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Pro-life group targets late-term abortionist’s enablers in public awareness campaign

Backdrop, from Created Equal:download

A group of physicians at Wright State University is enabling infamous late-term abortionist and partial-birth abortion pioneer Martin Haskell [pictured right] to keep his abortion facility in Dayton, Ohio open and running.

Ohio law requires all ambulatory surgical facilities to have a written transfer agreement with a nearby hospital. Dayton hospitals refuse to give Haskell such an agreement. However, Haskell has found a way to skirt this law through a contract with the Wright State Physicians Women’s Health Care group.

Thus, Created Equal has launched a public awareness campaign to expose the physicians who are enabling Haskell to stay in business.

The names of the complicit doctors are: Josette D’Amato, Sheela M. Barhan, Janice M. Duke, Michael Galloway, Steven R. Lindhelm, CEO Alan P. MarcoWilliam A. Nahhas, Kathryn Newton, G. Theodore Talbot, and Jerome Yaklic.

On April 21, Created Equal sent letters to the aforementioned doctors before launching its campaign, requesting that they disengage from bolstering Haskell.

None of the doctors responded.

So, on June 3, as promised, Created Equal began publicizing the names of Haskell’s collaborators through a campaign involving postcards and a truth truck.

This postcard, personalized for each physician, is being sent to neighbors of their individual residences. This is a sample of the front and back view…


The truth truck, with the collaborators’ names and photos plastered on it along with photos of abortion victims, is being driven around their their physicians’ group office building, Wright State University, two hospitals affiliated with the group and Haskell (Miami Valley and Good Samaritan), and the Dayton area in general. Below is the mock-up. View photos of the truck in action here.



Abortionist quack sells clinic to sexually abusive abortionist

steven-brighamby Kelli

Brigham sold his interests to his medical director, Vikram Kaji, whose medical license was suspended in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the mid-1990s for sexually abusing patients and wrongly prescribing controlled substances.

In 2013, the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners found that Kaji, 79, “had failed to adequately fulfill his responsibilities as medical director,” a job that includes overseeing controlled substances. Kaji admitted he had suffered a stroke that had affected his memory and vision, and was ordered to undergo “neuropsychological evaluation,” according to public records….

Pennsylvania banished Brigham [pictured right] after years of intermittent sanctions for flouting health and safety laws, particularly by employing unqualified or unlicensed workers in his clinics.

Among those workers: Kaji, a Bombay-trained obstetrician-gynecologist.

Kaji went to work for Brigham in the mid-1990s while his license was restricted in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Kaji admitted having sex with a patient in his Yardley office, improperly prescribing controlled substances for her, and giving two other patients improper rectal or breast exams.

~ Marie McCullough, The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 28

Doctor: It is a “sacrifice” to do abortions instead of deliveries

by Carder

obstetricsDespite years of training and a passion for obstetrics, I decided to stop delivering babies so that I could provide abortions. I could no longer turn my back on the patients who need abortion care…

I still consider giving up obstetrics to be my biggest sacrifice to do this work. I was good at it and derived immense satisfaction from it.

The process of delivering a baby was a rush.

~ Dr. Nicole Fanarjian, explaining one of the reasons why she discontinued obstetrics in favor performing abortions regularly, as quoted by Think Progress, March 31

Abortionist’s “relationship” with patients isn’t what people think

*Mar 15 - 00:05*by Kelli

We need to establish in the public mind that… in abortion, there is NO doctor/patient relationship. The doctor is a technician there to perform a procedure that was sold before he even showed up.

He has no more relationship with that patient than a AAA member has with the tow truck driver who shows up when her car breaks down 500 miles from home.

~ Commenter Christina, on Stanek Quote of the Day “Pro-aborts: RU-486 reversal makes women ‘unwilling guinea pigs'”, March 30

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Female abortionists share their feelings about what they do

by Kelli


I don’t even really know a lot of people who have had abortions. But I liked the experience, I found it very satisfying, and I found the patients’ stories very compelling….

I have never had a point where I didn’t think this was the right thing to do.

Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick, Arizona abortionist

I feel saddened that abortion care can’t just be incorporated into a woman’s regular physician care [like any other medical treatment].

Dr. S., Michigan abortionist

I can’t think of anything more important than providing abortions.

Dr. Lisa Perriera, Ohio abortionist

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am doing the right thing….

~ Dr. Cheryl Chastine, Kansas abortionist

I can honestly say I absolutely love my job.

Dr. Dana Kusnir, New York abortionist

~ Female abortionists describe what they love most about performing abortions, as quoted by Robin Marty, Cosmopolitan, March 10

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Inspections unfair, says owner of IL abortion clinic where patient died

rozanskyby Kelli

I tried to help women to get legal abortions.

If someone wants to work against that, there’s nothing I can do.

