) – but in that event, for goodness sakes, don’t call 911….

Police raid clinic of infamous late-term abortionist


The rap sheet against late-term abortionist James Pendergraft is long. A convicted felon, Pendergraft’s medical license is currently suspended for the fifth time.

The movie 22 Weeks was based on a true story about Baby Rowan, who survived his abortion at one of Pendergraft’s clinics but was refused help by staff.

The man is as abortion-crazed as can be, offering $50 discount coupons for Sunday abortions in the past. Even today, if you click on his website, a pop-up coupon for discount abortions – up to 50% off late-term! – will appear…

50 churches within 2 miles of “Texas Gosnell’s” late-term abortion clinic (Osteen’s – 3 miles)

Click to enlarge…

View clip: Scandalized Planned Parenthood abortion doc was typecast in movie, “Blue Valentine”

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Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 11.18.14 PM

On May 29, two former Planned Parenthood of Delaware nurses testified before a bipartisan hearing of state legislators regarding unsafe practices they witnessed at two PPDE abortion clinics as well as by PPDE abortionist Timothy Liveright, who I previously wrote “ogled, slapped, [and] played peek-a-boo with patients.”

Abortion clinic workers: Be a whistleblower now, not accessory to murder later


By now workers at every late-term abortion clinic in America (and there are way more than four) are buzzing about Kermit Gosnell’s conviction this week of murdering three abortion survivors.

Gosnell and Castro cases expose inconsistency on right to life

gosnellcastroIn the state of Ohio, fetal homicide is against the law, and “[a]ll of Ohio’s homicide and assault statutes prohibit actions which kill or injure another person’s unborn child at any stage of pregnancy,” which is what Ariel Castro did not once, but five times. Therefore, after the women’s rescue and Castro’s arrest, babies who would otherwise be viewed as non-viable entities, legal to dispose of under the law, are now positioned to become the driving force behind a possible death sentence for Ariel Castro for “aggravated murder.”

BREAKING, photos: TX abortionist impales, twists heads off live babies

breakingnews2Operation Rescue and Life Dynamics have released photos, video, and witness testimony about a late-term abortionist in Houston, Texas, who routinely murders babies in horrendous ways after he aborts them alive.

Three former employees of abortionist Douglas Karpen (pictured below left) have come forward with shocking testimony, which they have corroborated with video and photos.

Gosnell verdict reached

Gosnell 416

2:27p: Per CNN’s David Ariosto (via Twitter): ‘The jury in the Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell case has reached a verdict on all 263 counts.”

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