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Mouse dung once part of an ancient abortion suppository

by Carder The famous Greek doctor Hippocrates, or texts attributed to him, recorded a lot of abortifacients — and, interestingly, his books also reveal that the Greeks had figured out the connection between copper and contraception that we still use today in copper IUDs. But one recipe stands out: It calls for mouse dung, honey, […]

Children are the future for… jihadists?

by Carder I just saw a segment on TV about women who are going to ISIS held territory in order to become jihad “brides.” They are going freely. They are purposing to provide lots of jihad offspring for the future of the caliphate. They are thinking long term. They intend to have lots of children […]

Pro-lifers and the contraception compromise

by Carder … [I]t’s all right to have prayer rallies and demonstrations and even a big annual March — which gets absolutely zero coverage in the secular world — because the pro-life movement will never challenge contraception, which is the root of all this. It won’t challenge it because it would reveal the deep religious […]

Amanda Marcotte: Opposition to Obamacare about giveaways to blacks and “hot young sluts”

One of the unspoken but heavily insinuated arguments against Obamacare is that it’s a way for the federal government to steal health care from white people and give it to black people…. Ever since the HHS announced that contraception would be covered as co-pay-free preventive service, conservative media has gleefully portrayed the ACA as a […]

Cosmo girls: “We hook up, then next day take Plan B together”

She sees social butterflying as part of her job. “That’s where I get my ideas. I don’t get my ideas from reading other people,” she says. “I talked to the daughter of a friend of mine the other day who is at an Ivy League college. And I said, ‘Tell me about life and what’s […]

Is birth control the mother of all medical malpractice?

by Kelli You would have a good case for malpractice if your doctor recommended a bone marrow transplant for your common cold. How much better a case would there be if you didn’t even have a cold? In the case of no disease, the prescription of chemicals with side effects and long-term health risks — […]

Woman makes earrings inspired by IUDs

What started off as a funny gift for her boss has turned into a side business for Natasha Miller of Clinton Hill. She hopes her jeweled items “reduce any stigma and educate people” about the contraceptive. ~ New York Daily News, January 1, on the new feminist fashion sensation, IUD earrings [HT: iheartIAM on Twitter]

Planned Parenthood report touts their birth control as savior

by Kelli Birth control has changed my life. It has allowed me to attend college, travel and be a working woman. I get my birth control at Planned Parenthood because it is accessible and affordable, and because Planned Parenthood advocates for women like me – a young woman of color – every day. ~ “Shireen,” […]

Attempt to hide abortion behind contraception an epic fail

abortion contraception

In a November 26 Washington Post essay, political scientists John McTague and Melissa Deckman reported news of epic proportions to pro-lifers while dissecting why the “war on women” meme bombed in the 2014 Midterms:

Pill creator’s vision of future “not a world we want to live in”

by Kelli This is not a world we want to live in, although many have tried to create it for several decades now. Already, a crude form of this Brave New World has been created through the pill, a chemical weapon which women are conditioned to use on themselves. Pregnancy is equated to a parasitic […]

Pro-choicer enraged at pro-lifers after contraception fails

by Kelli


I’m pregnant. I just found out. I’m having an abortion on Saturday at 10 a.m….

I don’t want to have an abortion, which is why I got an IUD — to give myself a 99 percent chance of not having to consider the procedure for a decade, or ever. (Clearly the IUD failed, so I guess I’m the 1 percent.) What I definitely, definitely don’t want, immeasurably more than I don’t want to have an abortion, is to be pregnant or have a child.

So I’m not going to. At least, not right now….

I survived the sexual revolution, which is why I fight to end it

by Kelli Forty years later, having won most of their early battles, the current “women’s issue” crowd now maintains there’s a war on us that won’t end until we can obtain contraception and abortion without so much as a co-payment even for women who can afford an education at Georgetown, and it must be paid […]

PhD explains why she doesn’t use contraception

by Carder Imagine how pious I felt when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services demanded that employers pay for employees’ contraception, and the media clued me in to the fact that I was part of an elite squad. The 2 percent. The Catholic Mom Marine Corps. The Barefoot and Pregnant Dream Team. Now […]

WaPo fact checks “inaccurate” Dems on Hobby Lobby ruling

by Kelli Both Democrats and Republicans use adverse Supreme Court rulings to rally their respective bases, but lawmakers have a responsibility not to succumb to overheated and inaccurate rhetoric…. The Fact Checker generally does not award Pinocchios for “misspeaking” or for statements of opinion. And we obviously take no position on the Supreme Court opinion. […]

