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Fiorina ready to take on the Left over abortion

by Carder I am pro-life by virtue of faith and experience and now science. And I am tired of being scared away from this topic by leftist women. And I think they try to scare us away from this topic… it’s hard to argue that abortion for any reason at all after five months is […]

Rocker Joan Jett panics over elections and “women’s rights”

by Carder Holy smokes. The right-wing is medieval. It just cannot be in charge. In a second, they’ll be dragging out the stocks… Because if you care about women’s rights to control our own bodies and our own paychecks, then you’ve just got to care about this midterm election. ~ Rock musician Joan Jett, panicking […]

Stanek wkend Q: What should Wendy Davis’s follow-up to her paraplegic ad be?


Yesterday the Wendy Davis campaign released a new ad attacking her Texas gubernatorial opponent Greg Abbott, who is a paraplegic.

The shockingly tasteless ad was immediately condemned not only by Republicans but by… everyone.

The Washington Post called the ad “one of the nastiest campaign ads you will ever see.” WashPo reporter Chris Cillizza tweeted:

Shock: Wendy Davis had a late-term abortion

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, who became a national political sensation by filibustering her state’s tough new restrictions on abortion, discloses in her upcoming memoir that she had an abortion in the 1990s after discovering that the fetus had a severe brain abnormality. In Forgetting to be Afraid, Davis also writes about ending an […]

Slimy pro-abortion congressional candidate mails condoms to pro-lifers

James Woods condom strategy to pro-life advocates

Why do I think Democrat pro-abortion congressional candidate James Woods is slimy?

Aside from the fact Woods retaliated against a pro-life letter writing campaign by mailing condoms back to pro-lifers, he introduced his condom strategy on Facebook with “Got Wood(s)?” What person running for U.S. Congress goes gutter like that?

Woods is also a card-carrying atheist, which may help explain his lack of decorum. Here’s the letter he sent with his condoms:

VICTORY! Supreme Court unanimously rules in favor of pro-life group

Driehaus-billboard Susan B. Anthony List Obamacare abortion

I have blogged several times about pitiful sore loser Steve Driehaus, the supposed pro-life Ohio Democrat congressman who voted for abortion inclusive Obamacare.

When Susan B. Anthony List planned to expose Driehaus for his vote in a billboard ad (above) during the 2010 election cycle, he filed a complaint with the Ohio Election Commission accusing SBA List of false advertising, and OEC blocked the ad from being erected.

GOP: Competing for the pro-choice 41 percent?

Following the results of last week’s election, here comes the inevitable renewed call to oust pro-life principles from the Republican Party platform.

I almost want to tell the GOP to go ahead. Are pundits really that stupid? Never mind the 2012 Gallup poll, which showed the percentage of pro-“choice” Americans at a historic low…

Do Republicans really want to compete with Democrats for the 41%, leaving the 50% to wander off to a third party? This would be our only option.

The real problem for the GOP establishment is its players fall into one of three camps: terrified of the pro-life issue, Pro-Life in Name Only, or anti-life.

Would that the Republican establishment were to embrace the pro-life majority of their party as tightly as Democrats have embraced the pro-abortion majority of their party. Pictured below is Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, one of many pro-abortion leaders who spoke at the Democrat National Convention. Click to enlarge….

If nothing else, Rove’s white board analyses are archaic

A must read at Time’s Swampland. It’s a brave new techie world…

Sure, GOP, listen to Cecile Richards

In his November 8 Crisis Magazine piece, “Romney’s abandonment of social issues contributed to his defeat,” Austin Ruse cites several Republican and Democrat pundits who are calling on the GOP to abandon the abortion issue in the wake of several defeats.

(One of those Ruse quoteds was Michael Walsh, former editor of Breitbart’s Big Journalism, who edited or nixed my pro-life articles to such an extent I finally stopped submitting them. Unbiased source, he.)

Shock, even Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, joined the chorus. “There’s a clear pathway to [win back women’s support], and it’s to listen to the middle of their party instead of the extreme fringe,” Richards told the Huffington Post.

