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Ted Nugent: “Abortion, not guns, eliminating inner-city population”

The purpose of kicking little Billy out of school for drawing a picture of a gun or wearing a pro-gun t-shirt or eating a locked and loaded pop-tart is to simply vilify guns, or in the words of Eric “Fast & Furious” Holder, to “brainwash” Americans against the Second Amendment…. Of course, if a kid […]

Inaccurate female genitalia display to counter accurate abortion display

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No surprise, a Planned Parenthood panel will tonight kick off a two-day event to be held March 7 and 8 at the University of Cincinnati, sponsored by UC’s LGBTQ Alliance and UC Feminists.

Spoof: Roe vs. Wade looking hot at 40

You remind me so much of that Democrat, Margaret Sanger, who succeeds with her plan to this very day to get blacks to participate in their own genocide, and use charming black folks to encourage other blacks to feel empowered and enlightened for believing that killing their children is okay. Yeah baby, I remember our […]

Ban abortions for white supremacy?

Guest post by Paul Revere

In the aftermath of last week’s elections, much has been made of the demographic problem Republicans may face in coming elections. Black and Hispanic voters consistently give a majority of their votes to Democratic candidates, and this was especially true in 2012. With the Hispanic population expected to continue its substantial growth in America – it made up more than half of the growth in America’s population between 2000 and 2010, and grew by 43% in that time period, both according to the Census – many in the media have focused on this as a topic of discussion.

Unfortunately, one of those discussions included a very racist, and factually inaccurate, half-joke on MSNBC.

Inside Congressional caucus briefing on how to block pro-life gains in black community

On May 10 the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus were honorary co-hosts of a wordy briefing entitled, “African Americans’ Attitudes on Abortion, Contraception, and Reproductive, Justice: From Public Opinion to Policymaking,” held at the U.S. Capitol.

On the agenda:

Democrats and Republicans are not the same when it comes to pro-life positions

The Republican Party is pejoratively considered the far right wing for two main reasons: Because the majority of us are Christian conservative and because of our pro-life stance. And I think it’s unwise of this movie to try to lump Republicans in with the far left, and the eugenics movement, and alienate the party that […]

Review of “Gates of Hell”

UPDATE 3/28, 1:15p: Molotov has sent me his thoughts and given permission to post:

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t love it. So far, roughly 90-95% of the pro-life leaders who’ve seen it have loved it.

If you’re going to write a critical review, keep in mind that “Gates of Hell” was designed to manufacture tension. It dramatically creates a crisis so disturbing that comfortable, apathetic moderates are forced to confront the injustice at hand, for better or for worse. Much like Jesus Christ, anyone who watches the film will love, hate or fear it, and that’s by design. Indifference is just not an option.

As MLK said, justice comes before peace!

3/27, 6:55p: The movie Gates of Hell has been controversial among pro-lifers since its trailer was posted almost a year ago. In February the film was released on DVD “in honor of black history month.”

Pro-life activist goes off on Planned Parenthood’s racial hypocrisy

Ludwig: the Democrat Party has arrested the development of the the black community. Your objective is to keep the Black community in a state of dependency. They are useful to the Democrats as a voter stock. And being as your occupation is the killing of children (most of which are black), I’m sure it’s safe […]

Jesse Jackson on “Sesame Street,” c. 1971: “I Am Somebody”

In its January 9 e-newsletter the Issues4LifeFoundation entered the wayback machine and took us to 1971, when Rev. Jesse Jackson recited the powerful poem, “I Am Somebody” on the children’s television show, Sesame Street. “I Am Somebody,” which Jackson elsewhere called the Black National Anthem, was written in the 1950s by Rev. William Borders, Sr. […]

Siding with Sanger: NAACP opposes bill that would make race-based abortion illegal

On March 14, 1875, in her famous speech “Social Purity,” [Susan B.] Anthony listed, among other things, “abortions and infanticides” as part of a “monster evil of society.” [Democratic Rep. John] Conyers scoffed that “I’ve never heard or read about [abolitionist Frederick Douglass] saying anything about prenatal nondiscrimination,” but Douglass said on October 22, 1883: […]

