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Down Syndrome portraits to showcase “beauty and diversity”

by Carder Ella’s work on this project actually began after she’d heard a discussion of the ethics behind prenatal tests to detect birth defects. The First and Foremost I Am photo series aims to do more than showcase the “beauty and diversity of humankind.” When looking at her 21 subjects — a number purposefully chosen […]

The Geneva Declaration on Perinatal Care


I’ve just signed something important called the Geneva Declaration on Perinatal Care. It reminded me of why I came involved in the pro-life movement in the first place.

logoThe Declaration, which can be signed by medical practitioners and researchers, is part of a new initiative by a group of parents under the banner Every Life Counts. They want medics (and everyone else) to stop using the phrase “incompatible with life” when giving a diagnosis of a life-limiting condition for an unborn baby – and with good reason.

Pro-choice activist: Don’t abort intersex children like me

by Carder As an intersex person, it’s difficult for me to understand why we’re perceived as so scary that we’re unwelcome to exist in the world. I have had, and continue to have, difficulty reconciling my strong belief that all pregnant persons must have the right to choose to obtain an abortion with my anger […]

When eugenic abortion becomes personal

by Kelli All I knew about abortion then was that Down’s syndrome is the most common reason for a termination. Even that was something I shuddered to contemplate, because my brother Alastair has Down’s. And a cleft lip and palate isn’t the same as Down’s. I knew children at my church who’d had the condition, […]

“Virtually no systems in place” for helping mom of disabled baby

by Carder But in our race to find heroes and villains, we fall victim to a common and dangerous error: treating the event as entirely a matter of free choice made by independent individuals guided only by their own moral compass. There is no need for context. And we certainly don’t want to talk about […]

Mom confronts stranger who suggests she should have aborted her son

by Kelli Sometimes I forget, because Gabe is just that — Gabe. When I look at him I don’t see Down syndrome, I see my son, Abi’s brother — a sweet, willful, determined little boy. Sometimes I forget, and that makes it even harder when someone reminds me in a not so kind way. Like […]

Cosmo mag wrong about Jessa Duggar’s Holocaust remarks

by Kelli

jessa-duggarCosmo went into full anti-woman mode. [Writer Jill] Filipovic attacked Jessa Duggar for daring to put history into perspective….

Jessa’s remarks on Instagram conveyed a profound understanding of the past and applied it to the present. Over 56 million human lives have been butchered by an abortion industry birthed in the same racist and elitist pseudoscience of eugenics that created the racial hygiene theory that led to the slaughter of millions in the Holocaust….

Genetic counselor to parents: Don’t like what you see? Abort.

by Kelli I will always remember that look on her face. I knew it was not good news. We were expecting our third child. My wife, Samantha, went to our doctor for a routine appointment. Our first two pregnancies went perfectly. Not this time. After analyzing the blood Samantha provided, the doctor determined that there […]

Leona Lewis: “Incredibly sad” most kids with Down syndrome aborted

by Kelli I think that’s so sad. I think that’s incredibly, incredibly sad and, yeah, it hurts my heart a bit. ~ Singer Leona Lewis at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation Gala, responding to the information that 9 out of 10 67% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted, as quoted by CNSNews.com, May 9 [Photo […]

Mom says to expect “beauty in imperfections” of Down syndrome

by Kelli What I have learned in the last 3 years is what to really expect when having a child with Down Syndrome. Someone once gave me a book about what to expect, I read a few chapters and threw it away. I hated it. Most books and pamphlets are so outdated the material is […]

Real life “Gattaca”? FDA considers engineering of disease-free babies

by Kelli Let’s back up just a second and look at what they are proposing to do — They’re proposing to try to create disease-free children by a type of genetic engineering. And the proposals aren’t actually to treat anybody; they’re to create new individuals that they hope won’t have a disease…. Trying to create […]

Jezebel blogger wishes priest had let baby with Down syndrome die

So, evidently, no one is ever allowed to offer someone who is even considering having an abortion any other options whatsoever. Because hello, that’s coercion, or something. Of course, back on planet Earth, giving someone another option, which they then agree to, is not coercion. These are the people who call themselves “pro-choice.” But when […]

“Women Deliver” speakers encourage poor women not to deliver

A billionaire and a princess graced the stage to tell nurses and clean water advocates that any effort to help poor women is secondary to giving them contraception and abortion. Sexual and reproductive rights are “at the core of human life,” said Princess Mary of Denmark. Until women have power not to have children, they […]

Bioethicists upset that “non-academics” dislike eugenic infanticide

[Bioethicists] Giubilini and Minerva [the same authors of a paper last year supporting infanticide for Down syndrome] are expressing surprise that the Down syndrome community opposes their agenda of eugenics and infanticide…. They would like to dismiss anyone who disagrees with their conclusions as being irrational because we don’t appreciate the opportunities of what they […]

Spoof: Roe vs. Wade looking hot at 40

You remind me so much of that Democrat, Margaret Sanger, who succeeds with her plan to this very day to get blacks to participate in their own genocide, and use charming black folks to encourage other blacks to feel empowered and enlightened for believing that killing their children is okay. Yeah baby, I remember our […]

Billboard: “Prenatal testing cannot predict this kind of love”

Click to enlarge… ~ Billboard spotted on I294 near O’Hare Airport in Chicago, sponsored by the International Down Syndrome Coalition. It states, “Prenatal testing cannot predict this kind of love.”

