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AZ woman faked cancer to get state funded, late-term abortion

by Kelli


… [T]he doctor immediately became suspicious of [Chalice] Zeitner’s previous claims of cancer as the woman showed no signs of the surgeries she claimed she so desperately needed just a year ago. Therefore, the OB called the doctor listed on the doctor’s note that Zeitner had given her the year before. Her fears were confirmed. Zeitner did not have cancer and was never treated by the doctor. In fact, the doctor said he had never seen Zeitner before.

Zeitner was arrested on counts of fraud, theft and forgery, and her photo was plastered all over local media outlets. That is when the police discovered that [she] was a pro at scamming not just the state, but also members of the public. Zeitner not only faked cancer to have her late-term abortion covered by the state, she also had numerous aliases and was pretending to be a military sergeant.

More startling is the fact that in the days leading up to her arrest, Zeitner was in the works to become one woman’s surrogate. Angela Aduri claims that when she saw Zeitner’s photo on the news, she was taken aback as that was the woman who was supposed to have her embryo implanted in just two days.

~ The Inquisitr, reporting on an Arizona woman who faked cancer so the state would pay for her late-term abortion, May 13

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BREAKING: Jill Stanek, pro-lifers arrested at pro-life sit-in

by Kelli

UPDATE, 4:30 CST: Jill and at least two other protesters have now been released.

The planned sit-in/prayer vigil at Speaker John Boehner’s office today has culminated in the arrest of eight pro-life leaders, including Rev. Pat Mahoney and our own Jill Stanek.

Here is the speech that Jill gave just before she was arrested. Please be in prayer for these leaders, who were attempting to give voice to preborn children:

YouTube Preview Image

There is also a Twitter campaign underway at #freetheban. Follow it here, and add your voice.

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BREAKING: Pro-lifers announce sit-in at Speaker Boehner’s office to #FreeTheBan


On March 25 it will have been just over TWO MONTHS since Republican House leaders reneged on their promise to vote on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act on January 22, when hundreds of thousands were participating in the March for Life.

If GOP leaders thought we might forget, they were mistaken. More than enough time has passed for them to right their wrong.

Today, I joined pro-life activists Rev. Pat Mahoney and Troy Newman in announcing a peaceful protest and sit-in at Speaker John Boehner’s office on March 25 at 11 a.m.

11047060_10206487690176768_1543167714_n (1)On that day there will be a pro-life social media effort called #FreeTheBan to compel GOP House leaders to pass this measure, which has overwhelming support among the American people across all demographics, as shown in this HuffPo poll.

Republican House leaders were roundly criticized for ineptly pulling the ban, such as in the Washington Post. 

Politico predicted re-election troubles ahead for those who blocked the ban, including Reps. Renee Ellmers, Jackie Walorski, and Charlie Dent. Even bill co-sponsor Marsha Blackburn has been identified as a potential culprit.

All pro-life activists in the Washington, D.C., area are urged to attend this important event. Those who do not wish to risk arrest are encouraged to offer support by their presence and prayers.

Sign up to join the event and show your support at our Facebook event page, where you can also learn more and get questions answered.

Pro-lifers not in the D.C. area are asked to plan to set aside time that day to cause a stir on Facebook and Twitter.

Read more at this Christian Examiner piece.

Pro-lifers are saying ENOUGH ALREADY. Pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act!

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The pro-life movement loses two heroes

20140516_225417_HDROn the same day, February 20, the pro-life movement lost two of its heroes, Dr. Jack Willke and Brother Paul O’Donnell.

I was honored to know both and to be close friends with Bro. Paul. The photo right is us at a wedding last year. His death at the youthful age of 55 came as a shock, but it happened peacefully during his sleep, which brings some comfort, along with knowing he now lives on in blissful happiness of which we cannot yet fathom.

You can read Bro. Paul’s obituary here.

Bro. Paul was long involved in the pro-life movement before the plight of Terri Schiavo in 2005 thrust him into the national spotlight as the Schindler family’s

I met Bro. Paul sometime after that. What bonded me to him was first his engaging personality and then his strong will to protect the defenseless among us.

