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“Right to choose” should be who raises baby, not if s/he lives

My wish is that women of any age would understand that it is only 9 months out of their life but it is life to someone else! That the right to choose should be a choice of who raises a baby, not whether it lives or dies. ~ Anonymous birth mother, proliferesponse.org, August 15, prefacing […]

Rand Paul: Civilization cannot endure abortion

by Kelli The interesting thing is when you’re in the neonatal nursery and you’ve got a one-pound baby, everybody acknowledges that that baby has rights, the Bill of Rights applies to that baby and nobody can hurt that baby… It’s a one-pound baby. But a week before, even a full-term seven-pound baby has no rights, […]

Woman at abortion display: “No one told me it looked like that”

by Kelli I started to feel uncomfortable about the signs I was standing in front of. So I asked her what she thought. She started crying. She was angry. “No one told me. No one told me it looked like that,” she said in a broken voice. She continued, talking faster now: “All the reasons […]

Is abortion “a right like any other”?

by Kelli Still, judges’ willingness to step outside the abortion frame and to weigh, from that broad perspective, whether the abortion right has become unduly burdened is something new and potentially of great value in the struggle to preserve women’s reproductive freedom. Even in the face of cynical and unrelenting political attack, the right to […]

Political scientist: U.S. abortion toll is equal to national debt

by Kelli Basic macroeconomics says that any such loss in population will result in a collapse of the necessary aggregate supply and demand to sustain long term national economic growth. The population loss due to abortion would have the same negative economic impact as any population loss due to war, epidemic, or natural disaster. ~ […]

Pro-life dedication to stopping abortion “scary but impressive”

One of the scary but strangely impressive things about the right is just how experimental and dedicated they are in their efforts to restrict reproductive healthcare. They’ve broadened from just trying to overturn Roe v. Wade to trying to legislate access into nonexistence through mountains of red tape and cynical claims about “women’s health.” They’ve pressured […]

“Pro-choice”: When a euphemism becomes a euphemism

Pro-choice euphemism for pro-abortion

In January 2013 came news that shocked both sides of the abortion debate: Planned Parenthood had determined the term “pro-choice” was no longer helpful and recommended abandoning it.

This news really was titanic. “Pro-choice” was the abortion movement’s self-chosen descriptive term for over 40 years. To abandon it was to abandon an identity, surely unnerving to activists on the street, who found cover and solace in the euphemism.

Sexual revolution replaced guillotines with Planned Parenthood

by Kelli It’s especially bizarre, I think, when those on the Left turn out to enthusiastically celebrate any new revelation of a cultural figure having an abortion. The more they admire the person, it seems the happier they are at the “courage” of said person having had an abortion. A bit unintentionally insulting, don’t you […]

15 reasons why pro-choicers think pro-lifers are crushing them

abortion laws pro-life winning

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade in January 2013, Time magazine published a surprising and iconic cover story about how the pro-choice side has been losing ever since it thought it won in 1973. The reasons Time listed were spot on:

  1. Pro-life laws
  2. Public sentiment
  3. Pro-abortion generational in-fighting
  4. Playing defense (defending the status quo)
  5. Science
  6. Stigma
  7. Aging abortionists

Indeed, abortion advocates have been in an admitted state of panic for quite some time over building pro-life momentum.

But within the past several days two abortion advocates have separately admitted their side is losing…

Football players for life

by Carder You know, if you happen to be in a crisis pregnancy right now, you’re probably thinking, “what right do these highly paid athletes have to preach to me,” and you’d be partly right. ~ Former Buffalo Bills football player Mark Kelso in a recently unearthed 1992 pro-life PSA video featuring other Washington Redskins […]

Pro-choice singer activist finds common ground with pro-life counterparts

by Carder

pro-choice Michelle Shocked finds common ground with pro-life counterpartsLet me tell you a story.

I was vagabonding, just released from an arrest in Dallas in 1984, at the Republican National Convention. I was making my way out of that protest toward New York City, and I made a detour to Madison, Wisconsin.

On the campus there, I saw older women protesting something, and there was a circle of students around them. When I got closer I saw coat hangers on the ground. I recognized that these older women were protesting against abortion. So I went up to one of the older women and I asked her, “What is it about this issue that makes you so passionate that you could come out on the streets to protest? Protesting is supposed to be my job.”