Abortion documentary offends Anti-Defamation League director

This film is a perverse attempt to make a case against abortion in America through the cynical abuse of the memory of those killed in the Holocaust. It is, quite frankly, one of the most offensive and outrageous abuses of the memory of the Holocaust we have seen in years. ~ Anti-Defamation League National Director […]

African-American pro-lifer calls out racial hypocrisy

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the modern agents of the Negro Project, ministers of paranoia, bitterness, and division and the overseers of Margaret Sanger’s evil genius to make the black community participate in their own genocide. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the camp trustees and the ones who truly sell out the black […]

Cease and desist… not

I posted a story and video last week about a mostly white Georgia State University pro-abortion protest group shouting down a black woman at a pro-life event with the ironic words, “Trust black women!” Now an attorney for the students – who took it upon themselves to organize a public protest at a public university […]

“Trust Black Women!” shouted by mostly white pro-choice students at black pro-life women

Pro-choice ideologues often act “bizarro,” to quote The Radiance Foundation’s Ryan Bomberger in a tweet yesterday afternoon. Ryan was asked to speak September 15 at Georgia State University about his billboard campaigns that spotlight the atrocity of black abortion genocide. That’s when the bizarreness began. A favorite tactic of the pro-abortion crowd is to attempt […]

New York City’s astronomical abortion rate unzipped: 56% repeats, 38% gov’t-funded

The Chiaroscuro Foundation has done something interesting. It asked the New York City Department of Health to provide the zip codes of mothers getting abortions in New York City, this in follow up to its shocking December 2010 report revealing that 41% of all NYC pregnancies ended in abortion in 2009. Worse, the statistic was […]

Pro-abortion China: Living in the “dark ages” of women’s rights

Make no mistake. China’s One Child Policy is enforced through forced abortion, forced sterilization and infanticide. Women are dragged out of their homes, strapped to tables, and forced to abort babies they want, up to the 9th month of pregnancy. Women sometimes die during these violent procedures. The One Child Policy is China’s war on […]

“Gates of Hell” creators fire back at Dr. Gerard Nadal over film critique

This movie is not for the sake of promoting violence against the abortion industry; it points out the violence the abortion industry has brought to us! Even though this is fiction, this movie is not for entertaining a fantasy for exacting violence against abortionists. So instead of putting so much energy into reprimanding and trying […]

African-American abortions: The numbers don’t lie

The National Black Prolife Coalition and TooManyAborted.com have launched a powerful “Numbers Don’t Lie” video series. Part 1, Epidemic, was released June 15, and Part II, Number One Killer, was released July 17. Both are amazing. Part III will be released in August. “Numbers Don’t Lie” exposes, by the numbers, the epidemic of abortion in the […]

RH Reality Check gloat check: Oakland billboards came down because contract expired

Click to enlarge… Jivin J reported yesterday that an RH Reality Check blogger was claiming pro-abort responsibility and victory for the 60 “Black&Beautiful” pro-life billboards erected around the Oakland, CA, area coming down….

Zo interviews the founder of the Black & Beautiful billboard campaign

Zo: Okay. And yet these people think that people like you should be afraid of the white, right-wing Christian family that adopted you, right? Ryan: Yeah! The white, right-wing Christian family, the ones who don’t care about children after they’re born, the ones who adopted ten children, loved them, fed them, paid for their college […]

Billboard company refuses to pull black pro-life signs

Pro-aborts defeated free speech in New York and Los Angeles, but they won’t silence the pro-life message to and by African-Americans in Oakland, California. CBS Outdoor, which also stood strong against pro-abortion ideologues in Atlanta who demanded TooManyAborted.com’s “Black Children are an Endangered Species” billboards be pulled in 2010, is again refusing to back down […]

Breaking: Two new black pro-life billboard campaigns launched in major cities

Click all billboard graphics to enlarge… Today , on behalf of the National Black ProLife Coalition, spokesperson Walter Hoye announced 60 “BLACK&BEAUTIFUL” billboards have been placed in the Oakland, CA, area.