Democrat senator vows to force contraception coverage

by Carder Since the Supreme Court decided it will not protect women’s health, I will. ~ Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington) announcing her intention to push for a bill that would require for-profit corporations to subsidize contraception for their employees, New York Times, July 8 [HT: Hot Air]

Planned Parenthood tweets pic Lady Liberty holding birth control pills

by Kelli The organization’s message came after the recent uproar over the Supreme Court’s decision that for-profit company owners with religious objections to providing coverage for abortion-inducing drugs could be excluded from the Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate. Taking to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, Planned Parenthood sent an additional “Happy 4th of July” message as a reminder […]

“It’s not just Hobby Lobby: the pro-life movement is winning”

Catholic nun not exactly thrilled with Hobby Lobby ruling

Are Sr. Simone and NETWORK and all these women pro-abortion? Pro-abortifacients? Against religious liberty? Against the US Bishops? That’s what this looks like, doesn’t it. Let Sr. Campbell tell us. ~ Fr. John Zuhlsdorf speculating as to why progressive nun Sister Simone Campbell would retweet a Media Matters tweet to a link that features a video […]

Left’s anger over Hobby Lobby not about access to medicine

by Kelli


Again, Hobby Lobby’s health plan pays for birth-control pills, vaginal rings, contraceptive patches, and other items to help female employees plan their pregnancies. The Left’s arguments to the contrary are — surprise, surprise — lies.

What Hobby Lobby will not cover are four contraceptive methods that its owners fear are abortifacients:

Hobby Lobby decision: Victory for religious freedom!

Hobby Lobby pro-life SCOTUS decision and against abortion

UDPATE 6:20p: Americans United for Life notes:

The Court acknowledged the dangerous and radical view advanced by the Obama Administration: “Under HHS’s view, RFRA would permit the Government to require all employers to provide coverage for any medical procedure allowed by law in the jurisdiction in question—for instance, third-trimester abortions or assisted suicide.  The owners of many closely held corporations could not in good conscience provide such coverage, and thus HHS would effectively exclude these people form full participation in the economic life of the Nation.” (45-46)

UPDATE 5:10p: Ha…

Your tax dollars at work: Planned Parenthood hosts “condom crafting”

Planned Parenthood condom crafting abortion

The occasion was the opening of a new commuter rail line in Minneapolis/St. Paul, for which Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota had been “waiting excitedly… for a long, long time.”

Moral of the story: Don’t depend on abortion for birth control or have sex with creeps

drive long distance abortion andrea grimes rh reality checkOn June 3, RH Reality Check’s Andrea Grimes wrote about the “abortion access crisis” in East Texas where, due to clinic closures, women are being forced to “travel hundreds of miles roundtrip to Houston, Dallas, or Shreveport for legal abortion care.”

Save one, the examples Grimes gave to draw sympathy didn’t, at least from me:

The abortion purse

Choice Neon Hat box Michele Pred pro-choice abortion

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, others wear abortion – in neon lights.

Is Amazon selling black market Plan B?

Plan B on AmazonYou won’t hear me say this often, but the pro-abortion website RH Reality Check has posted a well done article today, “Buyer Beware: Can we trust cheap Plan B One-Step on Amazon,com?”

This week some on the Left have heralded the discovery that one can purchase Plan B, the name brand for the morning-after pill, on Amazon for a much cheaper price than one can buy it at a pharmacy or clinic.

For whatever reason, RHRC took a second look at something that would seem almost too good to be true.

Colorado funds confidential birth control for 12-year-olds

by Kelli A yearlong investigation in Colorado uncovered shocking information. Colorado state law allows children to have access to “reproductive health services” without needing their parents’ knowledge or consent first. And at these “BC4U” — Birth Control 4 You — clinics, funded by taxpayers, children as young as 12 are able to get birth control […]

Could your hormonal contraceptive disable or kill you? (YES)

Emily Letts opposes hormonal birth control pillRemember Emily Letts, the woman who filmed her own abortion?