Embattled pro-life prosecutor still speaks out against abortion

by Carder The law flies out the window when abortion comes in the door. Without truth, there is no law, and that truth must resonate in the hearts of the people… If you put your convictions on the line in America, you can expect to be persecuted. The word ‘suffering’ in the ancient Hebrew means […]

Honest liberal: Roe v Wade abortion decision “hardly a secure footing”

Roe_v_Wade_Bad_Law abortionI’ve written before that it isn’t only pro-life scholars who believe the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion was fundamentally flawed: Honest abortion proponents agree.

In a June 17 Truth-out.org article, pro-choice sociologist Salvatore Babones writes:

Sen. Landrieu: Ok to abort if baby can’t “live outside hospital”

by Carder Although I personally believe that life begins at conception, I believe the last place the government needs to be is in the church, in the doctor’s office or in the bedroom. And so even people who advocate for less government intrusion, like Gov. Jindal, get themselves in the most personal decisions a family […]

Pro-abort opines: Pro-lifers on Jill Stanek not exactly “pro-lifey”

by Carder Ah, I know. It was the last thing you wanted to read. Her name is associated with being a great martyr for the pro-choice/pro-access cause, or she is the demon-come-lately to anti-choicers, a creature of the night with no soul, the high priestess of child sacrifice. Heck, I can’t even print most of […]

Rape survivor: “People ridicule and distrust you” for keeping baby

by Kelli Survivors of rape – whether their stories are told around the world or held close – face mixed reactions, ranging from support and empathy to victim-blaming. When a woman has a child resulting from rape, she may be fortunate enough to have family and friends who help her move forward in life. But […]

Clinic escort: Abortion is “about my fundamental right to life”

by Kelli I think we have to retake the morality of the issue, back from the right-wing…. The abortion rate doesn’t go down when you make it illegal, women just die…. I don’t apologize when I say it, It [abortion] should be a part of basic healthcare. We have to take back the morality of […]

Actor Jim Caviezel: “Sin of abortion” can be forgiven

by Carder You don’t have to die to experience Heaven… but when you’ve committed a sin, any of the 10 commandments, or the sin of abortion, or contributed to it, let me be very clear. Did you go to one of your friends and ask your friend, “Hear my story?’” And s/he said, “Yes.” I […]

Charles Krauthammer debunks Rand Paul’s excuse to keep abortion legal

Rand Paul interview with David AxelrodLast week on The O’Reilly Factor Charles Krauthammer unintentionally debunked the frustrating statement made by pro-life Senator Rand Paul (pictured right) about abortion during his April 22 interview with David Axelrod. Paul said, quoting usnews.com:

On whether he’d sign a law restricting abortion rights:

“I think where the country is, is somewhere in the middle. We’re not changing any of the laws until the country is persuaded otherwise.”

It apparently doesn’t occur to people who think like Paul that unrestricted abortion was thrust upon this country in the first place when at least 2/3 of the states opposed it.

Are some photos of abortion victims too gory?

Aborted baby's handMonica Miller, PhD, Director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, has sparked conversation recently within pro-life activist circles, asking us to reevaluate which photos of abortion victims we display in their necessary role of helping end legalized abortion.

Miller is one of the few pro-lifers who has actually retrieved aborted babies from the trash and photographed their remains.

Many of Miller’s thoughts on this subject are taken from her September 2013 New Oxford Review article, available for $1.50 or by going CPL’s homepage. This post highlights some of Miller’s points with the goal to prompt discussion and new thinking on this important topic.

Be sure to take the poll at the end of this post.

1)  “Graphic Images” or “Abortion Victim Photos”?

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve taken this first recommendation of Miller’s to heart. I now always use the term “abortion victim photos” or “photos of abortion victims.” I’ve abandoned “graphic abortion photos.”

Per Miller:

We are winning the war against abortion in America on all measurable fronts


You may (or may not!) have noticed I’ve been out-of-pocket a few days. I was in Dublin, Ireland, where I was asked to speak at the National Convention for Life 2014 on April 12.

16668_606486482773510_604782369_nThe daylong event was more than sold out. Many came who hadn’t registered, and although there were dozens of chairs added, some of the 600 attendees still had to stand.