More on movie “Gates of Hell”: When black extremists learn Planned Parenthood’s secret agenda to exterminate their race

Carder posted a trailer last week about the upcoming provocative pro-life movie, Gates of Hell. Some  commenters expressed concern about violence in the film. In response, the film’s producer, Molotov Mitchell, posted another film trailer on my Facebook page with the comment: Molotov here. Gates of Hell does not promote violence. It’s a fictional film […]

Movie, “Gates of Hell”: What happens when blacks learn the truth about the abortion agenda

6/8, 10:40a: More here, including another trailer. 6/6, 9:43a: by Carder This movie ain’t about not caring about white children. This movie ain’t about blaming white folks. There’s a far bigger picture. To these white conservatives in question, don’t ya’ll screw this up for us! Ya’ll sit yo’ behind down and shut up! ~ AlfonZo […]

Over one million 2011 graduates killed by abortion

Graduation season is upon us. A time of recognizing accomplishments, celebrating milestones and looking forward to futures filled with promise. In the midst of all this, let us not forget one very important truth. Over a million children per grade level throughout the nation would have been with us had they not been killed by […]

Mom sues pro-life group for using daughter’s photo in “racist, defamatory” NYC billboard

Well, this is rich. A pro-life group that erected a billboard to spotlight the documented genocide being committed against preborn black children is being sued as “racist.” And the lawsuit is being brought by a disgruntled stage mother offended that the legally obtained modeling picture of her 6-year-old daughter was used in a way she […]

Not the messaging Cecile hoped for today: Full page ad exposes Sanger’s racist, eugenic roots

Planned Parenthood is, of course, one of the groups sponsoring Pro-Choice Lobby Day in Washington, DC, today. So this morning PP CEO Cecile Richards sent out an email asking for “message[s] of support.”… Right after Cecile’s email came another one on the same topic – messaging –  but from the other end of the spectrum…

Planned Parenthood, pro-aborts try to censor Chicago pro-life billboards, ask White House for help

3:30p: According to Walk for Choice (warning vulgarity), the 2nd pro-abort sheet shielding the pro-life billboard has been removed. The billboards are standing uncensored, at least momentarily. Meanwhile, ProLifeHypocrisy worried the cover-ups may backfire, making us “feel righteous and angry.” PLH also posed an astute rhetorical question: “How would we feel if they did this […]

BET: Yes, Planned Parenthood might be targeting blacks, but…

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed into a law a bill earlier this week that bans abortion on the premise of race or gender…. Critics of the new law say the true purpose of the bill is to polarize the public on an already sensitive subject. The African-American community is still reeling from Life Always’ anti-abortion […]

It’s only “supportive” if it’s abortion

By coming into poor communities of color in an effort to regulate and attempt to control women’s decisions about reproduction and reproductive health, the group is spreading fear, myths and falsehoods not only about abortion… but also about what these anti-choice organizations actually do. … [W]e all know that these [pregnancy resource] centers do not […]

Abortion lobby to play Whac-A-Mole with “abortion is black genocide” billboards

The other side can’t dispute the statistics. Nationwide, according to Guttmacher, “the abortion rate for black women is almost five times that for white women.”

Breaking: New “abortion is black genocide” Chicago billboard to feature Obama

Click all images to enlarge. Tomorrow, March 29, over 30 pro-life billboards will be unveiled on Chicago’s south side, where residents are predominantly black. The billboards will feature a graphic of President Barack Obama and state, “Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted.” The billboard will direct interested parties to ThatsAbortion.com, where African-American pro-life […]

Huge Manhattan billboard spotlighting black abortions sparks huge controversy

Click to enlarge… In the wake of the release by the New York City Health Dept. of abortion statistics showing 60% of black pregnancies in Gotham end in abortion, the group Life Always has just erected a huge billboard spotlighting the truth that “the most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.” The […]

Black abortion genocide ad airs on BET

For two weeks, December 26 through January 4, this ad ran 60 times on Black Entertainment Television and BET Centric… The ad, produced by Virtue Media and using footage from Maafa 21, directs viewers to BlackDignity.org for more information.