Bro. Paul belonged to the Franciscan Brothers of Peace, and he wore a Franciscan habit, but those who thought these may have signified a passive personality were mistaken. Bro. Paul was passionate, tough, vocal, and bold in his attempts to protect those without a voice. I loved and was inspired by those qualities about him.

Bro. Paul was also my March for Life walking buddy. It was our tradition. The last time I saw him was at the Washington, D.C., pro-life hang-out pub, The Dubliner, a month ago. I will be attending his wake and funeral in Minneapolis on Thursday and Friday. I will really miss him.

dr-willke-officialDr. Willke and his wife Barbara, who preceded him in death by almost two years, helped launch the anti-abortion movement even before abortion was legalized in 1973.  The 89-year-old retired obstetrician died at his home.

I’m grateful Dr. Willke lived to see his memoir published – just two weeks before he died. Entitled, Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement: An Inside View, it describes the history of the pro-life movement from his vantage point.

A poem by pro-life stalwart Congressman Henry Hyde concludes that “a chorus of voices that have never been heard in this world but are heard beautifully and clearly in the next world” will greet pro-lifers as they enter Heaven.

What a wonderful moment that must have been for Bro. Paul and Dr. Willke.

BREAKING: House to vote on 20-week abortion ban Jan 22: Roe anniversary, date of March for Life

March For Life participants make their way to U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington

From Politico this morning, in an article entitled, “GOP hopes it’s cracked the abortion code: Republicans unite around a push to ban the procedure after 20 weeks of pregnancy”:

… GOP leaders plan to vote on a federal 20-week abortion ban on Jan. 22. That’s the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade and falls on the same day as the March for Life….

In the House, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) opted to tie the upcoming vote to the March for Life event after meeting with leading anti-abortion groups and Republicans who have long been vocal opponents of abortion.

McCarthy met in November with a dozen conservative groups, including the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Susan B. Anthony List, and “reiterated his commitment to the pro-life movement and vowed to ensure that the House of Representatives would be in session and voting during the 2015 March for Life,” a GOP staffer said.

The Politico article notes, “60% of Americans support the 20-week ban, according to Quinnipiac, and Democrats are evenly divided on that specific proposal.”

So, battling a ban against abortion past 20 weeks is a loser for abortion proponents and Democrats. Even so, they’re absurdly trying, for instance, National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill , who said, according to Politico:

“If you say ‘viability,’ that’s the time where a fetus can live independently outside of the womb. That’s 24 to 26 weeks. But most people don’t know that. So when you just say, ‘Oh, do you want to ban abortion at 20 weeks?’ People go ‘Yeah, that’s really late!’ No, it’s not. And most people don’t know that it’s not late.”

First, the American Heart Association and American Academy of Pediatrics have established viability at either 23 weeks or 400 grams (14 ounces).  Politico could and should have corrected O’Neill’s obvious attempt to dehumanize 20-weekers.

7148415_f260Second, 5 months is “not late”? Does O’Neill really want to go there? Does she really want us to start talking about the advanced development of a 20-week-old preborn baby? I think not. Just goes to show the other side’s uphill path.

And the number of perfectly healthy babies aborted past 20 weeks amounts to over 18,000 annually, or 49 a day, counter to another of the other side’s claims that they are “rare.”

The pro-abortion American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists embarrasses itself by trying to claim, as quoted by Politico, that 20-week-old preborns do not feel pain, when even younger babies, 18-weekers, are now routinely anesthetized if undergoing surgery.

The abortion lobby is right about one thing. As Planned Parenthood indicated, a bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks is a “clear attempt to challenge Roe v. Wade.”

It does this two ways.

First, H. R. 36 redraws the line after which abortions would be restricted. At present, the line is viability, according to Roe.

Second, H. R. 36 severely narrows the broad health exception defined in Roe’s companion case, Doe v. Bolton, which was:

… in the light of all factors – physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age – relevant to the well-being of the patient. All these factors may relate to health.

This health exception has basically allowed abortion on demand throughout all 40 weeks of pregnancy since 1973. H. R. 36’s health exception as:

… substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function, not including psychological or emotional conditions, of the pregnant woman.