The life issue is huge in Ireland, which was abortion free until the tragic death in 2012 of Savita Halappanavar and her 17-wk-old baby, which abortion zealots exploited and lied about to push through a law legalizing abortion for medical emergencies and suicidal ideation last year.

In that light, NCFL organizers asked me to encourage our Irish counterparts by describing how we are winning the war against abortion in America. You can view my speech here, but I thought I’d post the statistics I showed – many compiled by abortion proponents – demonstrating that we are indeed prevailing in just about every measurable way. Click all slides to enlarge.

The high social cost of opposing abortion

by Kelli … [T]here can be little doubt that in today’s United States, the social cost of publicly opposing abortion is significantly higher than the social cost of publicly proclaiming Christ. In one sense, it’s good that a youth sports league has no problems hanging a church banner on its fence. The church should have […]

Marcotte: Pro-lifers motivated by “problem with female sexuality”

by Carder To know what the actual anti-choice movement is about, you need to look at what its members do, not what some random people say about how they label themselves. And, increasingly, anti-choice activists are free about their larger objections to women being able to choose non-procreative sex. Indeed, when I first started writing on the […]

Uproar over UT student newspaper’s use of term “pro-abortion”


A reporter for The Daily Texan, the student newspaper for the University of Texas, got it right when calling abortion supporters what they are – “pro-abortion” – five times in an article about a counter-demonstration held during the annual pro-life Texas Rally for Life on January 24.

The term even made the article’s headline.

Rick Santorum: Truth doesn’t change, and it’s on the pro-life side

staneksantorumby Kelli

No one would have predicted that 40 yrs after Roe v. Wade, that teenagers and 20 year olds would be more pro-life than the generation that gave us Roe v. Wade. That tells you that truth is a very stubborn thing. Truth doesn’t go away just because people deny it…. And people, while they don’t want to accept it because it doesn’t fit with how they want to live their lives and the “freedom” that they have, they keep running into it, and when they hear it, they’re troubled by it….

“Would Planned Parenthood have aborted Jesus?”

by Carder Make no mistake, there are lots of Christians out there who are compassionate, who do take the need to be kind and loving to others to heart. Many of them, in fact, work in the world of reproductive justice. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and Catholics for Choice are two very important groups that demonstrate that there […]

Abortion the reason for Typhoon Haiyan?

typhoon haiyan

Kenneth Copeland says that storms and hurricanes and murders don’t just happen. [David] Barton agrees and adds that since we (meaning the U.S. I suppose) have embraced a wicked policy (legalized abortion), then God will take away his hand of protection. Because of God’s absence, then Barton claims:

Libs try to get Duggar show canceled after holocaust/abortion comparison

When I went to RH Reality Check yesterday to read an article, I was greeted by this (click to enlarge)…


Sure enough, liberals are up in arms about a comment Jim Bob Duggar made during Family Research Council’s recent Values Voter Summit

Claiming abortion is only a “women’s issue” isolates them in time of crisis

Jew uses faith to justify helping women get abortions

I joined Haven because I am Jewish, and I embrace the tradition of social justice. I wanted to act with ometz, the courage to take risks in pursuing a just cause, and fulfill my obligation of tikkun olam, the call to repair a world rife with inequity. One member of Haven, Rabbi David Adelson, dedicated […]

BREAKING: Biola apologizes, endorses use of graphic abortion images

imageBiola president Dr. Barry Corey, pictured right, has issued a public letter of apology for retaliatory actions staff members of his Christian university took against pro-life student Diana Jimenez in June for showing graphic images of abortion on campus:

For actions on our part that were perceived to be heavy-handed and retaliatory, I have apologized to her and stand by this apology publicly. I acknowledge and regret our errors, and steps have been taken to correct them….

In so many ways, Diana is the kind of student with the deep Christian convictions I hoped to see when I came to Biola six years ago. In her convictions about saving the unborn, she represents what Biola is about—the desire to speak up against injustices that break the heart of God. Like Diana, Biola is and has been passionately pro-life.

A campus security guard was caught on video threatening to have Jimenez arrested, and the director of the nursing program, Dr. Susan Elliott, ordered her staff not to write letters of recommendation on Jimenez’s behalf.