MLK Day observance: Abort not by the color of their skin

According to the latest figures from the US Census Bureau (August 2010), African-Americans comprise 12.9% of our population. But, according to the Guttmacher Institute, they have 37% of all abortions: Put another way, according to GI: This much is true: In the United States, the abortion rate for black women is almost five times that […]

With DC black population “shrinking,” will Obama, pro-choicers support effort to stop taxpayer funding of abortion there?

UPDATE, 1/12, 11:55a 1/13, 11:05a: Here is the current list of cosigners. I’ll update it every few days. There is nothing published online:

BREAKING: 70 “Black Children are an Endangered Species” billboards going up in the City of Angels

Beginning today Los Angelans in predominantly black areas of the metropolis will start seeing a total of 70 billboards pop in in their neighborhoods exposing the abortion industry for targeting African-Americans for abortions. The “Black Children are an Endangered Species” campaign, first launched in Atlanta, GA, is coming to the Golden State (click to enlarge)… […]

Black pro-life conservatives confront Sharpton pro-abort liberals at Beck rally

Backdrop to a truly inspiring video clip that made me hoot and holler in my quiet little home office here: The Runaway Slave movie crews were at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor Rally” and at Al Sharpton’s “Reclaiming the Dream March” on Aug 28. As the 2 ideologies clashed in DC, our movie crews were on […]

Whoopsie: Pro-aborts plan anti- “Blacks are an endangered species” billboard presser on same day new campaign is launched in TX

I love it. Little did the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice know when it scheduled a press conference today at the National Press Club in DC – to decry in part the “Blacks are an endangered species” billboard campaign – that the accused  would also be announcing a new billboard campaign in TX.

Feministing: “The pro-choice movement would fail without young women”

Richer irony comes on the heels of the Feministing, aggravated by pro-abort warhorses complaining that young people aren’t engaged, wrote a response entitled, “The pro-choice movement would fail without young women.” Where to begin? I could remind Jessica that half of those aborted are female, sharply cutting into her prospect list. But wait, I’d be […]

“Black children are an endangered species” billboard campaign

So here’s how I found out about this, while trolling pro-abort tweets (click to enlarge)… … so I knew it had to be good. Sure enough, Radiance Foundation announced at a

Jewish leaders launch anti-abortion campaign; “Our enemies are multiplying”

Next week’s Torah reading will begin the book of Exodus. In conjunction with the treasured story in Efrat estimates 50k Israeli children are killed by abortion annually, 30k of which are illegal. The rabbis say this plays into the enemy’s hands, according to the

Breaking news: China loosens one-child policy

First, before you get too excited, the parameters, from Times Online, today…

NAACP convention attendees in NYC see black genocide

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and Pastor Blackgenocide.org also came to educate convention attendees (and NYC) on how abortion targets blacks for genocide, since the NAACP leadership is unwilling. (More photos on page 2.)

Durbin: DC abortions are high because residents are black

Am in DC at the moment and learned more today about the political super-underhandedness to lift a 15-year-old ban on taxpayer funded abortions in DC. One for instance: A rule introduced on the House floor last night to lift the ban was losing when time ran out. But Democrat leadership refused to lower the gavel, […]

Pro-life protest at NAACP convention

Over 50 people demonstrated at the NAACP’s Freedom Fund Dinner on May 3 during its annual convention in Detroit, MI. (Click to enlarge all photos.) National Black Pro-life Congress sponsored the event, with special guest Pastor Walter Hoye, just freed from jail for holding a sign, “God loves you and your baby,” in front of […]

Sunday funnies

by Eric Allie…

(Prolifer)ations 7-17-08

by Colleen W. On the blogs today… The Montgomery Advertiser reports

CNN: Alveda King says Nobama due to pro-abortion position

CNN interviewed Dr. Alveda King, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, niece, today as one African-American voter who does not support Barack Obama due to his pro-abortion position. Alveda is a formidable black spokesperson on the pro-life issue, and I’m glad this angle got CNN coverage. Alveda’s interview comes 50 seconds in:

(Prolifer)ations 7-16-08

by Colleen W. On the blogs today… here. Following up on a previous (Prolifer)ations post by Jill, this from Monica Miller at

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