Letts was willing to engage in unprotected hook-up sex, and willing to submit to an abortion, but one thing even she considered too risky was the birth control pill, as she explained to Cosmopolitan:

IRS: Abortion and birth control are tax-deductible

by Kelli Have an abortion, get a tax deduction! How strange that pro-abortion advocates aren’t using this as a selling point. Hmmm. Oh, and while they hyperventilate over Hobby Lobby not wanting to provide every type of birth control without a co-pay, it turns out that birth control pills can be deducted if prescribed by […]

Left creating false crisis with “straw men” in contraception debate

by Kelli The way they frame it, supporters of the intrusive HHS mandate are simply arguing that it isn’t a boss’ place to tell a woman whether or not she should use birth control…. Guess what? Conservatives agree. Employers shouldn’t make personal decisions for their employees, nor should they “interfere” with contraceptive choices. According to […]

Mom sues for “wrongful pregnancy” after birth of child with sickle cell disease

by Carder I love Kennadi with all my heart, and that’s the honest-to-God truth. But it’s been a life change for everybody – my whole family…. Everybody’s had to pitch in…. It’s been hard to wrap my mind around having this child when my other children are grown. It’s not fair. She is the absolute […]

Vanity Fair busts Planned Parenthood in undercover NuvaRing sting

i.2.nuvaring-death-scandal-prIt appears Live Action isn’t the only organization nailing Planned Parenthood in undercover investigations.

Add none other than Vanity Fair to the list.

I’m late reading a 10,000 word exposé in the magazine’s January issue on the dangers of a hormonal birth control device called NuvaRing.

Feminists mock Ricki Lake’s documentary on Pill dangers, sight unseen

UPDATE 2/24, 4:30p: World Magazine has picked up on this story, quoting from my blog post. UPDATE 2/20, 7:10p: Ricki Lake has chimed in on Twitter: @ThePillKills @JillStanek @HollyGriggSpall @Jezebel @PerezHilton I ask myself the same thing. Glad people are already buzzing about it… — Ricki Lake (@RickiLake) February 20, 2014 2/20, 5:38p: A release date […]

Claim that contraception caused NYC’s big abortion drop defies reality

by Kelli The City’s claim that increased use of contraception is the cause of the substantial decline is quite perplexing, though. While the CDC through its comprehensive National Survey of Family Growth has found steadily declining rates of teenage sexual activity, they have not found substantial increases in contraceptive use. And the City has been […]

UK shock: Two-thirds of women who abort are using contraception

furediby Kelli

Figures from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) reveal that a staggering two-thirds of women having an abortion were using a contraceptive at the time they conceived.

Ultimately women cannot control their fertility through contraception alone, and need accessible abortion services as a back-up for when their contraception lets them down,” said Ann Furedi [pictured], BPAS’ chief executive, in a press release.

Singer Charlie Daniels supports Catholic nuns in Obamacare legal battle

by Carder It’s a disgrace when the only people with the guts to face down Obama is a group of Catholic Nuns. God bless you Sisters. ~ Country singer Charlie Daniels tweeting his support for the Little Sisters of the Poor in their legal ordeal with the Obamacare/HHS contraception mandate, via Twitchy, January 3 Extra: Tea […]

Dr. James Dobson sues over HHS contraception mandate

by Carder As Americans, we should all be free to live according to our faith and to honor God in our work…. The Constitution protects that freedom so that the government cannot force anyone to act against his or her sincerely held religious beliefs. But the mandate ignores that and leaves us with a choice […]

Pay no attention to how great Planned Parenthood thought Plan B was 5 minutes ago

Just notice its sparkly new (and expensive) Plan C

2013-12-10_1105In 2005, after the FDA under President George W. Bush resisted liberal pressure to make the hormonal emergency contraceptive Plan B available over-the-counter, Planned Parenthood was furious, claiming unfettered access to hormonal ECs would cut the number of abortions in America by a whopping 67%, from 1.2 million annually to 400,000:

Male “pill” further along in development

by Carder A pill that provides a safe, effective and reversible method of contraception for men has been brought a step closer by scientists. Researchers identified two proteins that can be blocked to prevent the launch of sperm cells from the testes during ejaculation. Knocking out the proteins in genetically engineered mice resulted in male […]

Graphene condoms under development thanks to the Gates Foundation

by Carder This composite material will be tailored to enhance the natural sensation during intercourse while using a condom, which should encourage and promote condom use…. This will be achieved by combining the strength of graphene with the elasticity of latex to produce a new material which can be thinner, stronger, more stretchy, safer and, […]

LA Times columnist compares HHS Mandate objections to 1960s racism

The Supreme Court is expected to decide in the next week or so whether to take up the question of whether a for-profit company can deny its female employees contraception coverage in employer-provided health plans because the company owner has a religious objection. We’re not talking about religious institutions here. We’re talking about a secular […]