Ban abortions for white supremacy?

Guest post by Paul Revere

In the aftermath of last week’s elections, much has been made of the demographic problem Republicans may face in coming elections. Black and Hispanic voters consistently give a majority of their votes to Democratic candidates, and this was especially true in 2012. With the Hispanic population expected to continue its substantial growth in America – it made up more than half of the growth in America’s population between 2000 and 2010, and grew by 43% in that time period, both according to the Census – many in the media have focused on this as a topic of discussion.

Unfortunately, one of those discussions included a very racist, and factually inaccurate, half-joke on MSNBC.

Genetically engineering babies a “moral obligation”

Surely trying to ensure that your children have the best, or a good enough, opportunity for a great life is responsible parenting? So where genetic selection aims to bring out a trait that clearly benefits an individual and society, we should allow parents the choice. To do otherwise is to consign those who come after […]

Rap producer called hypocrite over violence in black community

And I gotta remind you, Russell, if you’re so upset about black people killing other black people in the hood, why aren’t you speaking out against the abortion clinics that are in the inner cities that are killing far more black people than shootings, you hypocrite? …Now, unless you’re not paying attention, you may often […]

Former drug users speak out against sterilization agenda

I’m glad that I was never approached to be sterilized, because if I was, I wouldn’t feel the self-worth and the self-value that I feel today. ~ Recovering drug addict Devikah, countering the claims of Barbara Harris, founder of Project Prevention, “a program that offers $300 for current and former drug users to get sterilized […]

Inside Congressional caucus briefing on how to block pro-life gains in black community

On May 10 the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus were honorary co-hosts of a wordy briefing entitled, “African Americans’ Attitudes on Abortion, Contraception, and Reproductive, Justice: From Public Opinion to Policymaking,” held at the U.S. Capitol.

On the agenda:

HuffPo writer aborts daughter with Trisomy 13

That night I tried reading about the procedures, but I kept feeling nauseous. Sophia was now moving regularly, and we were planning a 21-week D&E or induced birth. The horror pressed into us. We holed up in our house and grieved, deliberated and found scraps of distraction to keep us sane. We whispered to Sophia, […]

Mike Wallace (R.I.P.) interview with Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood

Veteran reporter Mike Wallace has passed away on this Easter Sunday. One of his most revealing reports came from an interview with Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. It’s worth a watch. ~ Real Catholic TV via their Facebook page, April 8

Barack Obama, Planned Parenthood: Social Darwinists

This week President Obama invoked the term “social Darwinism” to disparage a trimmed budget plan proposed by Republican Congressman Paul Ryan….

Democrats and Republicans are not the same when it comes to pro-life positions

The Republican Party is pejoratively considered the far right wing for two main reasons: Because the majority of us are Christian conservative and because of our pro-life stance. And I think it’s unwise of this movie to try to lump Republicans in with the far left, and the eugenics movement, and alienate the party that […]

Ethicists: Magicians who can make people “disappear for real”

Here’s the thing – they’re right. If you accept their premises, they’re absolutely right. The second we allow ourselves to become the arbiters of who is human and who isn’t, this is the calamitous yet inevitable end. Once you say all human life is not sacred, the rest is just drawing random lines in the […]

Opening the door to Dachau: When government determines who is “worthy of life”

The costs to society of caring for the disabled are small when compared with the cost to society of failing to deal with the morally defective; and the essential difference between a barbaric tyranny and an optimally free, just and civilized society is that the former encourages the strong to prey upon the vulnerable with […]

Rick is right: Prenatal genetic testing increases eugenic abortions

The rapid growth of prenatal testing has had some undeniably positive effects: A woman who knows she will bear a child with a handicap can plan to deliver in a hospital equipped for risky births. And many couples prefer the opportunity to prepare psychologically for the work of raising a disabled child. By far the […]

Court docs: Previous abortion triggered mental illness of mother almost forced to abort again

News services were quick to pick up the story last week of a Massachusetts Appellate Court overturning a ghastly decision by Probate Judge Christina Harms (pictured right) that would have forced a 32-yr-old mentally ill pregnant mother to get a late-term abortion (at 21 weeks) against her will and also be sterilized. Women’s groups and […]

Brazilian abortion documentary screened at “Interpreting Abortion” Harvard event

Severina is human, she is not a feminist thesis. This allows us to have a connection with her. ~ Bioethics professor and documentary director Debora Deniz on the screening of her award-winning documentary Severina’s Story, a film about one Brazilian woman’s struggle with the Supreme Court of Brazil and her quest to abort her son […]

Meet Rick Santorum’s precious daughter Bella, “the center of our universe”

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s daughter Bella was born with Trisomy 18. Trisomy is similar to Down syndrome in that the former has three of the 18th chromosome and the latter has three of the 21st chromosome. Many children with Trisomy 18 die within hours or days after birth. Many children with Trisomy 18 are aborted. […]

