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Are some photos of abortion victims too gory?

Aborted baby's handMonica Miller, PhD, Director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, has sparked conversation recently within pro-life activist circles, asking us to reevaluate which photos of abortion victims we display in their necessary role of helping end legalized abortion.

Miller is one of the few pro-lifers who has actually retrieved aborted babies from the trash and photographed their remains.

Many of Miller’s thoughts on this subject are taken from her September 2013 New Oxford Review article, available for $1.50 or by going CPL’s homepage. This post highlights some of Miller’s points with the goal to prompt discussion and new thinking on this important topic.

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1)  “Graphic Images” or “Abortion Victim Photos”?

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve taken this first recommendation of Miller’s to heart. I now always use the term “abortion victim photos” or “photos of abortion victims.” I’ve abandoned “graphic abortion photos.”

Per Miller:

We are winning the war against abortion in America on all measurable fronts


You may (or may not!) have noticed I’ve been out-of-pocket a few days. I was in Dublin, Ireland, where I was asked to speak at the National Convention for Life 2014 on April 12.

16668_606486482773510_604782369_nThe daylong event was more than sold out. Many came who hadn’t registered, and although there were dozens of chairs added, some of the 600 attendees still had to stand.

The life issue is huge in Ireland, which was abortion free until the tragic death in 2012 of Savita Halappanavar and her 17-wk-old baby, which abortion zealots exploited and lied about to push through a law legalizing abortion for medical emergencies and suicidal ideation last year.

In that light, NCFL organizers asked me to encourage our Irish counterparts by describing how we are winning the war against abortion in America. You can view my speech here, but I thought I’d post the statistics I showed – many compiled by abortion proponents – demonstrating that we are indeed prevailing in just about every measurable way. Click all slides to enlarge.

The high social cost of opposing abortion

by Kelli … [T]here can be little doubt that in today’s United States, the social cost of publicly opposing abortion is significantly higher than the social cost of publicly proclaiming Christ. In one sense, it’s good that a youth sports league has no problems hanging a church banner on its fence. The church should have […]

Marcotte: Pro-lifers motivated by “problem with female sexuality”

by Carder To know what the actual anti-choice movement is about, you need to look at what its members do, not what some random people say about how they label themselves. And, increasingly, anti-choice activists are free about their larger objections to women being able to choose non-procreative sex. Indeed, when I first started writing on the […]

Uproar over UT student newspaper’s use of term “pro-abortion”


A reporter for The Daily Texan, the student newspaper for the University of Texas, got it right when calling abortion supporters what they are – “pro-abortion” – five times in an article about a counter-demonstration held during the annual pro-life Texas Rally for Life on January 24.

The term even made the article’s headline.

Rick Santorum: Truth doesn’t change, and it’s on the pro-life side

staneksantorumby Kelli

No one would have predicted that 40 yrs after Roe v. Wade, that teenagers and 20 year olds would be more pro-life than the generation that gave us Roe v. Wade. That tells you that truth is a very stubborn thing. Truth doesn’t go away just because people deny it…. And people, while they don’t want to accept it because it doesn’t fit with how they want to live their lives and the “freedom” that they have, they keep running into it, and when they hear it, they’re troubled by it….

“Would Planned Parenthood have aborted Jesus?”

by Carder Make no mistake, there are lots of Christians out there who are compassionate, who do take the need to be kind and loving to others to heart. Many of them, in fact, work in the world of reproductive justice. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and Catholics for Choice are two very important groups that demonstrate that there […]

Abortion the reason for Typhoon Haiyan?

typhoon haiyan

Kenneth Copeland says that storms and hurricanes and murders don’t just happen. [David] Barton agrees and adds that since we (meaning the U.S. I suppose) have embraced a wicked policy (legalized abortion), then God will take away his hand of protection. Because of God’s absence, then Barton claims:

Libs try to get Duggar show canceled after holocaust/abortion comparison

When I went to RH Reality Check yesterday to read an article, I was greeted by this (click to enlarge)…


Sure enough, liberals are up in arms about a comment Jim Bob Duggar made during Family Research Council’s recent Values Voter Summit

Claiming abortion is only a “women’s issue” isolates them in time of crisis

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by Kelli

stethoscope and dollar

Have an abortion, get a tax deduction! How strange that pro-abortion advocates aren’t using this as a selling point. Hmmm.

Oh, and while they hyperventilate over Hobby Lobby not wanting to provide every type of birth control without a co-pay, it turns out that birth control pills can be deducted if prescribed by a doctor.

Also, you can deduct the purchase of pregnancy test kits and vasectomies.

~ Ashe Schow, “13 tax deductions you never knew existed,” Washington Examiner, April 15

[HT: LauraLoo]

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