Erin Brockovich takes stand against Bayer birth control

After extensive testing, the Food and Drug Administration said Essure was safe and put it in a class that exempts manufacturers — in this case, Bayer — from lawsuits. Now, environmental activist Erin Brockovich [pictured right] is taking on the company — and the law — on behalf of women who say they are suffering…. […]

Orthodox Jew talks birth control – but what about purity?

lichtmanBirth control is not a woman’s responsibility. Unfortunately, at this point in time, the pill version of birth control — and, according to many rabbis, one of the only halachically acceptable versions of contraceptive — is available for women only. But that doesn’t make fertility a woman’s-only issue. I would be the one who would get pregnant, but it would be our child. Ultimately I’m the one swallowing the pill, but he can and should be just as responsible for reminding me to take it.

Erin Brockovich leads charge to stop sale of Essure contraceptive device

Essure-dispositivoEssure, manufactured by Bayer, is called a “permanent birth control” device that blocks sperm from meeting egg.

A pair of small, flexible metal coils are nonsurgically  inserted into a woman’s fallopian tubes, after which tissue grows around the coils, creating a “natural” barrier, according to the maker.

Essure has now been implanted in over 600,000 women since the FDA approved it in 2002 and is considered 99.83% effective. It is nonreversible, so I’m not sure why it’s not called a “permanent sterilization” device. Sounds like verbal gerrymandering.

“Women Deliver” speakers encourage poor women not to deliver

A billionaire and a princess graced the stage to tell nurses and clean water advocates that any effort to help poor women is secondary to giving them contraception and abortion. Sexual and reproductive rights are “at the core of human life,” said Princess Mary of Denmark. Until women have power not to have children, they […]

Very important celebs urge Obama FORWARD on “reproductive rights”

Standing in the way of access to emergency contraception? Seriously, Mr. President? What’s up with that? You gotta be kidding me. That needs a hashtag. Mr. President, we have drawn the line against these relentless assaults against reproductive rights. We need Congress to act now to stop the attacks and protect our rights and our […]

High schoolers brainstorm crude pro-choice ideas to reduce abortion

Erickson and his students reasoned that any serious quest to reduce abortions would not focus exclusively on women, and so they satirically brainstormed potential roles that men might play in such a push. They came up with such ideas as a “Mandatory Sex Savings Fund,” which would require men to pay $25,000 into an account […]

Insane: Judge orders OTC emergency contraception to all ages nationwide

FE_PR_081204_pills_540425x283One round of emergency contraceptives contains four to 12 times the dosage of a birth control pill.

The long-term effects of emergency contraception on the bodies of girls and women are as yet unknown.

At present we do know the Pill is composed of synthetic female steroids that are environmentally toxic, increase the risk of breast cancer, alter phermones, kill libido, and cause depression, anxiety, and mood disturbances.

Arguing abortion, contraception as money-savers a “smokescreen”

So a brief blog post today on one of the more utilitarian reasons that I have heard for abortion/contraception – it saves money…. This sounds to me like something I heard from a colleague last year that the reason that New York’s prison population was down… because of Roe v Wade – since then, thousands […]

Senator wonders if university’s $18k “Sex Week” is for porn careers

campfieldUTWe should be teaching these children what is important to learn so they can get jobs….

I don’t know what jobs they plan on getting if they’re having seminars on oral sex and bondage. I don’t see how that will help someone in their professional career – unless they plan on becoming a porn star….

Breast cancer triples among young women over past 3 decades; researchers “don’t know why”

imageWashington Post, February 27:

Cases of advanced breast cancer among women younger than 40 have tripled in the U.S. over the last three decades, a trend that researchers said has “been increasing at a steady or even accelerating rate.”… according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association….

“This study identifies a trend that hasn’t been described in the past,” said Rebecca Johnson, medical director of the Adolescent and Young Adult oncology program at Seattle Children’s Hospital and the study’s lead author. “We’ll definitely need future studies to figure out why this change is occurring.”

NYC Parents Union prez: Plan B “population control” on minorities

I’m in shock…. What gives the mayor the right to decide, without adequate notice, to give our children drugs that will impact their bodies and their psyches? He has purposely kept the public and parents in the dark with his agenda…. This was population control on blacks and Latinos without our knowledge. ~ Mona Davids […]

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