Down syndrome child: “I am the 10%”

“I am the 10% of children born with Down Syndrome who survived Roe v. Wade.” ~ Andy Reigstad, creator of the message and father of 6-yr-old Boaz, the child holding the poster, via Life Site News, October 27

Democratic hopeful: Improve the environment – or get babies like Trig

Are you going to go and have your blood checked to see how many poisons you have in it, or do you want a child like Trig who is never going to grow up? ~ Arizona business owner and Democratic presidential hopeful Harry Braun, suggesting that failure to improve the environment has led to disabilities […]

“Gates of Hell” creators fire back at Dr. Gerard Nadal over film critique

This movie is not for the sake of promoting violence against the abortion industry; it points out the violence the abortion industry has brought to us! Even though this is fiction, this movie is not for entertaining a fantasy for exacting violence against abortionists. So instead of putting so much energy into reprimanding and trying […]

African-American abortions: The numbers don’t lie

The National Black Prolife Coalition and TooManyAborted.com have launched a powerful “Numbers Don’t Lie” video series. Part 1, Epidemic, was released June 15, and Part II, Number One Killer, was released July 17. Both are amazing. Part III will be released in August. “Numbers Don’t Lie” exposes, by the numbers, the epidemic of abortion in the […]

Porn publisher Larry Flynt on Trig Palin, who he calls “It”

UPDATE 5/29, 10:05a: As reported by LifeNews.com and The Blaze, Flynt is not backing down from his comment. He wrote on Twitter May 27: What I said is true. She knew that baby was Downs Syndrome. If she thought it would be something heroic or courageous to have this child, it’s her decision but I […]

Abort albinos

Feminists for Choice has a post up, “Albinos in Tanzania are being raped for AIDS cure”:

Not the messaging Cecile hoped for today: Full page ad exposes Sanger’s racist, eugenic roots

Planned Parenthood is, of course, one of the groups sponsoring Pro-Choice Lobby Day in Washington, DC, today. So this morning PP CEO Cecile Richards sent out an email asking for “message[s] of support.”… Right after Cecile’s email came another one on the same topic – messaging –  but from the other end of the spectrum…

BET: Yes, Planned Parenthood might be targeting blacks, but…

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed into a law a bill earlier this week that bans abortion on the premise of race or gender…. Critics of the new law say the true purpose of the bill is to polarize the public on an already sensitive subject. The African-American community is still reeling from Life Always’ anti-abortion […]

Black abortion genocide ad airs on BET

For two weeks, December 26 through January 4, this ad ran 60 times on Black Entertainment Television and BET Centric… The ad, produced by Virtue Media and using footage from Maafa 21, directs viewers to BlackDignity.org for more information.

MLK Day observance: Abort not by the color of their skin

According to the latest figures from the US Census Bureau (August 2010), African-Americans comprise 12.9% of our population. But, according to the Guttmacher Institute, they have 37% of all abortions: Put another way, according to GI: This much is true: In the United States, the abortion rate for black women is almost five times that […]

BREAKING: 70 “Black Children are an Endangered Species” billboards going up in the City of Angels

Beginning today Los Angelans in predominantly black areas of the metropolis will start seeing a total of 70 billboards pop in in their neighborhoods exposing the abortion industry for targeting African-Americans for abortions. The “Black Children are an Endangered Species” campaign, first launched in Atlanta, GA, is coming to the Golden State (click to enlarge)… […]

Whoopsie: Pro-aborts plan anti- “Blacks are an endangered species” billboard presser on same day new campaign is launched in TX

I love it. Little did the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice know when it scheduled a press conference today at the National Press Club in DC – to decry in part the “Blacks are an endangered species” billboard campaign – that the accused  would also be announcing a new billboard campaign in TX.

Newspaper features homicidal maniac abortion-funding “crusader”

Propping support for abortion invariably involves attempts to laud its sinister leaders and normalize their demented behavior. And so we saw in the WI State Journal Sunday one of the more arduous tasks I think an MSM journalist has ever been asked to undertake – to pleasantly profile 83-yr-old Anne Gaylor, who has funded almost […]

UN: Kill children to lower childhood mortality?

I read this on Twitter earlier today and did a double take… Did you read that as I did? 99% of pregnant mothers in developing countries die? I checked the source, a

Controversial “Black and Unwanted” pro-life billboards cause stir in Arkansas

Last week Radiance Foundation, as has Fox16.com news report…

UT KKK controversy: Crystal ball into the future of abortion supporters

Pro-lifers often say pro-aborts are on the wrong side of history and will someday be viewed with as much disdain as those who 150 years ago supported slavery. Someday descendants of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards will be ashamed she is part of their family tree. And already, even though she was majorly responsible for […]

Eugenics, Margaret Sanger now part of Texas textbook controversy

Backstory, from

Why do so many great writers have epilepsy?

An epilepsy gene was Holy Kaw drew attention to a fascinating article on

Eugenics on display: Abortion in healthcare saves money; Dem pro-lifers wearing down

There is lots of fodder in

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