Pro-choice extremism: Opposing public opinion, science and medicine

abortion-protesters-550x374Looking at Gallup over the years, opposition to abortion after six months has never dropped below 80 percent. Even at three months, the numbers are still impressive: Over 60 percent of Americans consistently oppose abortions after the first trimester, and in 2011 they rose to 71 percent.

If these were election results, you’d call it a landslide….

Using social media to save lives

Blue Facebook Logoby Lead Moderator Carla

I have been on Facebook for years and have added many pro-lifers to my friends list in an effort to stay current on pro-life issues. But I also try to educate the friends I have who do not know the truth about the abortion industry.

In at least four instances, I have been involved in helping stop forced abortions by simply responding to status updates or prayer requests on Facebook. These were women and teenage girls being coerced by boyfriends or parents. I responded with immediate practical help and advice to keep innocent lives from being destroyed. One of the ways I did this was to encourage them to contact The Center Against Forced Abortion, which is a project of The Justice Foundation.

Does the language of abortion really “liberate” women?

The word many in our society use when speaking about a baby in the womb changes according to whether that baby will be carried to term and born, or whether that baby will be murdered along the way. A lexicon with double standards has emerged…. WebMD uses the term “baby” to describe an 8-week old […]

Response to appeal for happy abortion stories

Jessica Grose… asserts that the way to energize, and gain momentum for, the abortion-rights movement is to trot out “blithe” abortion stories…. Ms. Grose, those essays don’t get mainstream play because they’d make most people angry and very unsympathetic. “I want the baby dead because f*** this baby” isn’t going to win friends. ~ Blogger […]

How abortion proponents view the current abortion landscape

crowafterroe_smallPro-abortion authors Robin Marty and Jessica Mason Pieklo have co-authored a fascinating new book, Crow After Roe.

Marty is senior political reporter for RH Reality Check, and Pieklo is a senior legal analyst there. Over the past year or so I’ve developed a collegial relationship with Robin. Even as we both stand our ground, it’s refreshing to discuss and debate sans animus.

Robin was kind enough to give me a copy of her book, which I have been reading with interest. Even though Robin writes from a biased perspective, which she freely acknowledges, she writes intelligently, another refreshing difference from the typical pro-abortion fare I usually read.

Marcotte: “Turnaways” study proves preborn only “potential” persons

It’s no doubt tempting for abortion opponents to cite the many stories of turnaway mothers [women denied abortions] who grew to embrace motherhood as a way to make their case for banning abortion. But bluntly put, what other option do these women have? Women who want abortions are not heartless or somehow incapable of forming […]

Columnist slams “pro-life with exceptions” position

This is the bottom line: if you believe an unborn baby is a human being, you cannot, in intellectual honesty, allow an abortion exception for rape or incest. Republicans do this all the time, and it drives me nuts. They deserve to be called out on it, as Sean Hannity was by a Democrat guest […]

Conflicting claims: Inducing to save woman’s life same as abortion?

Did doctors in a country that bans abortion under any circumstances manage to terminate the pregnancy without violating the law?… On Monday, doctors removed Beatriz’s fetus — which had a severe defect that prevented the brain from developing — through an incision in her abdomen…. Yet the procedure was not an abortion, the health minister […]

A species that “adapts” to the environment by killing its own is in crisis and disease

A species that “adapts” to the world by killing its own members is a species in crisis and disease. A species that cooperates among their members and cares for their young until they are strong enough is a species that is adapting to their environment and improving their chances for long term survival. ~ Commenter […]

If wantedness determines value, newborn’s rescuers wasted time

[W]hat’s notable is that rescuers recognized that this baby’s life was a life worth saving. His mother may have intended to discard and kill him, but those who freed him recognized that the mother’s desire for her child does not determine that child’s value. Ironically, here in the United States – where our human rights […]

Stanek weekend question: What are frustrating ways pro-lifers shut down dialogue?

Last weekend we focused on abortion proponents. This week we analyze ourselves. This weekend’s question comes again from good friend Josh Brahm, Director of Education and Public Relations, Right to Life of Central California: What are the most frustrating or annoying things that pro-life people do that shuts down good dialogue? Stories are welcome. [Photo, […]

Lopez: The soul of our nation depends on ability to “nourish life”

Kathryn_Jean_Lopez_by_Gage_SkidmoreThe frightened teenage girl. The single inner-city mom who has made some bad choices and doesn’t quite know what she can do. The 20-something on a career track whose boyfriend is not up to the task of fatherhood. The busy young couple that determines it is not the right time. These are all real scenarios, involving real fears, influenced deeply by a culture that pretends abortion is a quick fix, a solution to a problem.