As if President Obama’s bff and Democrat Party spokesperson really wants to send women back to the GOP. No, Richards’ advice has nothing to do with wanting Republicans to back off from defunding or investigating her big abortion biz.

But hey, Republican Party, listen to these pundits and see what you end up with.

Erick Erickson at RedState.com wrote something brilliant, in bold:

Slow train coming?

Marvin Olasky at World magazine just posted a piece, “Slow train coming,” that meshes in theory with mine, although I think mention should have been made at the “50 year” mark of the sexual revolution and launch of the birth control pill.

A couple of Olasky’s milestones surprised, such as at 20 years and 10 years and a little bit at 30 years.

It begins…

Pro-life activists keep abortion front and center to the end

Created Equal’s pro-life activists showed the reality of abortion outside President Obama’s campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday. “All the security lines converged on our position in front of the arena,” wrote Executive Director Mark Harrington in an email. A captive audience. I love this photo (click all photos to enlarge). …

Today, Created Equal showcased pro-life signs on an overpass over the busiest freeway in Central Ohio during morning rush hour….

Election Eve: Obama stadium half-empty; deputy manager, “Don’t panic”

Via Breitbart.com, November 5:

Viral video: Unscripted Romney passionately advocates pro-life position

A rereleased video from 2007 that shows a clearly incensed Mitt Romney giving Iowa Newsradio WHO talk show host Jan Mickelsons an off-air piece of his mind has “become a viral sensation,” garnering over 1.8 million hits in just five days.

Romney, then a presidential candidate in the 2008 election cycle, took offense to questions during the interview about his Mormon faith and converting from pro-abortion to pro-life.

Headlines since yesterday are focused on how “testy” Romney became about the tenants of Mormonism. My take-away was, “Wow, this guy is passionately pro-life”….

Akin gets 11th hour help from Republican deep pockets

Internal polling must be showing that Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin has a good shot of beating the odds and defeating Claire McCaskill, because altogether Republicans are pouring $2 million into end game ads for the beleaguered pro-life candidate.

Pro-life heckler “totally throws Obama’s game” at Sunday campaign stop

News reports are noting only one item of interest from President Obama’s campaign stop in Cincinnati yesterday, one of the “precious few” stops he has left before tomorrow, Election Day.

And that is a pro-life heckler who “totally hijacked” the rally, followed by another one. As a result, “Barack Obama was totally thrown off his game.”

Obama’s worldview on women “echoes Playboy”

If Barack Obama really does think his ad’s messages are cool, he’s revealing more about the way he thinks of women than he may realize….

I mean, we’re worried about losing our jobs and borrowing money from China, and Obama responds with a sexually oriented ad, aimed at women, joking about how “doing it” with him is “amazing.”

Text messages outing Obama on abortion and infanticide cause uproar

What happened, via The Atlantic:

On Twitter Tuesday night, political operatives and journalists [in D.C. and surrounding area] reported receiving spam texts attacking President Obama. The texts come not from phone numbers but from email addresses, most with mysterious domains: sms@gopmessage.com, sms@votegopett.com, sms@voteett.com. According to Whois.com… those domains were all registered in February, but the registrant’s name is blocked.

Was it legal? Yes, although perhaps not free to the recipient, according to Huffington Post:

Another amazing celeb pro-choice ad: “Yes We Can” to “Yes We Plan”

President Obama has been a champion for women’s health and a steadfast ally for Planned Parenthood. Now we’re standing with him. Watch the “Yes We Plan” video starring Mary J. Blige, Julianne Moore, Q-Tip, and other Planned Parenthood Action Fund friends — and then make a promise to vote for President Obama and other pro-women’s […]

Who’s up for another star-studded pro-choice video?

