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Wasserman Schultz was “face of Florida’s push” for Schiavo death

by Kelli

Baby Munoz put to death by judicial tyranny

UPDATE 1/27, 11:15a: The deceased Munoz baby’s gender and name have been posted on the public Facebook page of Erick Munoz’s local union, Crowley Professional Firefighters Association L-4182:



Rest in peace, Marlise and little Nicole.

[HT: Leslie and Vanessa]

1/26, 5:15p: It’s Terri Schiavo all over again.

Another pro-death judge has inexplicably ordered the death of an innocent, helpless person due to a family’s wishes.

Despite a Texas law requiring that pregnant mothers be kept on life support until their preborn babies are viable, District Court Judge R. H. Wallace on Friday ordered John Peter Smith Hospital to remove Marlise Munoz’s life support by 5p Monday – and the hospital has already complied.

Family not “focused” on whether pregnant mom on life support would have wanted baby born

Since she was excited about her second child, wouldn’t Marlise want her baby to be born despite her condition? “We haven’t even focused on that yet,” says Machado, adding that doctors have told them they can’t determine the fetus’s health until mid-February. “Our focus has been our daughter’s wishes not being honored. To see this […]

Husband seeks to remove pregnant wife from life support

by Kelli It’s hard to reach the point where you wish your wife’s body would stop…. They don’t know how long the baby was without nutrients and oxygen. But I’m aware what challenges I might face ahead. ~ Erick Munoz, who is seeking to have his pregnant wife Marlise’s life support removed in Texas, where […]

Stanek Sunday quote: “God used my sister’s death to save me” ~Bobby Schindler

I honestly believe this has saved me. All the focus of me and my family was to save my sister, when, in reality, God used her to save me, perhaps. The way I was living back then I was on the path to eternal damnation. How could I ever thank my sister for what she’s […]

“Vegetative” patient proves docs wrong, shows conscious thought

A Canadian man who was believed to have been in a vegetative state for more than a decade, has been able to tell scientists that he is not in any pain. It’s the first time an uncommunicative, severely brain-injured patient has been able to give answers clinically relevant to their care. Scott Routley, 39, was […]

Ethicists: Magicians who can make people “disappear for real”

Here’s the thing – they’re right. If you accept their premises, they’re absolutely right. The second we allow ourselves to become the arbiters of who is human and who isn’t, this is the calamitous yet inevitable end. Once you say all human life is not sacred, the rest is just drawing random lines in the […]

Country artist Collin Raye’s new Christian CD to benefit Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network

Country superstar Collin Raye, recently named national spokesperson for Terri Schiavo’s Life & Hope Network, is donating a portion of the proceeds from his newly released CD of Christian hymns and ballads, His Love Remains, to help the Life & Hope Network continue the legacy of protecting and saving lives. This is a wonderful Christmas […]

Country music star named as national spokesperson for the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network

Great news, from a September 14 press release: Terri Schiavo’s Life & Hope Network, a foundation created by her parents and siblings following her death by starvation in 2005, announced today that country music star Collin Raye will serve as their national spokesperson. “I am truly honored and humbled to be representing those who have […]

Photos: Beach Boys/Lettermen benefit concert for the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network

The 2nd annual Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Concert was this past Sunday in Dayton, OH, and it featured the Beach Boys with special guest John Stamos and The Lettermen. A sold-out crowd of 3,000 enjoyed two ridiculously fun performances that were even interactive. At several points various band members came into the audience or […]

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by Kellistethoscope and dollar

Have an abortion, get a tax deduction! How strange that pro-abortion advocates aren’t using this as a selling point. Hmmm.

Oh, and while they hyperventilate over Hobby Lobby not wanting to provide every type of birth control without a co-pay, it turns out that birth control pills can be deducted if prescribed by a doctor.

Also, you can deduct the purchase of pregnancy test kits and vasectomies.

~ Ashe Schow, “13 tax deductions you never knew existed,” Washington Examiner, April 15

[HT: LauraLoo]

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