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Mouse dung once part of an ancient abortion suppository

dv1637066by Carder

The famous Greek doctor Hippocrates, or texts attributed to him, recorded a lot of abortifacients — and, interestingly, his books also reveal that the Greeks had figured out the connection between copper and contraception that we still use today in copper IUDs. But one recipe stands out: It calls for mouse dung, honey, Egyptian salt, wild colocynth, and resin to be made into a suppository and put into the uterus.

Septic abortion strikes again: the possibility for infection just skyrockets.

~ JR Thorpe describing one of “nine terrible ancient methods of abortion,” as reported by Bustle via The Huffington Post, June 18

Children are the future for… jihadists?

jihadi brideby Carder

I just saw a segment on TV about women who are going to ISIS held territory in order to become jihad “brides.” They are going freely. They are purposing to provide lots of jihad offspring for the future of the caliphate.

They are thinking long term. They intend to have lots of children for their future… projects.

Meanwhile, the wealthy, free West is contracepting and aborting its future into oblivion.

That got me thinking about the long term effects on our society of a) romantic “luv” and b) “no fault” divorce.

~ Father John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog, May 26

Pro-lifers and the contraception compromise

contraceptionby Carder

… [I]t’s all right to have prayer rallies and demonstrations and even a big annual March — which gets absolutely zero coverage in the secular world — because the pro-life movement will never challenge contraception, which is the root of all this. It won’t challenge it because it would reveal the deep religious differences between many Catholics and many contraception-embracing protestants in the movement.

The quiet compromise in the movement that has taken place is: The lives of babies are more important than the larger truth. That is now the ironclad position of the pro-life movement, molded and shaped by a tenuous and false political ecumenism. And when that compromised position is brought to the table of the struggle with the united secular forces, a further compromise is exacted.

March and demonstrate all you want. We will just ignore you.

~ Catholic apologist Michael Voris, criticizing the pro-life movement’s internal compromise over contraception, Church Militant, May 15

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Amanda Marcotte: Opposition to Obamacare about giveaways to blacks and “hot young sluts”

amanda-cotteOne of the unspoken but heavily insinuated arguments against Obamacare is that it’s a way for the federal government to steal health care from white people and give it to black people….

Ever since the HHS announced that contraception would be covered as co-pay-free preventive service, conservative media has gleefully portrayed the ACA as a program to give hot young sluts an opportunity to screw on the public dime.

~ Pro-abort Amanda Marcotte, as quoted by Newsbusters, March 6

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Cosmo girls: “We hook up, then next day take Plan B together”


She sees social butterflying as part of her job. “That’s where I get my ideas. I don’t get my ideas from reading other people,” she says. “I talked to the daughter of a friend of mine the other day who is at an Ivy League college. And I said, ‘Tell me about life and what’s going on.’

“And she said that she and her friends all go out on Friday night. They hook up, and then they all go down to the medical center the next morning and take Plan B together.

“And I was like, There’s the story.” (Coles reminds me that Cosmo is not “judgy” about women’s sex lives.)

~ New York Magazine, February 10, quoting Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles, pictured above

Is birth control the mother of all medical malpractice?

birth controlby Kelli

You would have a good case for malpractice if your doctor recommended a bone marrow transplant for your common cold. How much better a case would there be if you didn’t even have a cold? In the case of no disease, the prescription of chemicals with side effects and long-term health risks — for any reason except fertility — would be considered inexcusable by any medical standard….

I hear the push-back from women who, like me, are or were using hormonal birth control to manage symptoms of dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, or other conditions. I offer for your consideration this question: is birth control so good at relieving your symptoms that it’s easier to delay the onerous diagnostics that could lead to a potential cure for your underlying disease?

Your doctor, who barely spends half an hour a year with you, may be great, but she and the pharmaceutical industry have no financial incentive to steer you in a direction that would reduce your dependence on them. If you don’t resist the inertia of the status quo, nobody else will. For years, I was so grateful for the convenient symptom relief of hormonal birth control, I put off the much more complicated task of diagnosing and treating my endometriosis and ovulation defects until it was too late.

~ Katy French Talento, The Federalist, January 5

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Woman makes earrings inspired by IUDs


What started off as a funny gift for her boss has turned into a side business for Natasha Miller of Clinton Hill.

She hopes her jeweled items “reduce any stigma and educate people” about the contraceptive.

~ New York Daily News, January 1, on the new feminist fashion sensation, IUD earrings

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Planned Parenthood report touts their birth control as savior

plannedparenthood reportby Kelli

Birth control has changed my life. It has allowed me to attend college, travel and be a working woman. I get my birth control at Planned Parenthood because it is accessible and affordable, and because Planned Parenthood advocates for women like me – a young woman of color – every day.

~ “Shireen,” a woman quoted in Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s latest annual report, as posted by, December 31

Also revealed in the report: Planned Parenthood performed 327,653 abortions in FY2013 (up 487 from previous year) and provided fewer contraceptives.