The Center for Reproductive Rights blurs countries and causes, so where one woman in Kenya can’t take her baby home because she’s in debt for the delivery, this is compared to America being hostile to very late-term abortions in the former George Tiller clinic in Kansas… The Center’s staffers were quite clear they wanted to […]

Obama abstinence

Read backdrop and view Obama’s “voting virgin” ad here. Click to enlarge… You certainly wouldn’t want to be punished with a baby now, would you? Also see the Examiner article, “Would Obama show his daughters ‘Your first time’?” [Graphic via Pro Life Artists Unite]

Obama campaign releases ad comparing first time vote to first time sex

UPDATE: 10/26, 7:15a: From Erick Erickson: The reason Barack Obama is running this ad is because he is done trying to get independent voters. He’s given up. Despite campaign rhetoric about fighting for evangelicals, he’s given up there. He’s given up on Catholic voters. He’s given up on the South. He’s given up on men […]

Associated Press poll: What gender gap?

A friend forwarded me a media advisory yesterday that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards were holding a press call to demand that Mitt Romney pull his ad endorsing Indiana U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock following his statement upholding the sanctity of life for children conceived in rape.

So I got on the call.

Democrats for Life walks back endorsement of pro-abortion candidate

When last week Live Action blogger Kristi Burton Brown called out Democrats for Life of America for endorsing Virginia pro-abortion Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine, she received this response from DFLA Executive Director Kristen Day:

We support Chairman Kaine because of his record and work with DFLA. While Governor, Tim Kaine signed the Choose Life Life license plate bill in law. We were proud to work with the Governor to ensure the bill was passed and critical funds could be used to support crisis pregnancy centers. He also signed in to law the Pregnant Women Support Act introduced by Senator Phil Puckett and cosponsored by then Republican Senator Ken Cuccinelli. While Chair of the DNC, he supported pro-life Democrats and his policies help elect pro-life elected officials.

This despite the fact that Kaine’s website states:

Intel: Liberals plan anti-Mormon lit drop at mega-churches weekend before election

I was on a conference call yesterday regarding intelligence gathered from a highly placed source that liberal Obama surrogates are planning to target Evangelical mega-church parking lots with bigoted anti-Mormon flyers the final weekend before the election in key battleground states like Ohio, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Mega-church pastors are being notified to have parking lot attendants be on the lookout for such a lit drop. But please forward this post to all pastors of both Protestant and Catholic churches, particularly in battleground states.

It may surprise you to learn that most of anti-Mormonism is on the LEFT, not the Right. From The American Spectator, April 18:

15 minutes up: Sandra Fluke draws massive crowd of 10

She will not want my sympathies, but I do feel sorry for Sandra Fluke. I’d like to ask her this time next year if she realizes yet she was exploited for political purposes by Barack Obama and feminists.

Then again, she did this to herself. From RGJ.com:

Thousands call Planned Parenthood to schedule imaginary mammograms

Drudge has highlighted this story since Saturday.

I’ll just say the number has to be much larger because I surely am not the only one who did not confirm on the Facebook page I was making a call.

From EWTN, October 20:

Planned Parenthood CEO takes leave to schlepp full-time for Obama

On October 19 the Obama campaign announced via video by Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards that she was taking a leave of absence from her “day job” to campaign full-time for Barack Obama in the waning days leading up to the presidential election….

Billy Graham’s full page ad: “Vote for those who protect life”

Click to enlarge…

From CNN, October 18:

Why? Planned Parenthood spends record $12 mil on presidential election

Planned Parenthood, through its political action affiliates, has spent more on this election than any in the past – more than $12 million, with about half the money going for TV ads in Florida, Virginia, Ohio and other battleground states. ~ Wall Street Journal, October 19. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards also just announced she […]

Romney and Obama at the Al Smith Dinner

I had never heard of the Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner before the flak that arose over President Obama being invited this year.

According to Wiki the event is “is an annual white tie charity fundraiser for [local] Catholic charities, held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York on the third Thursday of October… in honor of former NY Governor Al Smith, the first Catholic presidential candidate. The first dinner was in 1945, the year after Al Smith’s death.”

Last night’s event raised $5 million.

Wiki goes on to explain the Al Smith Dinner’s foray into presidential abortion politics:

Obama, Big Bird, and Planned Parenthood

In the history of the United States there has been and there never will be a bigger supporter of Planned Parenthood in the White House than President Barack Obama.