~ Abortion clinic owner Larisa Rozansky (pictured right), whose now-closed Women’s Aid Clinic owes (and has thus far refused to pay) $36,000 in fines for the death of patient Antonesha Ross, as well as for more than 15 other violations found by Illinois state health inspectors, as quoted by the Chicago Tribune, February 16

Rozansky has reopened under a new (but similar) name, thereby attempting to skirt the fines.

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Abortion proponents in uproar over pro-life handcuff mailer


The abortion lobby has taken note of Pro-Life Action League’s mailer project and doesn’t like it.

On January 22, the 42nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision, the League sent a mailer to every abortion clinic in the U.S.

Inside was a pair of plastic handcuffs, a photo of Oklahoma City abortionist Naresh Patel being arrested last month, and a note asking, “Could you be next?”


The note encouraged abortion workers to get out of the business for their own good and included PLAL’s Eric Scheidler’s personal cell phone number.

The list of abortionists and workers who have been arrested in the past four decades since abortion was been legal and supposedly moved off the back alley is as long as the reasons: extortion, tax evasion, sex abuse, drug abuse, illegally prescribing and selling drugs, murder, negligence, on and on. criminality.

And it makes sense. Those in the business of killing babies for a living have already demonstrated rather gaping character flaws. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude they’ll commit other crimes.

But abortion proponents are up in arms. Quoting Planned Parenthood executive VP Dawn Laguens from a Cosmopolitan article devoted to the mailer:

“I think it reads like what it is: intimidation and harassment and a very implied threat,” she said. Abortion opponents “want to outlaw abortion and put women and doctors in jail. I think they’re sending about as clear a message as they can that that’s exactly what they want to do.”

How PLAL’s mailer could be construed as a threat to lock up women is a stretch, but Cosmo wasn’t alone. Kudos to for adding an illustration for flourish….

scheidlercuffs-700x336 saw menace in the mailer as well, also accusing PLAL of supporting China’s one-child policy by buying Chinese-manufactured handcuffs – really.

I asked Scheidler, why all the attention? It’s not as if pro-life activists haven’t done similar mailings before.

“One reason is they think it makes us look like we’re trying to intimidate someone,” said Scheidler. “But if you think about it for more than a second – toy handcuffs and a signed letter including a personal cell number – a threat of what? If you’re committing crimes and I know about it, then I am going to turn you into the police; that’s not a threat.”

10390410_870043059709307_1527616349872351724_n (1)Eric noted the League gets pro-abortion counterparts – mailers with red coat hangers on them.

“We just laugh,” said Scheidler.

But PLAL’s mailer also hit close to home.

“I think they have a guilty conscience,” noted Scheidler. “Arrests like that of Naresh Patel put them in such a bad light. It exposes them for who they are. It has been really surprising to have two abortion providers actually call me as a result of the mailer – a pro-life activist – to try to justify what they’re doing.”

One, Anise Burrell from Summit Medical Center in Detroit, argued with Scheidler on the phone for 10 minutes.

“She kept repeating, ‘This is an ugly cruel world’ she was sparing children from being born into,” said Scheidler.

Abortion industry types know mailers such as PLAL’s may have the intended impact and prompt abortionists and workers to walk away. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards tried to mitigate the damage in a tweet…

Scheidler has indeed received calls and texts from workers wanting out.

But there is a flip side.

“I’ve received countless crank calls and crank texts,” noted Scheidler, adding someone complained to Facebook about him yesterday, which led to his account being suspended for three hours.

Then there are real the real harassers.

Do deaths from legal abortion matter to pro-choicers?

404134_521544904522578_926414162_nby Kelli

Click photo to enlarge…

Exactly who perpetrated the fatal abortion doesn’t seem to pique the interest of those who want to hang her death around her distant-relative-by-marriage’s neck.

What I find particularly fascinating is that amid the obsession over Ann Keenan (obsession likely to arise again should [Mitt] Romney aim again for the White House) there is a blithe obliviousness of “safe and legal” abortion deaths.

In fact, one politician — Margo Davidson, a Democrat and Pennsylvania State Representative — lost her support from Planned Parenthood after going public about how her cousin, Semika Shaw, died a wretched death after an abortion by notorious Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell. This is going beyond merely ignoring safe-n-legal abortion deaths and into the realm of punishing the survivors.

Is it really women’s deaths that bother abortion-rights activists so much, or is it something else?

~ Christina Dunigan, reflecting on abortion advocates’ lack of concern for women dying from legal abortions, “Which Abortion Deaths Matter?,” Real Choice, October 8

Note: Recall Gosnell’s gruesome operation was “only caught by accident, when police raided his offices to seize evidence of his illegal prescription selling,” not thanks to abortion clinic inspections or regulations.

Here is Semika’s story:

3801 Lancaster: Rep. Margo Davidson from 3801Lancaster on Vimeo.

[Meme via Real Choice]