The health of not just our citizens but our national soul demands that we do a better job, that we work hard to foster and nourish life, both in the womb and outside of it. It’s the only way to ensure a society that lives up to the ideals it was founded upon….

2013 pro-life summer boot camps for teens/college students!

boot camp final

Following the tradition we started two years ago, we’re posting all the upcoming summer pro-life teen- and college-aged boot camps we could find around the country. If we missed any, please let Kelli know.

If I had teens in the house now I’d not only send them to church camp every summer, I’d send them to at least one pro-life boot camp during their high school years. These provide a great opportunity to build strength and confidence in the sanctity of life and also launch lifelong pro-life friendships.

It’s great to see so many pro-life groups in so many states sponsoring these vital training programs for our young people….

Gosnell trial shows pro-choicers are “running away from reason”

trustwomen[Planned Parenthood] and the pro-choice movement in general now have the following struggle on their hands: can they offer the impartial observer — who now has read the transcript of the Gosnell trial — a reasoned argument claiming that abortion is not murder?

… Gosnell killed live babies, but what he did to them inside the womb was indistinguishable to what he did to them outside the womb. New challenges to the pro-choice movement will involve this fact, one which leads inevitably, and immediately, to issues of reason….

For abortion proponents, “facts are irrelevant”

It’s a lot easier to get someone in the stirrups if they’re uneducated about the subject, and once they’ve had their abortion, facts are going to be irrelevant to them from that point forward, because the denial/anger/misery-loves-company mindset will take over and then she can take her place as the one trying to get someone […]

Would it be legal to abort this baby?

Click photo to enlarge…

12-3-2013 30

From Parent Society, March 22:


Berkeley, Genocide Awareness Project, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, abortion, ObamaNothing is going the pro-aborts’ way except through political or judicial maneuvering. In other words, they are only able to keep themselves from going under by hook or by crook.

This is unsustainable. The trajectory is on the side of Life. A Time magazine cover story outlined many of the other side’s problems in January.

Students for Life National Programs Coordinator Beth O’Malley has blogged about her observations of attending the Young Feminist Leadership Conference on March 23-25 in Washington, D.C., which echo mine (examples here, here, and here):

Arguing abortion, contraception as money-savers a “smokescreen”

So a brief blog post today on one of the more utilitarian reasons that I have heard for abortion/contraception – it saves money…. This sounds to me like something I heard from a colleague last year that the reason that New York’s prison population was down… because of Roe v Wade – since then, thousands […]

Gosnell reporter notes inconsistency in abortion rhetoric

Having ended its first week, earlier chapters of the [abortionist Kermit Gosnell] trial were much more charged. Those included gruesome and revolting descriptions of dead babies – oh, excuse me, I mean fetuses, not babies, not even the one that was seven months along [gestational age depicted in image, right] who could have walked Gosnell […]

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That-Was-Easy-Buttonby Kelli

… [E]ven supposedly “pro-choice” forces buy into the idea that shame is attached to sexual women. Abortion… is described as being a “difficult decision,” one that women struggle with if they are faced with an unwanted pregnancy. That is simply not true for most women. It’s not a difficult decision. If you don’t believe in abortion, it’s not a difficult decision because you’re not going to do it.

If you think abortion is not wrong, it’s not a tough decision because it’s the only way to make sure you don’t have to go through an unwanted pregnancy and childbirth. Calling it “difficult” – or suggesting that women feel bad or guilty or conflicted about it afterward – merely gives ammunition to those who think women need to be counseled before considering abortion, as though they’re all a bunch of emotional, unstable creatures who couldn’t possibly understand what they are doing.

Women know exactly what they are doing when they have abortions. Agree with it or not, but don’t assume the only reason she’s having one is because she’s too confused or distraught to make a rational decision.

~ Boston University political journalism professor Susan Milligan, who apparently feels qualified to speak for women who abort (while dismissing the idea of post-abortion regret), US News & World Report, August 20

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