People may wonder whether Obama actually likes Israel, but they will never, ever wonder whether he likes Planned Parenthood.

In fact, truth be told, Obama would obviously rather wear an “I ♥ Planned Parenthood” pin instead of American flag pin if he could get away with it.

Last night during his debate against Mitt Romney, Obama invoked his sacred cow, Planned Parenthood, five times:

Breaking: New $11 million anti-Obama ad campaign targets women

The American Crossroads super-PAC, cofounded by Karl Rove, announced today it will spend $11.1 million on an anti-Obama ad campaign that reaches out to women in battleground states…. The ad, with the great title, “Sack it,” will run in “Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia… [and] will also air on […]

As women abandon Obama, watch for abortion groups to push panic button

The headline on Drudge this morning…

All the polls I’ve read since Democrats started the “war on women” meme back in February have shown it’s a loser.

The new USA Today/Gallup poll linked today on Drudge agrees:

The real malarkey: Joe Biden’s abortion stance

When Joe Biden was asked about abortion in the vice-presidential debate last Thursday, he replied with what, in part, has become boilerplate. “I accept my church’s position on abortion…” he said. “Life begins at conception; that’s the church’s judgment. I accept it in my personal life; I just refuse to impose that on others, unlike my friend here, the congressman [Paul Ryan].”…

Randall’s Terry’s micro-targeted ad campaign to defeat Obama

The October 22 issue of The Weekly Standard magazine features a lengthy article about pro-life activist Randall Terry.

Writer Matt Labash spent a week with Terry, his family, and Terry’s band of pro-life renegades at Terry’s “bunkhouse” in West Virginia (formerly a Catholic group home for adults with Down syndrome).

The result was a well-written piece that keeps one engaged to the end. Labash captured Terry’s eccentricities without dismissing him as a nut and left open the door that Terry just may be a pro-life savant.

The impetus for Labash’s article was Terry’s latest project, which is to air his uniquely produced pro-life ads in strategic areas across the U.S., with a simple goal of suppressing Obama supporters from voting and losing Obama the election.

Before the explanation, here are the ads. The first is entitled, “Uncle Tom Jackson: Carrying water for racists,” taking on actor Samuel Jackson for his “WAKE THE F*** UP” pro-Obama ad

Duran Duran’s John Taylor likes Paul Ryan, with one exception

Hey, girls (on film), he’s not just a pretty face! Duran Duran’s John Taylor seems to agree with many on Twitter, including Tawny Kitaen, who called Joe Biden an “embarrassing jackass.” The consensus is that Joe Biden’s debate performance was disgraceful, from the creepy smirk to the cranky old man attitude, capped off by his […]

Catholics Ryan and Biden debate abortion

Last night Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan engaged in the one and only vice presidential debate of the 2012 election cycle.

I thought Biden lost hands down, coming across as a snide, rude, condescending, blowharded buffoon, while Ryan appeared presidential and gave measured, polite, substantive responses.

As somebody said on one of the radio talk shows this morning, watching the debate was like watching someone try to carry on an intelligent conversation with a drunk at a bar.

BREAKING: New ad, “The Nurse, The Extremist, The Survivor,” exposes Obama’s infanticide votes

Hello from Richmond, Virginia, where I’ll speaking at a press conference this morning with Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser and abortion survivor Melissa Ohden to announce the release of a new ad exposing Barack Obama’s voting record of supporting infanticide. Here ’tis… SBA List’s Women Speak Out PAC is making a $150,000 ad […]

Obama campaign: Women should vote with their “lady parts,” not brain

This is posted on an Obama campaign website: “Vote like your lady parts depend on it,” the text in the image says. Underneath, the text reads: “Because they kinda do.” UPDATE: The image has been removed from the Obama website. ~ The Weekly Standard, October 2

Life in the debate: Obama “inaudible”

Everyone’s talking about the presidential debate this morning, so I thought I’d open up the conversation here.