BREAKING: Judge who served on Planned Parenthood board recuses himself from lawsuit

breakingA federal judge who served as president of Planned Parenthood Association of Cincinnati has recused himself from a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio against the state.

According to, today:

“Sometimes, the perception is as important as the reality,” U.S. District Judge Timothy Black said in a statement. “Although lawyers and judges recognize that an association of more than 25 years ago does not create a conflict of interest, citizens are likely to view that question more viscerally.”

He will be replaced by U.S. District Judge Michael R. Barrett, attorneys for both sides in the case said Saturday.

Planned Parenthood earlier this week sued to challenge an Ohio law that could lead to the closure of its Cincinnati clinic, the last remaining site in the area that performs abortions. The new law, passed last year, requires abortion clinics to create a patient-transffer agreement with a private hospital to stay open. Planned Parenthood’s Elizabeth Campbell Surgical Center in Mount Auburn previously partnered with UC Health, but could not find a private partner. That led the Ohio Department of Health to move to revoke its license and close the clinic.

The center’s closure would make the 2.1-million-person Cincinnati region the largest metro area in the U.S. without an abortion clinic, according to an Enquirer analysis.

That led to this week’s federal suit lawsuit, with Planned Parenthood asking that the law be struck down. The clinic also asked Black to issue a temporary restraining order keeping the health department from shutting it down until he rules on the full case.

Also read my previous post on this story.

BREAKING: In new undercover video Planned Parenthood tells minor “harm” ok if consensual

Planned Parenthood gives dangerous sex BDSM advice to minorsToday Live Action released its fifth undercover video exposing Planned Parenthoods across the country as promoters and educators to minors of dangerous, violent sexual activity known as BDSM*.

In this video, shot at the Planned Parenthood in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, the “counselor” goes so far as to tell Live Action’s investigator, posing as a 15-year-old, that causing “harm” to her is “ok” if consensual. That is not only sick advice, it is dangerous. Consensual harm to what extent? Quoting Live Action’s press release:

Anything within the sexual world is normal as long as it’s consensual.”  This includes “rope burns” and “markings” from “clamps.”  It includes going to sex shops, two of which the counselor recommends specifically.  It includes the sort of activity promoted in the explicitly pornographic and abuse-glorifying Fifty Shades of Grey.

Here’s the video:

YouTube Preview Image

As a reminder, Planned Parenthood gets over $500 million in tax dollars every year, in part to give sex advice to kids. This must stop!

*Bondage and Discipline/Sadomasochism and Masochism/Dominance and Submission

BREAKING Live Action Planned Parenthood Exposed Part 2: whips, asphyxiation

Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains BDSM sex

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has been much in the news of late.

A couple weeks ago it was revealed that its Aurora abortion clinic has abortion quotas and gives awards for “exceeding abortion visits.”

Last week we learned of a lawsuit filed against Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ Denver abortion clinic for not following legal protocol when aborting a 13-year-old in 2012, who it turns out was being sexually abused by her stepfather. Not only did Planned Parenthood commit the abortion and not report the incident to authorities, it gave her a birth control injection against her will, and sent her back to her abuser.

Today, Live Action released the second in its “SEXED: Planned Parenthood’s Dangerous Sex Advice for Kids” series, which exposes “counselors” at two Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains clinics – Littleton and Lakewood –  advising an investigator they thought was a 15-year-old how to engage in dangerous BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism) sexual behavior. 

Along with teaching deviant, dangerous behavior such as urinating and defecating on one another, gagging, whipping, asphyxiation, being leashed like a dog, and using torture apparatus, the Littleton employee encourages the investigator to violate a law banning minors from entering sex shops.

Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains BDSM 2

In addition, both employees instruct the young investigator about so-called “safe words.” This is where Planned Parenthood violates a well known feminist mantra, to quote Planned Parenthood elsewhere, “No means no!”



So Planned Parenthood on one hand preaches that if a man hears “no” or “stop,” he is to stop, but on the other hand maybe not. Planned Parenthood, can you explain?

Here’s Live Action’s new video, also at

YouTube Preview Image