I loved this photo on RedState.com., taken afterward. Click to enlarge…

Here are close-ups of the facial expressions, lol. Click both photos to enlarge…

There wasn’t much said on the life issue last night, although President Obama did make a strange comparison between Wall Street reform and living wills:

Big name conservatives rally for Todd Akin; GOP establishment warms

The final deadline for Missouri Republican U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin to drop from the race came and went on September 25, and he did not.

The GOP establishment that had stood alongside Democrats and feminists to castigate Akin for his August 19 “legitimate rape” misstep must now eat crow. The polls and grasp of the U.S. Senate are too close.

Paul Ryan: HHS contraceptive mandate “will be gone” if Romney wins

… Wisconsin congressman [and pro-life Catholic Paul Ryan] said if he and Mitt Romney win the election in November, the requirement [for] religious employers… to provide contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs “will be gone, I can guarantee you that…. The Obama administration failed to recognize this mandate is in violation of our First Amendment right […]

Poll: Abortion advocacy hurts Obama in swing states

Up on Drudge now is a link to a Washington Examiner story reporting the results of a new Susan B. Anthony List’s poll, which are:

African-American pastor calls for Christians to leave Democrat Party

It is time for a mass exodus of Christians out of the Democrat Party… My friends, the Democrat Party and their progressive coalition have become anti-God, anti-bible, anti-church, anti-family, anti-marriage, and anti-life. They have turned their backs on Christians. It is time to turn our backs on them. ~ Bishop E. W. Jackson, founder and […]

Mega-church pastor: Evangelicals warming to Romney for 3 big reasons

I had no reason to think that evangelicals would be any more enthused about Mitt Romney than they were about John McCain. But over the last 11 months three developments have changed my mind about Romney’s appeal to evangelical voters. First, many evangelical Christians are incensed by the Obama administration’s relentless assaults on religious freedom…. […]

Students for Life “I Vote Pro-Life First” campus tour, featuring – me!

I’ve gone from never participating in a pro-life bus tour to traveling with two tours for a total of three weeks over a span of six weeks, oy!

Paul Ryan: Obama has “never once lifted a finger” to protect preborn

“We’re all in this together” – it has a nice ring. For everyone who loves this country, it is not only true but obvious. Yet how hollow it sounds coming from a politician who has never once lifted a hand to defend the most helpless and innocent of all human beings, the child waiting to […]

WashPo readers protest absurd “fact check” of Obama infanticide ad

On September 10 Washington Post “fact checker” Josh Hicks (pictured right) picked apart the Susan B. Anthony List ad featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, which called out Barack Obama for voting against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act four times when state senator. The ad:

When he was in the Illinois state Senate, Barack Obama voted to deny basic constitutional protections for babies born alive from an abortion – not once, but four times. I know it’s by the grace of God that I’m alive today, if only to ask America this question: Is this the kind of leadership that will lead us forward – that would discard the weakest among us?

Bizarrely, the only point Hicks could find to quibble with was the word “discard.” Was Ohden claiming she was “discarded”? Hicks pressed, apparently expecting late-term abortionists to cuddle babies they just aborted.

Karl Rove, fair weather friend

I have received assurances from a source close to him that Karl Rove is pro-life.

Many may have already assumed this, since Rove worked a heartbeat away from the most pro-active pro-life president our country has seen since President Reagan, although those sleeping a heartbeat away from both, Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan, were pro-abortion. So osmosis is no guarantee.

But Rove did speak at the National Right to Life Convention in 2008, which gave him street cred.

That said, at best Karl Rove is a fair weather friend.

Before I get to Todd Akin and Caroline Kennedy, I want to quote from Karen Handel’s book, Planned Bullyhood, scheduled for release tomorrow.

The DNC’s abortion monologues: Fluke, Keenan, Richards

We are taught to “know they enemy,” and in that spirit I forced myself to watch these speeches last night. Sitting through them was ridiculously hard, but since none were longer than 10 minutes I got through my self-imposed homework assignment by taking breaks to recover in between.

Being aware of the other side’s latest twisted talking points and strategies is “frankly” (Cecile’s favorite word) smart. So I’m giving you the same homework assignment. Now, now, I can hear you groaning. But we need to be aware. None of these are longer than 10 minutes. You can do this!

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